15 Tips On How To Create A Relaxing Kitchen

by Jenn | Last Updated: April 27, 2018

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you want to make this area as relaxing, warm, and inviting as possible. This can be a challenge because of the various appliances and the junk buildup that may have accumulated through the years.

If you’re ready to take on a challenge and level up your kitchen to make it an even more inviting space for you and your family, check out these little things that helped us when we renovated our own kitchen space.

Tips To Create A Relaxing Kitchen

1. Add a Pop of Color

Your kitchen most likely contains stonework, and the color palette is usually pretty neutral. So, you want to break these blocks of more neutral colors up and draw the person’s eyes around the room. Adding pops of color is an excellent way to do this. This works best with smaller elements like a bowl full of colorful fruit on the center island or colorful pitchers next to the sink. Flowers are also another good idea.

2. Fresh Herbs

herb planters

It’s easy to add greenery to your kitchen, and a small window box of herbs or a glass terrarium can get you started. Not only will these herbs add a pleasant scent, but you’ll be able to use them in your cooking when you need them. Suspending them from the ceiling in hanging baskets is a way to give depth to your kitchen and keep your counters free of clutter.

3. Floating Shelving

If you have a smaller kitchen, you want to give the illusion of space. Traditional cupboards can box your kitchen in and make the space seem smaller, and they’re more expensive. If you invest in shelving units and stagger them above your cupboards, you get an area to keeps your bowls, glassware, and plates. It’ll also work to open up the space and make it seem airier.

4. Add Small Seating Groups

kitchen bar stools

Although your kitchen may not have space for a full seating arrangement, you can usually fit one or two small chairs and a bistro table in easily. If you have a breakfast bar, consider buying several bar stools and lining them up along it. These small seating areas will bring personality into your kitchen, and it’ll give people a small gathering place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. It also gives you a place to sit during longer cooking stints.

5. Sheer Curtains

Kitchens with larger windows are an easy way to add natural light to your kitchen and make it more inviting. Even if you don’t have larger windows, you make the space seem brighter by using sheer curtains. These curtains will let the natural light in and create an open, bright, and inviting space. You also want to pick curtains that are lighter in color because they’ll let the most light through.

6. Flowers

kitchen flowers

Flowers are bright, cheerful, and they can add a pleasant smell to the area. You can set several small vases of flowers around your kitchen for a little aromatherapy. You can also add a garland string over your doorway or on your table. These small touches of greenery will bring a natural touch to your kitchen year round, and greenery helps you relax. If you don’t want fresh flowers, faux flowers with bright colors work just as well, and they last for a long time.

7. Music

Music is a great way to relax and enjoy any room in your home, and your kitchen is included. It’s easy to set any mood you want through music, and you can buy Bluetooth speakers and place them around your kitchen. They can attach under your upper cupboards or shelving or on the walls to save you space. You’ll get a surround sound experience that can relax and soothe you the entire time you’re enjoying the space.

8. Clear the Clutter

Kitchens are usually more cluttered than other rooms in your home due to the sheer amount of things you use and need. So, you want to clear the clutter as much as possible. You can invest in baskets or wire racks for your spices or canned goods. While you’re clearing out the clutter, toss anything that is expired. You’ll end up with a clear, clean space that feels more open and relaxing because you won’t be distracted by how busy it is.

9. Bright Lighting

kitchen lighting

For anyone who doesn’t have a lot of windows, you can still create a bright and inviting space. You want to concentrate your lighting over the busy areas in your kitchen, and you can install lighting under your cabinets, so it shines down on your counters, and installing lighting over your island or breakfast bar is also a good idea.

10. Organize Your Cutlery

It can create anxiety if your cupboards and drawers are unorganized and cluttered. You want to go through all of these areas and remove mismatched lids or bowls and get rid of them. If you have utensils, plates, or bowls that you use more than other ones, consider placing them on an easy to reach shelf or in a low cupboard. This way, they’re on hand when you need them, and you’ll be able to streamline your entire area to make it clean and neat.

11. Wash Down the Walls

If you can’t or don’t want to add a new coat of paint, try simply washing down the space. It may surprise you how far a little elbow grease and a bucket of hot, soapy water can go. Make sure that you get under appliances and anything that’s sitting on the counter, and inside your cupboards. Wash down the cabinet faces as well because you could have cooking residue stuck to them. This can give your kitchen a bright and relaxing look and feel.

12. Match Your Plate Colors

When you open your cupboards or look on your shelves, are you overwhelmed by the different colors? If so, consider changing your plates to be the same color for the most part with a few lightly colored options tossed in for variety. This can help you from getting bogged down, and it can calm the space down and make it not seem so busy. White is a good choice, or you may want to consider matching them to your wall colors.

13. Textured Flooring

kitchen textured flooring

As we mentioned above, your kitchen is usually more neutral colors. However, the flooring can be a fun way to add a different texture that doesn’t distract from the relaxing elements of the space as a whole. You can add brighter colors to tie your pops of colors into the room’s theme.

14. Display Your Herbs

Suspending your herbs in oil and displaying them in pretty glass jars is a quick and easy way to add a conversation piece to your kitchen while you work to get rid of the clutter. They can tie in greenery elements, and they’re practical because you can switch them out and use them as you need to.

15. Soft Rugs

Kitchens can quickly become areas for hard lines and a more minimalist look. You can break this up by adding a few small soft area rugs. They can go in the center of the kitchen or by your refrigerator. You may not want them by the oven because there is a potential that they’ll get stained. They also go well in entryways, and you can choose soft colors or add a pop of bright color.

These 15 easy tips can help you quickly create a relaxing kitchen that your entire family can’t wait to hang out in. You don’t have to redo your kitchen completely to get an inviting look and feel, but these small things can go a long way.