13 Ideas To Make Your Home Comfortable, Warm, and Homey

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What does it mean for a house or an apartment to truly feel like home?

For you, for me, or any other person, the answer will vary. That’s why you have to figure out what makes you feel cozy and how to recreate the right mood in your property: happy, safe, charming, warm – homey.

Cozy Home, Homey Home

Of course, you alone know what rings your bell the most, but at CompleteHomeSpa.com we have prepared several actionable tips to further inspire and help. Regardless of the tenant or homeowner, there is a long way to reach truly intimate levels.

Without further ado, here are tips on how to make a house homey.

Bring Calming Scents to Your Home

how to make an apartment homey scent

Decorating isn’t the only way to make a cozy home. One of the best ways to add the dash of comfort and delight is to treat your sense of smell too.

Switch To Softer Lighting

The secret behind a cozier home is warm lighting.

Decorate With Possessions Dear To You

Step aside from mass consumerism and decorate with objects having meaning to you and your home.

Bring Nature To Your Home

how to make an apartment homey nature

Fill your house or apartment with natural elements to increase how cozy the place.

Furthermore, there are little things better for healthy aging than growing your own produce. You could plant and care for various herbs and spices, not to mention vegetables and fruits for those who love to garden.

Spruce Up Outdoor Areas (If Any)

How you bring comfort depends on the type of property you live in. Do you live in a house? Does it have outdoor areas? A patio, front, or backyard?

Follow our “20 Tips On How To Create A Relaxing Garden”. If the garden inventory is set, look into the concept of grounding – the simplest rejuvenation trick around.

Do you live in an apartment? Does it have a terrace? Consider laying decking or enhancing it with hanging pots and container gardening.

Hang Your Favorite Artworks & Memories

how to make an apartment homey memories

The best way to bring comfort to your abode is by displaying family photos, paintings, and the artwork you admire, souvenirs, or postcards from memorable trips.

If you are renting the place and can’t drill holes in the walls, frame big photographs or posters and lean them against a bookshelf, a dresser, or a wall.

Also, you could attach a string of fabric between two pieces of furniture and then hang small-print photos, notes or postcards.

Pimp Your Bedroom, Bed & Linen

how to make an apartment bedroom homey

After all, your bed is the piece of furniture that resonates with your sense of comfort and coziness the most. It has to ensure you get a relaxing bedroom for good sleep every night.

Try these tips to make your bed and bedroom homier:

  1. Choose cotton, sateen, or linen sheets for summer to keep you cool during the night.
  2. Opt for a flannel, jersey, or down comforters for the winter months.
  3. Add a throw blanket or a quilt at the bottom of your bed to have a Plan B for extra frosty nights.
  4. Invest in a quality mattress and foam pillows that offer exceptional back and neck support.
  5. Scatter a couple of charming decorative pillows over your bed to include a dash of color in your bedroom.

Create Your Own Book Heaven

how to make an apartment homey book heaven

A good book and a cup of hot tea sound like the perfect combo for a rainy day. Make the experience even more enjoyable by creating a dedicated reading nook. It might be near a window, a nook or under the stairs.

Place a comfortable chair, put a warm blanket and a pillow on top of it. Add a small table with a reading lamp and coasters. Your favorite books should be within an arm’s length from you.

Now all that is left is to prepare a delicious hot cup of tea.

Bring Warmth To Your Kitchen

The kitchen often becomes a room for family and friends gatherings, especially if a kitchen spa.

Make everyone feel at home by ensuring there’s a comfy sitting area, maybe a vase with flowers on the table, a portable speaker to provide musical accompaniment.

Let colors be your friend. Decorate or repaint the walls or refinish your kitchen cabinets. This will add more charm to the room.

Layer a variety of kitchen linens:

Check our 15 Tips On How To Create A Relaxing Kitchen

Invest In A Comfy Couch

Visit your favorite furniture store and sit on every couch until you find the one that feels most comfortable to you. If you have enough space, opt for a big sectional with modular pieces that can be rearranged depending on the occasion.

In case you have a smaller couch, why not place a stool nearby. You will be able to rest your feet comfortable while watching TV or reading a book.

Make sure to out our product guides:

Bring Warmth For Your Feet

how to make an apartment homey warm feet

To turn your property into a home requires your ultimate comfort. To achieve that every part of your body should feel cozy. And cold feet are a common problem for both women and men.

Take care of your feet by always having a pair of slippers nearby. Place several rugs at key points in your home: next to your bed, in front of the bathroom, near the sink in the kitchen. Your feet will be guarded where they’re usually most vulnerable.

To take comfort a step further, explore your buyer guides for a personal home foot spa, foot massager or ionic foot bath to detox. Healthy routines are bliss.

Gather Around The Fireplace

how to make an apartment fireplace homey

The coziest thing to do with your family members is to snuggle around the lit fireplace and enjoy the warmth rushing from it.

If you don’t have a fireplace, consider investing in one or a product to deliver the same feeling without the hassle, nerves, costs, chores relating to building and up-keeping one. A real or fake fireplace could become the focal point of your living room and sprinkle intimacy throughout your home.

Combine the comfort of the fireplace with a couple of throw pillows, a blanket, a good book, and a cup of your favorite hot beverage.

Your Bathroom Comfort

how to make an apartment bathroom homey

According to Gentleman Zone Guide, to achieve comfort, bliss, and a truly relaxing bathroom, one could:

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Making Home Cozy – Wrap Up

In the end, remember to follow your own perception and needs of coziness. Implement whatever feels natural to you and enjoy the sanctuary you’ve created for yourself.


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