How to Set-up & Style a Kitchen Spa: Healthy Recipes, Tips on Indoor & Outdoor Looks

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At, we know that using a kitchen as a spa room for at-home spa treatments is nothing new, but they sure are trendy!

The idea has been around for decades, and with new products and the internet, anyone can turn parts of the kitchen into a budget-friendly spa.

And while some people make their entire house ‘spa-ified’, most opt for merely converting a room or parts of it. Usually, people go with styling a relaxing bathroom and there are plenty of reasons for that. Still, sure enough, you can see various examples of DIY bathroom spas, complete with organic bath salts and a zero-waste toothbrush or two.

However, any room in the house can welcome the soothing elements of a typical spa, and raw health spa kitchens are no different!

In this guide with our private kitchen spa tips, we will go over ideas and tricks that can help you put together a spa experience every time you enter your kitchen!

Hopefully, by the end of the guide will be a good starting point for exploring the fascinating world of DIY kitchen spa pros, at-home spas, and wellness resorts.

Why a Kitchen Spa?

Setting up your relaxing kitchen can have a tremendous effect on both your life and your abode.

You could say that kitchens are probably the most important and used rooms in any house. After all, it is the place where we prepare and store food, drinks, spices, where we hang out with family, loved ones, and good friends.

So, why should you turn it into a DIY spa or a spa-like area? On the face of it, it doesn’t make too much sense. However, let’s put things into the perspective of functionality and benefits.

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Kitchens are greasy, dirty, messy, and generate unbearable heat. It’s an area with a lot of ‘traffic’ in any home, and as such, it often looks pretty worn out.

Adding elements of calming influence in the form of a spa corner or touch-ups here and there can make the entire kitchen layout fit, work, and look WOW along with functionality and the burden on power and circuits throughout standard equipment.

More importantly, spa areas are meant to make us feel calmer, more focused, and generally more relaxed during everyday life.

Without further ado, let’s dive in, adding the spa touch to your kitchen.

Home-made Facial Treatments

skin spa kitchen ingredients

Most people who cover kitchen spas tend to focus on home-made treatments using everyday ingredients. And yes, the stereotype of putting cucumber slices on your eyes is a big part of that.

Natural skin exfoliators are becoming more and more popular, as anyone can make one at home. For example, skin spa, kitchen ingredients:

Other ingredients, like egg yolks, egg whites, and olive oil come with health benefits when applied to your skin.
Of course, you can always use individual ingredients without too much mixing.

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Spa Face Wash Area

spa face wash room in kitchen

Setting up a dedicated spot to place a basin is all you need to rejuvenate your skin and spirit while you cook! Just stay out of disasters

Paraffin Treatments

For soft and smooth skin, paraffin baths are out of this world! They are compact, easy-to-use, and make wonders for your health and looks.

10 out of 10.

Massagers – Full-size & Small

While smaller apartments have their living and kitchen room merged, a full-proof massage chair would be an excellent idea, but in case of scarcity in free space, a foot massager can also turn your supper into bliss.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Spa Style

using a kitchen as a spa room

Interior design plays a vital role in making your house feel safe. A place where you relax and unload. Conversely, if one of your rooms looks a little too dull, aggressive, or chaotic, it will affect your daily behavior. And when the kitchen needs renovation, the room one visits at least 3-5 times every day, it is crucial not to have an off-putting design.

With that in mind, you can remodel your kitchen to reflect a spa-like saloon. Subdued, soft colors of walls, cutlery, curtains, chairs, table covers, and more will reduce any lingering levels of stress.

Kitchen Spa Color Palette

On the scale of difficulty, from easy to hard, using colors to set the mood is the first and easiest trick one could do. The most popular color pallets gravitate around spa blue kitchens of monochromatic colors:

Kitchen Spa Color Palette Example #1

spa blue kitchen

Image Source

Kitchen Spa Color Palette Example #2

spa exterior look kitchen backsplash


Kitchen Spa Color Palette Example #3

modern kitchen backsplash spa tile


Where to incorporate:

Where else? Do share in the comments!

Lights & Your Spa Kitchen

“Moreover, consider additional light fixtures, but not your classy high-Watt lamps, but rather dim and mellow lights,” comment kitchen experts at My Plumber. “Naturally, you should avoid strong lighting. Sconces and recessed lighting will work, and it’s a good idea to install a dimmer switch or two,” experts add.

Greenery in Your Kitchen Spa

Finally, remember that natural elements best emulate the feeling of a spa. So, if you can, arrange some indoor plants that clean the air throughout the kitchen. Small pots will do the trick, maybe even a bonsai tree as a species widely known to reduce anxiety and stress.

However, you can also think about a small hydroponic relaxing garden on your terrace, window-hung containers, or front yard area. They are fun to maintain and can provide fresh produce during the summer and autumn seasons.

Shishi Odoshi

Mostly used in the garden, but could also fit a spa-themed kitchen! Check our guide on shishi odoshi for more inspiration and product picks.

Kitchen Spa Atmosphere

style spa kitchen

A lot of what we’ve covered in the paragraph above relates to the subject of atmosphere.

A spa-like kitchen should evoke a sense of rest and relaxation. Kitchens are often hectic, so you have to start with basic cleanup!

Declutter Kitchenware

The most common space-consumer in kitchens is kitchenware and putting it to order, and optimal organization is key to making more room for refreshing spa treats, comments John’s Oven Cleaning.

With the clutter out of the way, you solved any visual issues!

Focus on Olfactory Chores

Authentic spa areas come with a pleasant and gentle, mesmerizing, yet appealing scent, filled with natural aromas that soothe a stressed mind throughout your entire home. That being said, look into buying kitchen products that contain essential oils in some form. In fact, just buy a set of oils and spray around the house from time to time. All you have to do is as simple as adding drops of essential oil to your diffuser and place it somewhere in the kitchen. A luxury solution is genuine Bulgarian rose oil, as it sets a truly natural kitchen feel.

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Auditory Issues to Consider

Most of the time, you will only hear the sounds of dishes clanking away, which can be annoying. The best way to handle that is to play sounds of nature on your smartphone. These sounds will help you focus and keep away any anxiety that comes with working in the kitchen daily.

Stimulate Tastes

Bowls of fruit on the counter will not only provide a good visual aid, but they’ll evoke a sense of hunger. As a healthy meal with a strong aroma, they are the perfect atmosphere-builder in your kitchen-turned-spa.

Last, but not least

Outdoor Kitchen Spa Improvements

According to experts, designing an outdoor kitchen to be your desired oasis is all about functionality, and that requires careful planning. Plan each zone on the setup:

But what do outdoor kitchens have that turn on into a spa?

Kitchen Spa Tips: Final Thoughts

Kitchen spas are an interesting concept, and by making your own, you will definitely improve your everyday life, not to mention compliment property renovations. But interestingly enough, your kitchen can also become an intriguing conversation piece if the design you go for is unique and creative.

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