About Us

Why We Made This Site

For our third anniversary we wanted to take a little road trip. You know, the usual. Cities, sightseeing, cramming activities into every waking minute. We knew we’d need some downtime in the middle. ‘How about a nice spa hotel?’ suggested my partner, Jane.

Cut to a scene of me researching spa hotels, comparing prices, and gingerly closing my laptop. ‘Nope,’ I said, ‘just nope’. ‘Maybe there’s an Air BnB near one, and we can just pop in and get a massage,’ said Jane. ‘Bit of a treat.’ That’s when I found an apartment with a sauna, jacuzzi, and massage chair. For half the price of a hotel! I was buzzing. ‘Don’t get too excited before we get there,’ said Jane, wisely. ‘It’s just an apartment after all.’

For once, she was wrong.

home spa

The apartment was truly a complete home spa – it had a luxurious overhead shower, the sauna doubled as a steam room, and the jacuzzi was contoured and had a built-in sound system. As good as any hotel, and in some ways even better – we had complete privacy and no time limits on anything we wanted to do.

We spent 3 days floating around the spa-partment on a scented cloud of bliss. On the final evening I started shopping for massage chairs on Amazon. Why couldn’t I have one at home? I remember looking over at Jane – both wearing our super-fluffy bathrobes and drinking chilled prosecco – and I noticed she was on Amazon looking for home saunas.

We started hatching a plan to turn our apartment into our very own home spa. We realised a little money and a dash of imagination would go a long way, and the big ticket items like the home sauna weren’t as big ticket as we had feared.

We started this website to help other people who are interested in buying the same kinds of things we are – massage chairs, foot spas, home saunas etc., but also to promote a lifestyle where we take some time for ourselves each and every day. We truly believe that people who know how and when to pamper themselves are happier, healthier members of society, and that in these times where products are so affordable, life is so fast and there’s so much new information to process, every day can and should be a spa day.

To start with, you could read my little guide about how to build a home spa step by step. Or you can dive right in to our reviews and articles. Either way, we wish you a relaxing day, and please get in touch to let us know about your own home spa projects.

Philip and Jane