What Is the Best Home Foot Spa?

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Aaahhh…. The feeling of sinking tired, aching feet into a warm, bubbling basin, filled with aromatic herbs and soothing essential oils, sitting back, relaxing, and letting the water do the work – there surely can’t be anything better at the end of a long day. And that counts double if that day has seen you mostly on your feet, walking, standing, running to get what needs doing done.

Finding the best foot spa can be time consuming. So leave the hard work to us! Read our foot spa reviews and buy the one that most fits your needs.

The Best Home Foot Spas

The Best Foot Spa Overall: Ivation Foot Spa

Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital...

The Ivation is small but perfectly formed, offering brush, pumice, and acupressure attachments, a built in timer, digital temperature control and an easy-to-read LED display.

The Ivation is best suited to women looking for a light, end-of-the-day indulgence, as the massage function is quite weak, and the spa itself is not ideal for those with larger feet.

Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital...
3,658 Ratings
Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital...
  • RELIEVE SORE, WORNOUT FEET – Multifunction Massaging Foot Spa Comforts Achy Heels, Toes, Arches & Ankles; Ideal for Athletes & People Who...
  • INTENSE VIBRATING MASSAGE – Invigorating Vibration Encourages Circulation & Soothes Weary Feet; Activate Motorized Rollers to Target Tense...
  • OXYGENATING BUBBLE ACTION – Multiple Water Jets Create Thousands of Calming Bubbles to Relieve Pressure & Pain; Add Essential Oil for...

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Most Consistent Temperature: Carepeutic Ozone

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 Pound

The Carepeutic Ozone allows you to sink calf-deep into warming, soothing water, enabling your feet and ankles to enjoy the surfing, rolling air bubble massage action, in water that can be heated up to 48 degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit), and to which you can add your favorite bath salts, herbs, and essential oils.

The Carepeutic is spacious and comfortable, even for those with larger feet (yes, including size 14, and it’ll reach your calves), and offers adjustable jets for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

Note that the roller action can be a little intense over longer periods, so, once you’re done with that, you may want to remember to switch the roller action off, and just enjoy the relaxing warmth of the water – the Carepeutic holds temperature very well, making it the perfect choice for an indulgent, end-of-the-day foot soak and beauty session.

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 Pound
  • Integrating ozone benefits into hyperthermia healing therapy to relieve painful, sore feet and refresh meridians of body through its heated...
  • Combined action of ozone therapy and heated water surfing and rolling massage to boost and increase uptake of oxygen and improve body...
  • Strong air bubble massage with waterfall or water jet surfing system, waterfall and water jet can work alone or simultaneously. Equipped...

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A Budget Option: Scholl Foot Spa

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

Back in the world of all-action foot baths, this unit from Dr. Scholl is a small but perfectly formed foot spa, offering smart-heat technology to hold your ideal water temperature whilst you enjoy the soothing action of the massage rollers, or explore the possibilities of the five-piece pedicure set that’s included, for a genuine spa-treatment experience!

The Dr. Scholl is easy to clean, and comes with a removable pumice stone, but is not recommended for individuals with large feet, and because of its relatively small size it is more suited to women than men.

Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa
  • Soothing Massage, bubbles, and smart heat for spa oasis
  • Removable pumice stone softens heels
  • Rolling massager renews and revives tired feet

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Best Penetrating Heat: All In One Foot Spa

No products found.

The All In One from Kendal uses a high-quality semiconductor to ensure water temperature is held well, and provides a relaxing oxygen bubble massage, or an invigorating high frequency vibration massage, all in warm, relaxing water that is kept consistent at your desired temperature.

It is best to switch the heating function off once the water temperature has been reached, as, unlike cheaper models, the All In One really does hold a consistent water temperature, and, if the heating function is left on, it can result in the water becoming uncomfortably hot.

No products found.

An Alternative Experience: Gideon Wooden Foot Massager

Gideon Wooden Dual Foot Massager and Roller – Pain Relief for Plantar Fasciitis, Heal Spur, Heal...

In the low-tech arena, this product from Gideon is portable and easy to use, and allows you to massage both feet simultaneously – just like a foot spa.

The rollers on each side operate independently of each other, meaning you can get the perfect massage for each foot, whilst enjoying completely natural pain relief in a simple, traditional design. You may want to wear socks while using the Gideon, however, as it has been noted that the wooden rollers can become a little uncomfortable on bare feet!

If you’re just looking for something you can toss in a bag to provide on-the-go relief for aching feet, the Gideon Wooden Foot Massager is an ideal choice.

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Home Foot Spas – Not Just An Indulgent Luxury

You might have read the reviews, and be thinking “Yeah, but I don’t need to pamper and preen – what would I want with a foot spa?” Well, a foot spa isn’t just an indulgent luxury – if you’re in a job which sees you on your feet all day, such as restaurant work, retail, or mail delivery, for example, it can be the one thing that keeps you from handing in your notice.

Feet take a lot of punishment, particularly in certain lines of work, and, if you want to avoid painful callouses, a foot spa is the best, most affordable at-home treatment to undo the damage of days spent walking or standing.

Home foot spas are also ideal for athletes, and can be considered an essential part of being “race ready” – if you don’t take care of your feet as an athlete, you don’t win. Are you really going to let a few dollars, or your pride, stand between you and glory?

If you are a guy, or a woman with larger than average feet, do make sure you spend a little bit extra to get a foot spa that will be comfortable for you to use – it’ll definitely be worth it, and your feet will thank you!

Notes on the Extras

Once you’ve found your perfect home foot spa, you want to start thinking about what you can add to it, in terms of oils, salts, and herbs – do check that your foot spa can handle herbs purchased independently – most can, but some are best used with just Epsom salts. While hot water and massage action soothes aching, tired feet, and releases tension, bath salts, essential oils, and suitable herbs can provide anti-bacterial treatment, additional soothing, and keep your feet soft, supple, and fresh; take the time to enjoy experimenting, and finding the combination that’s perfect for you.

Of course, if it’s just a little bit of pain relieving luxury you’re after, a foot spa used at home on its own, with just warm water and the inbuilt massage function, is perfectly adequate.

Whatever you choose to do with your foot spa, make sure you have plenty of towels for when you step out – you don’t want to ruin the soothing experience by slipping on a wet floor, or ending up with a soggy carpet. Good quality, fluffy white towels can enhance the spa-like experience, while thick, black towels can convey edgy sophistication. In the end, the color of your towels is entirely up to you – you could even buy ones which compliment the tones of your foot spa – but they are an important additional extra which adds to and enhances the total experience.


What does soaking feet in spas do?

Soaking your feet in the warm water of a foot spa helps you to relax. Some models massage your feet, which is a blissful experience.

Are foot spas good for your feet?

Foot spas are good for your feet – they relax the skin and release tension. Your whole body will feel rejuvenated!

Can you put Epsom salt in a foot spa?

Yes, you can put Epsom salts in a foot spa. If the model uses jet streams then the salt might start to clog the nozzles, so you will have to give them a good clean. Some models are specially designed to be used with salts.

How do you clean a foot spa at home?

  1. Drain your foot spa.
  2. Wash it with warm water and detergent.
  3. Rinse. Hot water is better.
  4. Dry with a suitable cloth or towel.
  5. Optional – Disinfect. Rinse again if you do this step. Dry again.

Why should I buy a foot spa?

Your feet go through a lot to keep your life moving along on an even keel – they carry you around your house, they take the impact of your daily jog or dog walk. Depending on your job, they may tolerate the full weight of your body being placed through them for 8, 10, 12 hours at a time – your feet really do look after you, and they deserve a little bit of thanks in return: something more than a bucket of hot water and a handful of Epsom salts offered as an afterthought.

The kind of people whose feet take the most punishment are also those who may be least able to afford regular, professional treatments, but there is always an affordable at-home foot spa option, meaning your hard-working feet needn’t be neglected any longer.

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