Luraco Legend Review

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Executive Summary

Last year, the Luraco Legend won ‘Best of CES’ in the Health and Fitness category. Proudly made in the United States, this chair comes packed with useful features for slender or small body types. Your family and friends will enjoy 12 massage functions, nine automatic programs, lower back heat, calf rollers, and much more.

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Company Background

Luraco Technologies has been manufacturing and selling high-quality massage chairs for over 10 years. They are also the first (and currently only) company to manufacture massage chairs right here in the USA.


User Specs

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Luraco Technology products, including the Luraco Legend, have a standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty with the option of purchasing an additional two-year extended warranty.

Main Features

Full Body Advanced 3D Massage

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The 3D feature allows users to adjust the depth of the rollers so that you can have either an intense or gentle massage experience.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity position will elevate your feet to just above your heart level and evenly distribute your weight across the chair. This gives you the feeling of floating or being in zero gravity. It can reduce the stress on your body and decompress the strain on your spine.

60 Airbag Full Body Compression

This built-in compression system gently squeezes your entire body to encourage healthy blood flow. It also helps to keep you in the optimal position for the massage rollers to work, and it stabilizes you as you sit in the chair.

Foot Rollers with Calf Massage

This chair has an air system located in the chair’s calf and feet area. It gently squeezes your calf and your feet to provide relief.

Extended Heat Therapy

You’ll enjoy full body heat with this chair including five different intensity levels. You can turn certain regions on while leaving others off. You get back, feet, and seat heat functions that sinks into your muscles and loosens them up. It also helps improve your blood flow and circulation.

9 Customizable Massage Programs

You get nine different automatic massage programs with five memory settings. They include:

Body Scanning Technology

The chair uses infrared sensors to map out your body shape and locate your pressure points. Using the body scan info, you can customize a massage program and then save it using the memory function.

Additional Features

Noise Reduction Technology

This model is designed to be one of the quietest chairs in the industry with built-in noise reduction technology. Each chair is tested in a sound booth during production to ensure that you don’t hear more than a whisper.

Body Stretch Function

The chair smoothly and gently stretches your body into different positions while it tugs slightly on your calves and knees. This is a stretch option that helps you to relax and unwind. This is a great feature for those who suffer from back, neck, leg, and shoulder pains.

Smart Touch Screen and Remote

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The chair runs on the Linux computer system. It has a smart touch remote that looks and works like an iPod. It’s designed to be very user-friendly and easy to operate. You can switch and set various massage functions at the push of a button.

You can find the Owner’s Manual HERE.


Solid Build

If there’s anything sure that you can get out of a Luraco chair, it’s a solid and high quality build. If you look at the Luraco website, you won’t be mistaken into thinking they create high-grade military and industrial parts because that’s exactly what they do.

Along with their product lineup of robotic systems and sensors, you’ll find a handful of medical massage chairs. Sure they don’t have as many models as other brands, however, the sheer R&D that go into each one is very apparent.

One of the Longest L-Tracks

massage chairs l track

The flagship of the Luraco brand is the Luraco i7. We reviewed this chair and gave it an excellent rating. However, one thing that it doesn’t have is an L-track. Luraco makes up for it with the Legend. Both chairs have a very similar look and feel but under the hood, the Luraco Legend sports one of the longest L-tracks ever at 58 inches.

See Also: S-Track and L-Track Explained

For the uninitiated, these tracks refer to the rollers that run through a massage chair. Older massage chairs all had the S-track which followed the curve of the human spine and gave excellent massages. And then the L-track came about and these rollers extended further along the seat of these chairs so that they hit the lower parts of the body including the glutes, the piriformis, and the hamstrings.

If your problem areas lie along these areas, then you should consider a massage chair with an L-track.

To fully appreciate just how long the tracks on the Legend are, let’s compare it with other chairs that are popular for the length of their L-tracks.

Now, the above chairs are superstars in the massage chair world. The Infinity Iyashi was the first ever massage chair to come out with an L-track. Ogawa, in the meantime, named their Supertrac chair after its special L-track system. Finally, the Kahuna Hubot is one of the newest massage chairs to come out of the brand bestseller on our website.

The Luraco Legend beats them out at 58 inches. This means more real estate to cover along your lower body and up around the neck area.

Excellent Targeted Massage

There are two things that I’d like to point out about the Legend that I feel are its best strengths.

Firstly, unlike most massage chairs that are currently out in the market, the Luraco Legend has rollers that can be adjusted in segments. Meaning, if you want to increase or decrease the intensity and depth of the massage in your back or any body part, you can do so because you can control each segment independently.

In other massage chairs, adjusting the intensity of the massage means an overall adjustment. A couple of other massage chairs that have the same segmented feature are its big brother, the Luraco i7 and the Human Touch Hubot.

Secondly, I’ve observed excellent reviews for this chair’s massages of specific parts of the body. I’ll list them below:

Stretch Program

For an L-track chair, this model has a surprisingly good stretch program. If you have a bad back or have body pain in different parts of your body, a stretch program is a heavenly experience. It’s like going to a chiropractor or a professional massage therapist, except cheaper and right in the comfort of your own home.

How it works is that the chair reclines you to 45 degrees. Next, the chair gets a good hold of you by your feet and shoulders. With the mechanism of airbags inflating and chair parts moving, your back is stretched to relieve stress and compression. As a person who suffers from spine issues, I find stretch programs highly satisfying in massage chairs.

Check out the Inada Flex 3S for posture correction and the Inada Dreamwave for more chiraproctor-like stretch programs.

Good Remote

Unlike other models, the Legend actually has a good, working remote control. It reminds me a bit of the very early model of the iPod. It’s got a touch screen and a round dial pad. It’s intuitive and you can learn more about it from this video.

How Easy To Use Luraco Legend L-Track
Pause Function

Another function that you won’t find in most massage chairs is the Pause function. You can use this feature in case of situations where you really need to pause an ongoing massage program. Massage programs, like exercise routines, are not really meant to be paused frequently, but real life happens (like when you have a surprise visitor at your doorstep hoping for a go on your new chair).

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitoring

This feature is optional when you order a Luraco chair, but I would highly advise it – especially for aging users. Whether you suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems, keeping an eye on your vital signs is always a good idea.


Not Ideal For Very Tall/Big Users

I’ve talked your ear off about the excellent assembly of Luraco chairs. However, the Legend is relatively small hence its user specs have lower ceilings than other, bigger chairs. While the i7 has a max height limit of 6’7″, the user height limit for the Legend is only 6’2″.

Similarly, while the i7 can seat a user weighing up to 300 lbs, the Legend can only manage a user who is 240 lbs.

If you are bigger or taller than the above specs, you’re better off with another chair.  If you are on the short side, then this won’t be a concern. You can also look at our recommended massage chairs for short people here.

Gentle/Weak Massage

If you like your massage to be strong and aggressive, then this model is not for you. The Luraco Legend has quad rollers. Other chairs with dual rollers are likely to give a stronger massage.

Missing Features

This model has some features missing. There are:

To explain the last, the i7 has a very nice voice feature that walks you through the use of your newly acquired massage chair. This is quite a crowd favorite and it’s too bad it wasn’t added to this model.


This product, despite being of smaller design and missing some features, still comes at a hefty price tag.


The Luraco Legend is a premium quality chair that comes with very solid features and unique properties. You can see from our write-up that it has a very long list of features that any massage chair owner would be very happy about.

However, it is admittedly not for everybody. It’s a deal breaker if you are taller or bigger than the stated user specs. It’s also a deal breaker if you are looking for a massage chair that can give you an intense and deep massage. The high price tag is a deterrent too as there are other brands and models which provide more value for money.

If you are intrigued by the Luraco brand and want to know more, we’d recommend giving the Luraco iRobotics i7 a look as we’ve given it high marks.

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