12 Tips On How To Create A Relaxing Bathroom

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Do you have a relaxing bathroom, or is it dark and dingy?

My newly renovated bathroom is one of my favorite places. When I’m feeling loud, I turn up the volume on my waterproof bluetooth speaker and sing along to Mamma Mia. Other times, I enjoy quiet contemplative moments in my claw-foot tub with a racy book and a slow glass of wine.

You can turn your bathroom into your own personal home spa. Make it an oasis where the worry and stress of the day simply melts away. With these simple tricks, you can transform your bathroom into a haven.

12 Hacks For A Relaxing Bathroom

1. Brighten Your Bathroom

Typically, bathrooms are small spaces, and dim lighting can make them seem even smaller and cramped. If you’re not quite ready to knock out a wall or add an entirely new window, try adding reflective surfaces.

Place mirrors by your windows or light fixtures throughout your bathroom. They’ll help play up the natural lighting from the windows, and they can help spread the light from your fixtures as well. This can help make the room seem more open and airy.

2. Add Greenery

bathroom greenery

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Plants are a beautiful addition to any space, and if you pick plants that thrive in humid environments, you can create an oasis.

For those who don’t have a lot of counter space, try hanging plants, air plants, vines, or glass terrariums. They’ll add a touch of whimsy to your bathroom, and they’ll also work to help purify the air in your bathroom for a fresher feel.

3. Add Texture

You can bring the outside into your bathroom by adding a few stone pieces or textured tiles. They add interest to an otherwise drab space, and they can help contrast nicely with your softer colors or surfaces. They also help you create a feeling of calm and tranquility throughout the room.

4. Get a Pretty Bath Caddy

When you daydream about a relaxing bathing experience, a book and a glass of wine sound positively heavenly. But where to put them? You can buy a pretty bath caddy to fit over your tub, or you can make one on your own and personalize it however you’d like.

5. Declutter with Baskets

declutter with baskets

Bathrooms are usually a busy or cluttered space, and this can destroy the illusion of calm you’re trying to recreate. Take all of your loose odds and ends and organize them in baskets.

If you can find woven or natural-looking baskets, it’ll add a rustic touch and look beautiful. You can display these baskets on shelves or tuck them away in cupboards to give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that everything is organized.

6. Roll and Display Your Towels

Rolling your towels not only saves you a lot of space, but it also gives the area a more spa-like look and feel. You can place your rolled towels up on shelves, or you can also attach baskets to the wall and place them in there. This can work to tie your entire theme together and give you more storage space.

7. Paint

Your bathroom is a very used area of your home, and it’s normal for the paint to fade, peel, and look, dirty after a while. Adding a bright new coat of paint is an easy and fast way to give your bathroom an inviting and clean look. You can use different shades of white or soft pastels to breathe new life into your bathroom.

8. Add Portable Speakers

bathroom bluetooth speaker

A portable waterproof speaker is a great way to add relaxing music when you’re enjoying your bath. You can buy speakers that sync to your phone, and they’re designed to be used around water so you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

You can add them all around the room to surround yourself with your favorite music mix when you want to kick back and relax.

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9. Consider a Rain Shower Head

A rain shower head is the epitome of luxury, and you can have one right in your own bathroom. Some of these shower heads fit right over your existing plumbing, so you’ll just have to unscrew your current shower head and attach the rain shower head. They’re a lot wider than a traditional shower head, and you get the wonderful feeling of standing in a rainstorm when you use them.

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10. Dimmer Switches

If you really want to set a relaxing mood, consider having a dimmer switch added to your current lighting fixtures. You can dim the lights, light a few candles, and sink into your bubble bath.

If your current setup doesn’t allow for a dimmer switch, swap out your bright bulbs for less powerful ones to achieve this look.

11. Get an Oil Diffuser

Do you have a favorite essential oil that instantly helps to melt your cares away? If you do, you can buy an essential oil diffuser and set it in the bathroom. Not only will it help to cover up any of the typical bathroom smells, but it’ll help to relax you when you’re in the shower or bath. Some come with an on and off switch so you can have it running when you’re in the bathroom and off when you’re not.

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12. Ditch the Labels

Product labels are busy, and they can provide a lot of distractions in one small space. You can get reusable glass jars for your shampoos and soaps, and if you want to add an extra elegant touch, add herbs or flowers inside. Not only does this look nice, but it allows you to buy in bulk to save money.

These 12 easy and effective tips and tricks can help you take your ordinary bathroom into a relaxing bathroom that you can’t wait to use again and again. You can add your own style and mix it with these elements to get something completely unique and relaxing.

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