How To Make Your Feet Soft And Smooth At Home

by maru | Last Updated: April 24, 2017

Hi guys! Jane here. Philip’s been blogging a lot so today it’s my turn to share how to make your feet soft and smooth at home.

If you go on a Google search binge, there are a million things you can slather on and soak your feet in to soften them up. That even includes Listerine and rice flour. No doubt that they mostly work to a certain degree but I’ll be sharing my personal regimen with you today.

It’s very simple and it TOTALLY works. All you need is olive oil, sugar, milk, and lemon. I swear that you’ll get baby soft feet if you do this every night.

I actually learned this from a college friend when I was at her place doing some overnight studying. She had me in stitches every time she boasted how she might not look like a Ms. Universe but her feet were sure damn hot. And they were!

How to Make Your Feet Soft Overnight

Step 1: Soften your feet with a foot soak

A poor foot care regimen, wintry weather, harsh soaps, and poor nutrition can make your feet dry, hard, or even cracked. The latter is very painful and you can avoid cracked heels or just plain ugly feet by making sure that they are clean and soft.

To do this, the first step is to set up a simple foot soak.

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Step 2: Exfoliate with a foot scrub

Exfoliating means getting rid of our old and dead skin cells so that the newer and more radiant skin can be exposed. We’re going to do this with the help of a foot scrub.

You can buy a foot scrub pre-made or you can whip up your own. To make your own, simply mix the following in a jar:  1/4 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Now let’s continue where we left off earlier…

This foot scrub is a great combo because the sugar helps to scrub away dead skin, the olive oil moisturizes, and the citric acid from the lemons also adds to the exfoliating effect. And not to mention it smells great!

Step 3: Moisturize

After the foot soak, pat your feet dry. But not too dry! I like my skin to be slightly moist when I do the next step — moisturizing.

I normally use Vaseline. I just liberally slather it on both my feet and do a massage in the process. (If you don’t have Vaseline, experiment with lotion, essential oils, and other moisturizers and see what works best for you.)

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I normally do all of above steps before I sleep because — and this next step is a crucial point of this regimen — I put on socks right after. I leave my moisturized little footsies in their cozy warm socks and the next day, when I take off my socks, VOILA! Super smooth baby soft feet.

Try it!

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