Having a Spa Day at Home – Checklist & Tips

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Do you need to escape from your daily routine and recharge the batteries?

At CompleteHomeSpa.com, we know that there’s no better way to relax than by having a spa day at home and thus we put together a checklist to keep what we love on track, as proper body care stands for a clearer, peaceful state of inner calm, and a more focused mind.

Spa at home

Everybody can create a spa-like experience at home with just a few essentials and a bit of creativity!

The Advantages of a Spa Day at Home

Besides the obvious rest and relax, taking the time for a DIY home spa is beneficial for your health.

Here is why you should try it at home:

Let’s face it. Everyone loves to get pampered now and then. Whether it’s a luxurious massage with a specialized massage chair, stones, or a manicure, it’s a pleasant way to unwind. Make sure that you’ve got everything you need to make your at-home spa experience truly memorable.

Our other helpful guides:

Before the long-awaited day, take your time for:

Preparation & Planning

Where to start from?

Make your spa day at home a success as you:

On the spa day itself, it’s a good idea to:

Indulge your body from head to toe! Increase the ‘happy’ hormone–serotonin with these tips:

Use Essential Oils

There is nothing quite like the benefits or what nature has to offer:

Enjoy Happy Bath Time

Nothing beats a soothing bath to de-stress and give you super smooth skin.

Add bubbles, rose petals, a few drops of essential oils, and bath bombs. Whether you want something to lift your spirits, or a scent that’ll mentally transport you to a faraway place, there’s a bath bomb for that.

Aromas such as jasmine and rose, for instance, are reminiscent of a fancy spa!

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Exfoliate & Moisturize Your Body

Exfoliating increases blood circulation and gives your skin a healthy glow. Finish with nourishing body oils for extra softness.

Follow these steps to get the most out of this treatment:

Cleanse & Steam Your Face

Thanks to at-home facials, your skin becomes radiant and rejuvenated:

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Give Your Hands the TLC They Deserve

Your hands also need special attention, or in other words: an extra dose of moisturizing.

Why not try gloves with a built-in hand treatment? Slip them on and let the magical healing ingredients do their job.

Get your fingernails in tip-top shape! After you remove the old nail polish, soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. That makes pushing the cuticles back easier. Then file, trim and paint your nails. Sneak in a quick hand massage—soften your hands and cuticles with a rich hand cream, containing oils and butter.

Revive Your Hair With a Moisture Makeover

Keep your locks soft and silky with a deep conditioning hair mask:

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Treat Your Feet With Care

Soak your achy, tired feet and give them a nice pedicure:

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Explore Tapping Practices To Beat Anxiety

Similar to acupressure and acupuncture, the technique relies on body energy meridian points, which are commonly used in Chinese medicine.

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Do Your Own Light Therapy

We see the spread and numerous additional discoveries related to using red light therapies, and the best thing is how accessible it is. You don’t need much to style your own lights.


Explore Nutrients & Health Products

According to wellness experts trendy new products like turkestorone are a good option for getting into great shape and boosting your stamina the natural and organic way.

Your Spa Day At Home, Remarks

When you complete your intimate beauty rituals of choice, immerse yourself in a favorite movie or book. Meditation and yoga can also be a wonderful ending to the spa ritual at home to help you ground.

You should also look into your diet and supplements to compliment life. Before you go to bed, blow out all those calming candles! Apply a thick layer of emollient lip balm to soothe dry, cracked lips. Then turn off your phone and computer, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and take a moment to reflect on the day. You will wake up feeling beautiful and refreshed!


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