best plants for stress

Imagine your favorite tech company launched a new gizmo that claimed to clean your home’s air; help you recover from sickness faster; prevent you getting sick in the first place; and above all, make you happy. Let’s say the launch price was 700 dollars. Would you place an order? Of course you would! And of …

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naipo massager review

My Naipo neck and shoulder massager finally arrived and after several weeks of use, I wrote up this Naipo massager review to help you people who are on the fence about buying this product. Because I am on the computer all day (and text some), I get aches and pains in two main areas: my …

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christmas gift guide

It’s common nowadays to suffer from high levels of anxiety and even pain. Whether for a birthday or a holiday, give the gift of peace and calm with these stress relief gifts.

Guess what coconut oil is good for? Alzheimer’s, dementia, liver infections, ulcers, arthritis — the list goes on.

relaxing kitchen

We’re continuing our “relaxing home” series with a kitchen highlight. Learn how to turn your chaotic kitchen into a spa with a sink!

relaxing garden

Whether it’s puttering about in your garden, visiting a public one, or just chilling it out in an allotment, even just 30 minutes a week can already do wonders for your mental health.

best shaving cream for women

Most women find shaving such a pain. And since we can’t magically wake up to satin smooth legs, the next best thing is to stock up on the best shaving tools. Check out my pick for the best shaving cream for women.

relaxing bedroom

Does your home lack a place to chill? Create a soothing and relaxing bedroom where you can escape from the pressures of real life. These 13 tips and tricks are easy and affordable but will make a real difference.

what is a kahuna massage

In this article you can find out what a Kahuna massage is, its benefits, what you can expect from a session, and where to get one.

diy shower soothers

Are you suffering from coughs, colds, or the flu? No need to suffer sneezing through boxes of tissue. Relieve your congestion and heavy feeling with these DIY shower soothers.

what is grounding

What is grounding? How do you do earthing? Find out how this 5-minute habit can help improve your overall wellbeing and health.

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 with zero gravity and heating therapy is chock-full of features at a very good price point. Check out our full review!

tapping for anxiety

If you suffer from panic attacks, depression, or plain anxiety, this might be your lucky day because we’re talking about tapping for anxiety.

what is pregnancy massage

What is pregnancy massage? Is it safe for you to have one? Where do you go for a pregnancy massage? Find out from our quick guide.

diy sleep spray

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up many times in the middle of the night? This DIY sleep spray may just be the thing for you.

how to get rid of back pain

Hear what the professionals have to say. Get advice from a registered nurse on how to get rid of back pain.

keto diet experience

Today, I’ll talk about my keto diet experience — how I found it, why I took it on, what my body experienced, and if one can realistically adapt this lifestyle.

best free meditation apps

With these free meditation apps, you can meditate in just 5 to 10 minutes. Bring mindfulness and balance to your day – they’re a treat to the ears too!

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