OWAYS 3D Massage Chair Review

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Executive Summary

The OWAYS Massage Chair is a beautiful piece of furniture. It doubles as a recliner and a massage chair. While there’s no doubt it will look great in any room, let’s see how it measures up as a massage chair.

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Company Background

OWAYS is a manufacturer of of relaxation tools like slimming belts. Their website isn’t fully functional, though they are open for inquiries via their Facebook page.



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User Specs


This product has a 12 months guarantee on its Amazon product page. If you purchase the product and the warranty card is not in the box, you can message them and they will email you your warranty certificate together with their phone and address.

oways massage chair warranty

According to the warranty certificate, OWAYS has a 30-day money back guarantee. This includes replacement or repair of its detachable parts, specifically the pillow and the handrails.

There is also an extended 10 year warranty wherein they can repair or replace parts but the charges depend on the extent of the damage. The details are in the warranty card.

In case you need it, their CS email address as per their website is: support@owaysmassage.com.

Main Features

Here are the main features of the OWAYS 3D Massage Chair:

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A Beautiful Piece Of Furniture

The first thing that you will notice about the OWAYS massage chair is that it has a gorgeous aesthetic. With its tasteful brown canvass and warm maple handrails, the overall color theme is likely to suit any room in your home.

What I like best is the slim design. It looks like it’s floating in space. One buyer mentioned how it is reminiscent of the IKEA POÄNG Recliner chairs and they’re not wrong.

Excellent Buy – Value for Money

CompleteHomeSpa doesn’t usually review recliners. However, what caught our attention with the OWAYS massage chair is the high satisfaction rating on this product.

Most people are very happy with their purchase. There’s a lot of praise for:

Good Massage Features

Let’s expand on the massage experience since we are primarily reviewing this area.

For its price and as a simple recliner, the massage features are quite surprising. It’s got 8 back rollers, 4 massage heads in the headrest, and vibrating massage in the seat. I’m not a fan of vibrating massage and don’t have much use for it, but I’m happy about the targeted massage and the fact that the back massage rollers can go up and down and even inward and outward. There are arrows in the remote control so you can program the chair to focus on your problem areas.

The result is a massage that helps people relax and ease their pain from stiff necks and sore muscles.

Adjustable Pillow

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The icing on the cake is the pillow on this massage chair. It is detachable AND adjustable. There’s velcro at the back so you can adjust the height of the pillow depending on whether you are short or tall. This means the neck and head rollers can hit their targets regardless of your height so long as you adjust the pillow right.

This is often a problem with the big thousand dollar chairs. Some models have the neck rollers steady so if you’re too tall or too short for the chair, you’re out of luck.

Non Skid Rubber Stops

oways rubber stops

When the parts come out of the box, each wooden triangle (forming the base and handrails) comes with rubber stops. These keep the chair in place when you get up or sit down. This extra bit of stability is ideal for elderly users.


Not For Especially Big Folks

Because of the slim and floaty design of this recliner, it is not recommended for people who are heavy or wide. If you are of average height and weight, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you are over 330 lbs, you should buy a more solid chair or go for the full-sized massage chairs.

Is It Comfortable?

oways recliner

As a massage chair, it has been noted that if you are on the lean or skinny side, you will find the massage on the OWAYS strong and possibly painful. This is because a very thin person would not have much cushion against the massage rollers.

Also, some people have previously noted that the massage rollers keep the chair from being comfortable. This is because of how they poke into your back when you are lying on the chair and not using the massage functions.

The fix has been for the company to provide a slim back cushion – and it works. If that’s still not enough, you can add some more padding like a soft towel, a thin foam, or pillow.

On the other end of the spectrum are some folks who find it very comfortable. In fact, they find it so comfortable they can fall asleep in it.

When I tried out this chair with padding added, I found it very comfortable. The canvas kept the chair from being warm and I can see how easy it is to fall asleep while watching TV or after finishing off a light massage session.


If you are looking for a comfortable recliner with bonus massage features, then the OWAYS Massage Chair is highly recommended. It’s super affordable, will look great in your home, and I won’t be surprised if everybody in the family (and your visitors) uses it to relax during their down time.

Two thumbs up from our crew!

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Author: Mary Lou
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