13 Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place you can hide away and chill when the real world gets too real. A well-designed, soothing, relaxing bedroom boosts your mood, your energy, your sense of well-being.

So whether you want to sleep, read, or meditate, we’ve rounded up a selection of bedroom enhancement tips so you can get it just how you need it.

From Boring Bedroom to Oasis of Calm in 13 Steps

1. Install Opaque Window Coverings

While you sleep, your body is hard at work repairing itself from the normal wear and tear of the daily grind. However, you need darkness to be able to properly rejuvenate and get ready for a new day. Opaque window coverings filter out enough light that you’re not jarred awake in the morning, and provide privacy and darkness so you can sleep and your body can repair itself.

They also make the room sound better.

2. Use Soft and Calming Colors

Cool color hues have a calming effect, and you can get this by using lilac, cool grey, or blues. You can also create a warm and inviting environment by using warm browns or medium pinks or yellows.

3. Install Adjustable Lighting

adjustable lighting

Your bedside lighting is critical in helping you create a relaxing environment. By having your lighting on a dimmer switch, you can easily regulate the amount of light in your room and create a soft, soothing experience.

Also, having adjustable sconce lighting is a great option because you can position in where you need it, and it won’t clutter up your bedside stand.

4. Choose a Few Serene Pieces of Art

Ideally, you want your walls to be pretty minimalistic because too many distractions will disrupt your calm environment. Instead, choose two or three larger serene art pieces and place them strategically around your room.

Again, calming colors like blues, warm greys and browns are a good choice, and maybe some serene landscape scenes will do.

Tapestries or embroidered art will have a bonus effect of improving the sound quality in the room.

5. Banish the Clutter

Clutter can quickly lead to distractions or even anxiety if you concentrate on it enough. The last thing you want is to clutter up your bedroom because you’ll find it very hard to relax.

Once you’ve cleaned out the clutter, make sure that everything you keep is in its place for a neat and tidy appearance.

6. Buy Bedding with a Higher Thread Count

higher thread count bedding

It may be tempting to throw any old bedding on your mattress and be done with it. But, the lower thread count your bedding has, the rougher the texture will be.

If you really want to relax, look for bedding with a higher thread count. You’ll get a softer and more inviting space to lay and sleep, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

7. Make it an Electronics-Free Zone

Your electronic devices are guaranteed ways to distract you, whether it’s your phone, computer, tablet, or television. Make your bedroom electronic free if you can.

Hide the television in a stand or in an entertainment armoire, leave your phone in another room, and don’t bring your laptop to bed. You want to relax without outside stimulation interrupting you.

If you use your phone as an alarm or to fall asleep to music, see about buying a blue light filter.

8. Incorporate a Few Plants or Fish

bedroom plant

Not only are plants beautiful, but they also bring life to your room and help to purify your bedroom’s air. The Chinese Evergreen or the Snake Plant is very easy to care for, and you can set them around your room.

Additionally, watching fish swim has been proven to lower blood pressure and add a calming effect. If you have the time to invest in pets, a small bowl with a Betta fish or one or two goldfish is more than enough.

9. Surround Yourself with Softness

A bedroom is an area for soft textures, and you want to avoid hard angles and textures whenever possible. If you have a favorite soft throw blanket, toss it over the end of your bed or in the chair.

A few comfortable and plush pillows, a comfortable futon, and a soft rug can all give you spaces to relax and unwind.

They also promote better sound quality in a room. (I keep going on about sound because the older I get the more I notice echoes in unfurnished rooms and the more I realise I relax best in rooms with good sound quality.)

10. Consider a Quiet Ceiling Fan

quiet ceiling fan

If you’re planning your bedroom or upgrading it, consider adding a quiet ceiling fan over or by the bed. Your fan will circulate the air around the room and provide a slight cooling breeze while you sleep. This can help promote a deep sleep and healthier air to breathe.

You can save money on heating, too.

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11. Have the Bed Positioned to Greet You

Ideally, you want your bed to be one of the first things, if not the first thing you see when you walk into your room. If it is, it works to invite you into the space to relax and unwind. But, if you have large windows that overlook a stunning view, consider positioning your bed so you see this view when you wake up.

I’m fortunate enough to have a stunning countryside view which is the first thing I see in the morning, and so I have my bed the ‘wrong’ way round. Previously I always had it face me when I entered the bedroom – so inviting!

12. Bring in Aromatherapy

If you have a favorite scent you like and that relaxes you, consider having it in your bedroom. Scent is a powerful tool to help you relax, and you can use essential oils and an oil diffuser to disperse it throughout your bedroom.

Scents like lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood, bergamot, and vetiver all promote relaxation.

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13. Change with the Seasons

Refreshing your bedroom’s decor to reflect the season can make you more comfortable, and it’s fun. During the winter, create a warm and welcoming environment by swapping out silver or white accents with copper or warm-toned ones. Also, swap out your light, airy curtains for heavier drapery. This will reduce the amount of heat you lose and create a warm environment.

These 13 easy and fun tips will help you create the perfect relaxing bedroom that you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll sleep better and wake feeling more refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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