The 10 Best Bath Pillows

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Picture this – you, soaking in fragrant bliss in a cocoon of bubbles. The warm water laps at your toes, there’s a cool glass of wine at your fingertips, and you’ve got the latest Nora Roberts close to hand. Maybe you even went the extra mile and have some Zen zither and flute music playing, and some scrumptious vanilla aromatherapy candles burning.

But alas! Something is amiss – your head has no support, so you’re either lying on the cruel edge of the tub or sitting up, leaning awkwardly, straining your neck.

You need a bath pillow.

These little lifesavers are the type of thing where you say ‘I never knew I needed this!’ but once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back. They are very affordable, too. Every bath pillow you might find on Amazon is under 40 dollars and some are under 10.

The only problem is that there are hundreds to choose from. That’s why we’ve made this list to help you choose the best bath pillow you can invest in. Our research suggests that with one of these bath pillows you’ll increase your bath relaxation and de-stressing by approximately 86.49%.

10. Ideaworks Home Spa Bath Pillow

best bath pillow idealworks

The Ideaworks Home Spa Bath Pillow is one of the larger choices for best bath pillow in our list, at its size of 14” x 13” x 4”. The fabric is of a breathable fiber weave that makes it resistant to water, mold, and mildew. It also lets you spot clean it without any hassle. This is good news for anyone who dislikes having high-maintenance bath accessories. It will also dry pretty fast—no more excessive waiting around for it to dry before you can put it away. The fabric is soft enough that it won’t scrape or irritate your skin.

The design divides the pillows into two portions, with one part shaped to bolster your neck without causing strain on your muscles. It’s quite easy to install on various types of bathtubs, with its design keeping it hooked on tight even in hot tubs and Jacuzzis.

This bath pillow is pretty durable and will last you through a good many uses. It can take some wear and tear without falling apart on you.

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9. Estilo Luxury Bath and Spa Pillow

best bath pillow estilo

Our next best bath pillow recommendation is the Estilo Luxury Bath and Spa Pillow. True to its name, the Estilo Luxury pillow is designed to cup your neck and shoulders in extravagant style. The interior is filled with foam especially geared towards both comfort and support.

The design has a double-panelled cradle head for ergonomic support while you relax. It’s pretty light and handy to transport, so that you can take it with you when traveling for some quick down time.

This bath pillow is made to be resistant to water, chemicals, and odors, which is always a plus. Who wants a smelly pillow stinking up their bath? This makes it pretty low-maintenance.

It has 7 suction cups to make sure it stays in place where you install it.

Estilo Luxury Bath and Spa Pillow
  • Foam filled for ultimate cushioned support.
  • 2 panel cradle head, for supporting neck and shoulders.
  • Fits perfectly in any bath tub, hot tub, Jacuzzi & spa. The bath pillow is small enough to take on vacation,

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8. 3-Panel Spa Bath Pillow by Stock Your Home

best bath pillow better sleepThe Spa bath pillow, with its generic name, nevertheless has a not-so-generic style that makes it a contender for the crown of ‘best bath pillow’. It’s designed in 3 folding panels to make it easier to adjust and provide better support for your head, neck, and shoulders.

You need not fear chemical odors from the Spa bath pillow. It’s also mildew and mold-resistant, so you don’t need to spend your valuable time cleaning it up.

It would be higher on the list if so many customers hadn’t reported problems with the suction cups – it worked fine for us, but for many it seems to slide around the tub. Some people think it’s a bit on the thin side.

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7. Serene Auras Luxury Bath Pillow

best bath pillow serene

It comes as no surprise to see Serene Auras on our list of challengers for best bath pillow, as it’s a trusted brand for this line of products. Their Luxury Bath Pillow model is one of the most popular and sells by the boatload.

Designed with a dual chamber, the pillow provides comfy support for the head, neck, and shoulders while being oriented towards maximum relaxation of the muscles. The split-sectioned style enables ergonomic cradling for your head to shoulders despite the material being quite soft. The sleek design also makes it easy to clean.

Notably, it has a temperature adjustable design that lets it function equally well in both hot and cold water. It has 7 suction cups for installation so that your bath pillow only comes off when you want it to.

The material is made to be resistant to odors and chemicals, as well as also keeping mildew and mold from growing on it.

Serene Auras Luxury Padded Spa Bath Pillow with Dual Cushion Sections & 7 Suction Cups
  • Experience: 2-chamber luxury spa bath pillow provides superior support for a relaxing bath
  • Support: features a foam-filled sectioned design for full neck, shoulders and head support
  • Durable: chemical and odor resistant material - easy to clean

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6. Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow – Terry Cloth (Color Assorted)

best bath pillow aquasentials

The most vibrant of our best bath pillows comes in a trio of assorted terry cloth choices for you to choose from. Who doesn’t like being able to pick their favorite color (if your favorite color is white, purple, or blue, that is)? Or, if your home is perfectly color-coordinated, you don’t need to suffer the pain of having a blah green pillow that just doesn’t go with your trendy black-and-white bathroom. Soak yourself in style, with the colors you like!

Apparently, white is a lot less popular than the blue and purple shades, but note that the link below takes you to the white version because they don’t always have the colored ones in stock.

The Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow has a couple of other factors to recommend it, of course, aside from the undeniably fun color factor. The terry cloth material is a draw for people who find it comfy and soothing, as well as being quite durable and able to last you a long time. It’s sectioned into 4 parts for easy manageability and adjustment, and gives good support for your head, neck, and shoulders. At 23” x 15”, it’s large enough to provide good coverage.

Finally, it’s got 4 suction cups, which—while fewer than the usual 7 that premium bath pillows have—is decent enough for keeping it stable once you install it.

Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow - Terry Cloth (White)
  • FOUR STRONG SUCTION CUPS: Our inflatable bath pillow eliminates common and annoying pillow slippage to create a luxurious bath experience....
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: This hot tub pillow is super soft and very skin friendly, ensuring that you have the most luxurious bathing experience...
  • FITS EVERY NEED: Enhance your bathing routine with our spa quality bath pillow. The large size (23” x 15”) is perfect for almost any...

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5. Balance Bath Pillow

best bath pillow balance

One of the more affordable models on our list of best bath pillows, the Balance bath pillow is just soft enough to send you to sleep, and firm enough to support your head, neck, and shoulders while doing so. It’s sectioned into split parts for your convenience in handling and adjusting it, as well as for more optimal support. This ergonomic bath pillow can be installed in various kinds of bathtubs, including hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Its 7 powerful suction cups let it stay steady when in use once you’ve installed it.

The Balance bath pillow has a vinyl cover that’s resistant to chemicals and odors. It also prevents the unwanted growth of mildew and mold.

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4. Zleepi Soft Terry Bath Pillow

best bath pillow zleepi

The delightfully named Zleepi Soft Terry Bath Pillow is just as comfy as it sounds. Each candidate for best bath pillow is made to be ergonomically comfortable while providing optimal support, and Zleepi Soft does just that.

It’s made with durable terry cloth that’s both water-resistant and soothing on your skin. The design allows it to be easily set up in any tub via the usual powerful suction cups. There’s a foam insert inside it that adjusts to your body shape even as you move around, without dislodging the pillow from its position of importance. It also dries quite fast.

And of course—as is much-desired in the best bath pillow—Zleepi Soft is resistant to odors and chemicals, as well as mold and mildew.

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  • FIVE STAR INDULGENCE: Redefine luxury with this unique and exclusive design that offers a superb feel and finish, a true connoisseur’s...
  • NON-SLIP SUCTION CUPS: This pillow features high quality suction cups so as to minimise movement.

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3. De La Mar Luxury Bath Pillow

best bath pillow de la mar

The De La Mar Luxury Bath Pillow is a pretty small one compared to its competitors. It’s sized to be easy to pack when travelling, so you can just pop it into your bag without worrying about much wasted space.

In line with its ease of travel convenience, this model is made of lightweight material that’s both waterproof and easily washable. Installation in any hotel bathtub is no problem with its powerful suction cups. It’s also made of durable material, so that the bumps and bangs it gets in the baggage area aren’t going to break it apart.

The ergonomic contours are designed to remove the strain from your head and neck so that you can relax them as you enjoy your soak.

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2. Epica Luxury Spa Bath Pillow

best bath pillow luxury

The Epica Luxury Spa Bath Pillow comes up a lot as many people’s nominee for the best bath pillow this year, and with good reason. It’s large and in charge, with an easy-to-handle design that makes it a breeze to use. It’s filled with soft foam for your comfort while the two-panelled design supports your upper back with no slippage—thanks to the 7 powerful suction cups used to keep it in place. The design allows it to bend around the edges of the tub while cushioning your head and neck against these edges. The interior foam is soft enough to feel like an air pillow, only a lot more durable.

Additionally, it adjusts to your body temperature as you lie back on it, heightening your relaxing home spa experience.

It’s priced quite affordably, dries fast, and is easy to clean. And as you can expect from a top-rated bath pillow, it’s odor, chemical, mildew, and mold-resistant.

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1. Original Gorilla Grip

best bath pillow gorilla

Popular worldwide, the Original Gorilla Grip is the reigning champ as the most widely acknowledged best bath pillow. The name is derived from its Gorilla Grip suction cups that they promise can grip any smooth surface with the power of…well, a huge primate. They place utmost priority on your bath pillow not rudely slipping off in the middle of your relaxation session. Who wants to get their head bumped painfully against a bath tub edge because of loose suction cups? Not me, for sure.

This model is nice and large at 14.5” x 11”, perfect for relaxing without worrying about keeping your head confined to the pillow area (roll your head around to your heart’s content). It’s filled with over 2” of luxuriously soft foam, and covered with premium waterproof material made to be soft and smooth to the skin. Its design allows it to fit around the edges of various bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs.

Most impressively, it also comes with a 10-year 100% refund guarantee, no questions asked. Now that’s confidence in your products.

Note the suction is REALLY strong, so take care to ease it away from the tub when you want to clean. I ripped my first one!

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  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT AND MAXIMUM SUPPORT: the luxurious and soft bath pillow and head rest features 2 inches of thick plush foam that provides...
  • 7 STRONG SUCTION CUPS: this pillow stays in place while you lounge; seven strong suction cups help secure the pillow to smooth the clean tub...
  • WATERPROOF AND FAST DRYING: some bath pillows are designed with absorbent mesh resulting in a heavy waterlogged pillow that slides down your...

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The best bath pillow for you will depend on your specific needs. Some of those on our list are perfect for the jet-lagged traveler who needs some down time, while others are made for those who just want to enjoy some home spa time on their own.

Take your time in picking one, because a good bath pillow makes a crucial difference between an ordinary bath and a home spa experience. You’ll want one that’s ergonomic enough to keep your neck from cramping up, easy to handle (who wants to be stressed out after you just finished de-stressing?), and that fits your bathtub.

Good luck, and happy soaking!

Author: Philip Andrew

A writer and teacher who enjoys lazing around and building winter nests out of duvets. “Most are too itchy. You’ve got to be picky.” His goal is to create a complete home spa for 24/7 access to rest and relaxation. Next on the agenda: a barrel sauna for the garden. Connect with Philip on Twitter @completehomespa.