How To Make A Bath Pillow

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A bath pillow makes bath time more relaxing and luxurious. Without one, it’s hard to get comfortable in a slippery bathtub – especially if you have a straight-back or alcove tub. You’ll either have to finish your bath sooner than you’d like or suffer a crick in your neck.

But what if you don’t have one of these plushy pieces of heaven? Maybe you’re traveling. Or maybe you haven’t gotten around to shopping for the best bath pillows. Either way, in an emergency, you can actually DIY one.

Here’s how to make a bath pillow. In fact – here are two ways!

2 DIY Bath Pillow Ideas

The Noodle Floatie Method

Remember those noodle floaties kids use in the pool? Yes, those. They’re soft, cheap, widely available, and surprisingly useful. Cut it to the right length and it will provide some neck support.

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Measure your floatie against your bathtub. Take note that unlike a regular bath pillow, it won’t be resting against one end. Rather, you’ll have it floating under your neck, so keep that in mind when measuring.
  2. Using the knife, cut your floatie. For maximum ease of use, allow for 1 inch or so between the sides of your bathtub and your noodle.
  3. Try it out! Step into your warm bath and put the cropped noodle floatie under your neck. Make sure to relax so that you can float your head with ease. You should get the hang of it with more practice. If you can’t get comfy, don’t worry – it’s not for everyone. Try the towel pillow method.


The Towel Pillow Technique

old towels

So the noodle floatie was a cinch. Next, let’s try making a bath towel pillow. You’ll need to have some sewing skills for this one.

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Sew up your old towels into a pillow cover. It doesn’t have to be pretty so long as it is serviceable.
  2. Leave one end open and stuff it with filling. Notice that we chose fillings that will float in water. The big sponges will make your pillow stay on top of the water while the styrofoam bits will give it more shape and give.
  3. Adjust the fillings until evenly distributed and you think you can be comfortable. Finally, stitch the end closed so you won’t need to put in zippers or buttons.
  4. Finally, try it out! Your new bath pillow should float in the water under your head and neck but should still be easy to dry once you’re done.


This is what we’re going for.

To Sum Up

A DIY bath pillow is easy to make and very inexpensive. It will serve its purpose in a pinch.

However, if you find yourself enjoying your homemade bath pillow, I’d personally recommend that you shell out less than $20 and get yourself the real thing for optimal comfort. Scented warm bath water, a couple of candles, and your favorite songs playing softly in the background — now doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to come home to?

Author: Jenn Miller

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