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Massage promotes relaxation and healing

A massage is an invitation to relax and to let pain ease out of your body. There are many kinds of massage, such as Swedish and Kahuna, but you don’t have to go to an expensive resort to get taken care of. You can enjoy the benefits of massage in your very own home. Even while sitting in front of your TV! On this page you’ll find our extensive archive of massage-related material.

Massage Chairs and Tables

Has anyone done more research on massage chairs than us? Maybe not – we’ve reviewed more than 60 different models. (See below.) If you want to start building your very own home spa, make a massage chair the centrepiece.

There’s a chair in this top 10 to fit any budget. Take a look!

A zero gravity massage chair is one that can recline to a trunk-to-thigh angle of 128 degrees. That’s the point determined by top eggheads at NASA at which the human body enters a state of maximum relaxation. Less pressure on the back and the greatest reduction in stress.

Want to buy a massage chair but find all the options overwhelming? This is the article for you.

Portable Massagers


The 5 Best Handheld Massagers

We’ve reviewed some of the top handheld massagers on the market. Be kind – gift yourself some me-time and ease tension away with these inexpensive gadgets.

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best percussion massage gun

The 5 Best Massage Guns For The Money

We’ve curated the best massage guns into one comprehensive list. Here you’ll find the most affordable, most value for money, and the best percussion gun massagers.

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The Best Neck and Shoulder Massagers

A good neck and shoulder massager can relieve you of your daily aches and pains while giving you a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. And they’re affordable, too!

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naipo neck and shoulder massager

Naipo Back And Neck Massager Review

After months of actual use, we share in our Naipo massager review how this gadget gives a blissful and therapeutic massage while hitting your trigger points.

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best massage cushions

8 Great Massage Cushions To Melt Away Your Stress

Our list of the 8 best massage cushions on the market at the moment, from tiny pillows to chair-enveloping behemoths. One thing in common: relaxation.

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do head massages stimulate hair growth

Do Head Massages Stimulate Hair Growth?

Do head massages stimulate hair growth? This post explains all you need to know about head massage and regrowth. For those with hair loss, it’s a must read.

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The Best Portable Massage Chairs

Portable massage chairs are more adjustable than massage tables, more ergonomic for the therapist, and take up less space – here are some of the best.

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The 5 Best Head Massagers

Portable head massagers come in a range of styles, designs, and functionalities. Find the best head massager for you depending on your needs and budget.

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best foot massagers 2

The 9 Best Foot Massagers For Your Achy Feet

We present the very best foot massagers on the market. From simple massage to relief from plantar fasciitis. Top brands and bargains!

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Massage Stones

hot stone massage questions

Is A Hot Stone Massage Worth It?

In this article we answer your commonly asked questions about hot stone massage, including the all-important one about if it’s value for money.

what is a hot stone massage

Just What Is A Hot Stone Massage, Exactly?

Hot stone massage is smooth, heated stones placed on your body, typically along the spine, and on the parts of the body related to the chakras.

who is hot stone massage for

Who Is Hot Stone Massage For?

This article answers common questions about massage stones, including ‘is it painful?’ and ‘what does it feel like?’

The Best Massage Stones for Your Home Spa

Stressed? Low on energy? Heat up the massage stones we recommend in this list, lie down, and let the heat relax and reinvigorate you and your muscles

The Best Massage Stone Heaters

No need to visit a luxury spa to get a hot stone massage – do it at home! Your first step is to buy one of the best massage stone heaters from our list.

Massage Chair Reviews

Types of Massage

what is a kahuna massage

What Is A Kahuna Massage?

In this article you can find out what a Kahuna massage is, its benefits, what you can expect from a session, and where to get one.

what is pregnancy massage

What is Pregnancy Massage?

What is pregnancy massage? Is it safe for you to have one? Where do you go for a pregnancy massage? Find out from our quick guide.

benefits of petrissage massage

Benefits of Petrissage Massage: What Deep Massage Can Do for You

Whether you are actively engaged in sports or not, the benefits of petrissage massage to the human body are far-reaching.

what is soft touch massage therapy

What Is Soft Touch Massage Therapy?

Also known as light touch massage therapy, soft touch massage is similar to qigong or lymphatic drainage massage – we explain it all in this short article.

vichy shower etiquette

What Is The Correct Vichy Shower Etiquette?

We discuss the dos and don’ts of Vichy Shower etiquette – what to wear, what to bring, what questions to ask, and what you shouldn’t worry about.

vichy shower massage

Your Vichy Shower [Table Shower] Massage Guide

We tell you what a Vichy shower is, Julius Caesar’s role in its backstory, why elites flocked to get these massages, and why you should try it you can.

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