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Tapping For Anxiety: Harnessing the Emotional Freedom Technique

If you suffer from panic attacks, depression, or plain anxiety, there’s a free and simple technique that might help you -- we’re talking about EFT tapping.

Millions of Americans suffer from both diagnosed and undiagnosed anxiety and anxiety disorder. You may feel depressed, trapped, and caught in a cycle that seems never-ending. Many people feel this way, and they want an inexpensive way to help manage and decrease the anxiety they feel.

The concept of EFT (emotional freedom technique) or Tapping, is a relatively new phenomenon that the medical community is starting to embrace. However, the concept that Tapping uses has been around and in use for more than 5,000 years in Eastern medicine.

Simply put, Tapping is a technique that allows you to utilize your body’s natural energy points. By tapping directly on them you stimulate them, and many people believe this allows you to literally tap into your body’s own natural healing power and energy levels.

How Does Tapping Work?

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Every negative emotion you feel on a daily basis is thought to be a disruption of your body’s natural flow of energy. Any physical pain you may be feeling is connected to negative emotion, and emotional problems can manifest themselves in the form of various physical pains. Knowing this, you have to treat your body and mind as a whole, and not just one part.

Basic Tapping technique makes you focus on anything negative in your life, whether it is an unpleasant memory, problem, fear or anxiety, or anything in particular that is bothering you. While you keep your attention and focus on this issue, tap five to seven times on each of your body’s twelve energy points. Tapping on these points while focusing on resolving whatever is bothering you will help to restore the natural energy balance in your body.

While you’re Tapping and focusing on your issue, you’ll repeat a setup statement to yourself. For example, say you have to drive to your local DMV to renew your license, and the thought of driving there causes you to have anxiety. A good setup statement may be something along the lines of:

  • “Even though I feel anxious about driving to the DMV to renew my license, I know I’m a good driver, and I’ll arrive safely at my destination.”

Additionally, if you’re feeling anxious, there are several easy statements you can use just as a general guide to help decrease your anxiety level including:

  • “Even though I’m feeling anxious, I have faith in my ability to overcome my problem.”
  • “Even though it can be difficult, I love the person that I am.”
  • “Even though there are obstacles, I am on my way to becoming a more relaxed person.”
  • “Even though I have a ball of anxiety in my stomach, I am excited about these positive changes.”

Your setup statement should always begin with the phrase, “Even though,” because this gives you something to focus your energy on while you Tap.

Tapping Reference Points and How to Tap

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As we stated previously in this post, there are twelve energy points in your body, and you have to tap the core spots five to seven times. The video at the bottom of this post is an excellent resource for locating your energy points. Additionally, your tapping should be a gentle motion that you do with the ball of your fingers and not your nails.

  • Point One: Karate Chop. Start by repeating your setup phrase while Tapping on the outer edge of your hand, on the opposite side of your thumb. Repeat your setup statement four times while simultaneously tapping on this point. Finish and take a deep breath.
  • Point Two: Head. Tap your crown, center, and the top of your head with all four fingers on both hands while repeating your setup phrase.
  • Point Three: Eyebrow. Take two fingers on both hands and tap on the inner edges of your eyebrows that are located closer to the bridge of your nose while repeating your setup phrase.
  • Point Four: Side of Eye. Repeat your setup phrase and tap two fingers on the hard area between your eyes and your temple.
  • Point Five: Under Eye. Still repeating your setup phrase, tap on the hard area directly under your eye where it merges with your cheekbone.
  • Point Six: Under Nose. Use two fingers while you tap at the point located in the center between the bottom of your nose and your upper lip.
  • Point Seven: Chin. Tap with two fingers in the center spot between your lower lip and your chin.
  • Point Eight: Collarbone. Take four fingers on one hand and tap just below the hard ridge of your collarbone.
  • Point Nine: Underarm. Using four fingers on your one hand, tap on your side around four inches below your armpit.
  • Point Ten: Head. This brings you back to where you started to complete the cycle. So tap your crown, center, and the top of your head with all four fingers on both hands while repeating your setup phrase

Once you’ve finished a cycle of tapping while repeating your setup phrase, re-evaluate where your anxiety levels are. If they’re higher than a two (out of 10), do another round of tapping and evaluate your levels again.

Does EFT Tapping Work for Anxiety?

Studies have shown that Tapping can be an effective tool to combat generalized anxiety and anxiety disorders. It gives people a healthy way to reduce their anxiety without drawing attention to themselves, and it is an effective way to self-help heal.

Watch How It’s Done

There’s no better way to learn it than an actual demonstration. Brad Yates is one of the most reliable coaches when it comes to Tapping.

Anxiety - Tapping with Brad Yates