R&R Tubbing? Tips on Hot Tub Relaxation

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Better than most, at CompleteHomeSpa.com we know that after a long, hard day, there are few things more relaxing than a nice, long soak in a hot tub, right?

tub ready for a hot treat

While the thought of that alone may be enough to make you feel less stressed, there are quite a few extra tricks to make your hot tub experience infinitely more pleasant and deeply relaxing.

While a hot tub equipped with massaging water jets is WOW, truth is, a traditional bathtub is more than enough to help one get loose and wash out the stresses of the day.

Note: If you don’t have a hot tub (or regular bathtub) at home, it’s worth checking out your local spa facilities, as many offer hot tubs for patrons to R&R, so not having one at home should not stop you from having the ultimate de-stressing soak every here and there.

Benefits Of Soaking In A Hot Tub

There are just so many benefits of taking a long soak in a hot tub or bath.

In addition to the general goals of taking time for yourself, reducing stress, and relieve physical pains, some other key benefits you get:

So, what tips and tricks can you do to enhance relaxation when hot tubbing?

Submerge in Music & Sound

Whatever your musical taste is, playing your favorites as you soak is a wonderful way to lean deeper into the moment and more fully immerse yourself.

music in the hot tub

That said, relaxing, soothing music is ideal, while it’s generally best to steer clear of music that is either too stimulating or emotionally triggering. Keep it neutral and focused on unwinding; meditation, spa-specific music, natural sounds, whatever works best for you.

The power of sound is so great, that you will find people specializing in spa music to make the best out of your stay in a professional spa.

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils & Tubs

aromatherapy essential oils tubs

“It can be tricky to determine whether you can use essential oils in your tub, as most filters are not designed to cater to thicker, oily substances, so it’s crucial to check whether the product you want to use is appropriate for your hot tub, or not, as you might risk a clog, or even worse, damage sensitive equipment,” note plumbing professionals. “If it’s a traditional bath, then you have nothing to worry about, and many spa-friendly aromatherapy products can be found at hot tub dealerships and other relevant stores,” experts add.

There are a range of essential oils designed to support relaxation, improved sleep, reduction of headaches, etc., so be sure to choose one that best fits your needs.

Take a further look at our helpful guides:


While it’s crucial to NOT drift off to sleep while soaking in a hot tub, there are plenty of meditations designed to help you focus on your breath and clear your head without causing you to sleep.

Meditation setup

For comfort and safety, it’s a great idea to get hold of a molded pillow to keep your head above water and super comfy.

Outdoor meditaiton water

If you meditate without a guidance track, consider doing so along with some soft, soothing music, meditative chanting, or sounds of nature that help lean deeper into the healing relaxation of a meditative state.

Epsom Salts

There are a range of benefits to gain from adding some Epsom salts to your bath or hot tub.

Lighting & Candles

Lighting always helps set a more relaxing tone, and while unwinding in a hot tub, any harsh lighting will inevitably reduce the extent of R&R you can reach.

Candle tub settings

So, consider your lighting options in your hot tub space or bathroom.

Add lamplights if you can, alternatively, consider where you could position some candles (whether real or imitation) for the ultimate de-stress environment. There’s nothing like the gentle flickering of candlelight to help calm the nerves.

You can also replace your bathroom light with a smart globe and choose a warm, gentle color, where red is proven to work best.

Predispose via Decor

Whether you’re indoors or out, taking the time to decorate the area surrounding your tub is a neat way to add on top of your overall experience. As long as it allows for privacy, and if you can throw in a lovely view then all the better!

Outdoor Decor

There is nothing quite like a tub with a view.

Hot tub with a beautiful view

But there you have the other way around—a cozy tub hidden from plain sight.

Hot tub in the nature private

Other than that, when outdoors, you can create a private nook by placing screens and plants in a way that creates the feeling of a private sanctuary, especially if you are in proximity to neighboring houses.

Indoor Decor

For indoor tubs, take the time to consider how you can improve the decoration of the space… having a relaxing soak in the tub while surrounded by gaudy old tiling or moldy edging won’t make for a luxurious experience. There are plenty of inspirational online decorating hacks on the budget.

Food & Tasty Treats

Why not go all out and indulge in your favorite food or beverage while you soak in the tub?

Whether it be chocolate, pizza, or ice cream, or something to heighten the feeling of luxury, such as specialty macaroons or caviar—whatever will make the experience the most special, grab a treat and go all in.

Yoga & Stretching

It may seem hard to get your head around how it’s done, but there is such a thing as hot tub yoga, and it’s well worth checking out.

Spa at home

Of course, the heat of the water wrapped around your body greatly enhances flexibility, so it can be a surprisingly relaxing activity that is wonderful for your health, too.


Avid readers know how deeply relaxing it can be to lose yourself in a great book, and reading in the tub makes it even more of a soothing escape. Next time you decide to go for a nice, long soak, take a bestseller with you (or whatever you’re into reading).

Reading a good book while in the tub


Hydrotherapy, heat, and massage are a winning combination for ultimate de-stressing. If you are bathing alone, take a moment to check out some DIY-massage techniques and tools you can use (especially water-friendly ones, of course).

If there are two of you, it is well worth taking some time to invest in learning the basics of giving a good massage. Even the proper technique for massaging someone’s feet can take the experience from good to great and beyond to amazing!

When you massage each other in a hot tub it does not only promote physical and mental relaxation, but it is ultimately, what intimacy stands for.

Additional Accessories

There are many accessories on the market designed to enhance your spa experience, and sometimes it’s the little things that help to make all the difference.

Accessories to consider for your hot tub include:

Hot Tub Warnings:

While it may sound like a pile of joy, there are risks one should bear in mind:

Hot Tubs, R&R (Final Thoughts)

Unless you’re one of the (very) few people who can genuinely relax amidst the chaos, there’s really no length too far that you can go to intensify the relaxing elements of your hot tub experience.

Go nuts! Candles, scents, decor, luxurious fluffy towels, sculpted pillows, music, meditation, rose petals, your favorite snacks … you deserve it all.


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