Shower Shave vs Sink Shave

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Guys, let’s get straight to the point. You need to shave in the shower – it’s way better than over the sink. As they say in those stupid ads, here’s the science bit.

4 Reasons Why A Shower Shave Is Better

#1 – The hot steam softens your skin and hair

steam showers

Showers are wet and warm. All that moisture, guess where it’s going? Into your beard! The warm steam makes your facial hair soft, supple, and ready to literally fall off your face. (Not literally. That would be hideous.)

#2 – Warm showers open your pores

When you jump into a shower, the warm steam invariably relaxes and opens up your pores. This is a big plus because open pores results in a cleaner and closer shave. You can tell the difference once you finish shaving and feel your jaw and skin.

open pores closer shave

#3 – Shower shaves will keep you from dry-shaving

Shaving dry is a huge No-No. If you want nicks, ingrown hair, and other side effects from a blade scraping your bare skin, then go ahead and be our guest. There is still a small percentage of men who dry-shave. And it’s very tempting to rush through the whole process when you’re in front of the sink and late to work.

We don’t recommend it though. Just like a relaxing shower, the time that you spend shaving is your “me” time. Do a shower shave and never forget to use a good shaving cream. You’ll feel good the rest of the day when your face is smooth and clean.

#4 – And lastly, showers are sexy.

Remember James Bond cuddling Eva Green in the shower? Of course you do.


Oh, but I can’t see anything in there! I hear you say. That’s why you buy a fogless shower mirror. A fogless shower mirror will let you shave in the shower comfortably without worrying about condensation.

Now shaving is all about preparation, technique, and what you do once you put the razor down (hint – that’s not the end of the process). Let’s do a quick check if you’re shaving right.

The Proper Way To Shave


If you bought a fogless mirror that needs to be heated or have warm put in, do that.

Also make sure you’ve got a sharp razor. If you’re thinking about using one that’s near the end of its life – why? Your face is important. Get a new, sharp, clean one and you won’t have nicks or irritation.

If you’ve never done it before, work out which way your hair grows under the chin. For most people it grows towards the nose, but some people have patches of hair that grow in different directions.

Moisturise your face, then apply your pre-shave oil. This lubricates your beard and creates a layer of protection where the blade touches the skin and stops you from ‘pulling’ the hair out. Follow that with some shaving cream and you’re good to go.


shower shave fogless mirror


Pull your skin taut – that’ll help you get a very close shave. Smooth as a baby’s butt. Pull, stretch, glide. Go slowly.

Go with the grain – the way the hair grows. If you feel the razor resisting you, you’re probably shaving in the wrong direction. It will still cut, but it’s suboptimal. At that point you’re more pulling the hair out than cutting it, and you risk having ingrown hair.

Take care under your mustache and under your chin as those are the areas most prone to nicks.


This is criminally undervalued. You have to pat your face down with a cold towel, or at least splash some cold water on your skin. That will close your pores and prevent bacteria getting in there.

Aftershave is a personal preference but helps block up your pores in a positive way.

In the meantime, if you have dry skin, consider picking up a shave butter that contains a lot of moisturiser. If you sport a beard, you can also use a beard softener to make your manly facial growth more manageable and pleasant-smelling.

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Here’s an actual demo of how shaving can be done in the shower. (Just ignore the product promotions and check out his shower routine and shaving tips).

Shaving Tips: Shaving in The Shower | Gillette

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