Sinoluck Ootori 810L Massage Chair Review

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Executive Summary

The Sinoluck Ootori 810L follows the mold of Ootori chairs in providing consumers an affordable massage chair option that is rich in features you would normally only expect in premium chairs. With body scan, a surprisingly long L-track roller, 3 zero gravity positions, lumbar heat, adjustable shoulder and calf rollers, it definitely provides value for money. Read our full review below.

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Company Background

Ootori is a company that has been operating for the past two decades. In the last 6 years, they joined the massage chair niche and started manufacturing their own line of massage chairs. Their products are designed by industrial design experts in Denmark and Japan while their product assembly factories are located in China.


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User Specs


3 year warranty

All Ootori chairs come with a 3-year warranty.

It covers labor and cost of repair and are also said to go on-site if needed. It’s imperative though that you register your chair with Ootori immediately in order to avail of their warranty privileges. Buyers are given one month to register HERE before the warranty is totally voided.

Main Features

Here are the main features of the Sinoluck Ootori 810L.

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A Long L-Track

When I first heard that the Sinoluck Ootori 810L had an L-track that is 51 inches long, I got very excited. For its budget price, it trumps a lot of more expensive chairs in the L-track roller department.

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To give you some perspective and background, a massage chair’s roller track refers to the rails where the massage rollers are attached. Although not the best parallel, you can think of the roller track as the tracks in a roller coaster and the massage rollers as the roller coaster cars. Unlike roller coasters that go round and round though, a massage chair track follows the length of your body in order to give you the best massage experience.

A regular S-track will have its rollers massaging you from neck to your back and down to your buttocks. The L-track was later invented and as the name implies, it is in the shape of a letter “L” instead of the “S” in the S-track. It doesn’t just stop at your buttocks. It continues on to massage your glutes, piriformis, and hamstrings. If you have conditions that cause you pain in these areas, a massage chair with a really long L-track is best for you.

Now what makes this chair amazing is that despite its low price, it has a longer L-track than a lot of premium chairs. Here are a few examples:

All of the above cost twice or more than twice the price tag of this Ootori chair.

Now, there are other massage chairs out there with longer L-tracks and as expected they are very expensive models. The best example is the Luraco Legend. It’s an awesome premium chair which boasts an amazing 58 inches.

Designed To Adjust To Different Body Shapes

One of the strengths of the Ootori brand is that most of their massage chairs are designed to fit different types of body shapes.

Are your shoulders too broad? Or maybe your body is too slim and your frame is too small? Don’t worry. The back massagers can be adjusted for different shoulder widths ranging from 1.57 inches to a much wider 8.27 inches.

How about your height? You might be taller than other folks. For you, the designers installed the extendable legrest. It can be stretched to up to 4.72 inches. This makes the massage experience more comfortable especially when you are getting a foot massage or in zero gravity position.

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And finally, we have body scan. This automatic body detection system is the cornerstone of a good massage. By knowing the shape and measurements of your body, a massage chair can intelligently customize your massages. There’s nothing I hate more when a massage chair misses my neck, waist, and other key body parts. This is the usual problem with massage chairs that have fixed rollers or sans body scan.

3 Zero Gravity Positions

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We’ve mentioned zero gravity several times and that is because it is one of our favorite features. By lying in this flat out position with your feet on level or higher than your heart, you don’t just get a “floating” feeling. You get quite a number of health benefits from this position including reduction of stress on the back and spine, better circulation, and relief from back pains.

Gravity wreaks havoc on our spines and backs, and compounded with poor posture, the result is back pains and aching feet. Going on zero gravity position gives our tired body a much-needed time-out.

The Sinoluck Ootori 810L takes it a step further by providing 3 zero gravity positions. They are initial, comfort, and deep. Whichever you choose, the experience is relaxing, pain-relieving, and rejuvenating.

If you end up buying the Ootori, I would recommend you to start with the shallower recline before moving up to the deeper reclines.

Great For Pain Relief

One common feedback about the Sinoluck Ootori is that it helps to relieve pain. I’ll list the features that help users in pain management.

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Living with pain is no joke. If you can buy an appliance in your home that can help alleviate it, then I’d highly recommend it.

No Assembly

If you buy this model, you can say goodbye to incomprehensible manuals and several boxes of parts. It comes fully assembled and comes with wheels to make it easier to move around.

If you live alone and need to bring it into the house (or worse, up some stairs), make sure to get White Glove service so they can assist you.

High Satisfaction Rating

At Complete Home Spa, we don’t always give chairs a high rating and it gets disappointing when you’re introducing a massage chair with poor performance. Happily, this is not the case with this model. The Sinoluck Ootori 810L gets a high rating from us AND its buyers. As of writing, it’s gotten perfect ratings from the people who have purchased this chair this year.

Real Reviews

Nowadays, it’s not enough to get high ratings. You need to watch out for fake reviews. It’s not unusual for manufacturers to add fake reviews in their product pages to bump up their ratings. The reviews on Amazon for this chair are all legit though. Across the board, the Ootori has had positive feedback from its users.

Value For Money

Priced around a thousand bucks, this is one affordable chair that is definitely value for money. You get massage chair features that you would normally only get from expensive premium massage chairs. It’s great that consumers nowadays have affordable choices.


A Relative Newcomer

A Complete Home Spa massage chair review isn’t complete without giving you the lowdown on the weaknesses of a model or brand. On the up side, we haven’t identified any design or performance issues with the Ootori 810L as of writing. However, we are unsure of its performance in the long run as these chairs are relatively newcomers to the market.

We currently have our eyes on two newcomers — Real Relax and Ootori massage chairs. Both have low price tags, rich features, and positive feedback from buyers.

It’s our hope that they also do well in longevity similar to massage chair kings like Inada, Human Touch, or Osaki.


We highly recommend the Sinoluck Ootori 810L for those looking for a budget massage chair. It is rich in features and is highly customizable. If you are a big family or have many visitors, then it will really provide value in your home.

And if you are suffering from any form of body pain, then you should consider this model. Trips to the chiropractor or professional massage therapist will cost you more in the long run than investing in a good massage chair.

Now just in case you love the features on this chair but it is slightly out of your reach budget-wise, then you should take a look at the Ootori Asuka A-600. It is an almost-twin of this model except that it is designed with an S-track so it is slightly cheaper.

And that’s it. This is an awesome chair so please shortlist it. The only chair that I can think of that will rival the Ootori in price and features is the Real Relax 3D SL track so check it out if you can.

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