Can A Diabetic Use A Foot Spa?

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Having a foot spa is a relaxing way to end a stressful day. But is it safe if you have diabetes? Diabetics are known to have complications, especially foot problems.

Can a diabetic use a foot spa?

Yes, a diabetic can use a foot spa but with a lot of precautions. If done correctly, having a foot spa is safe for diabetics. But how?

Understanding the Diabetic Feet Problem

First, you need to understand the problem with having a diabetic feet. Complications stem out from two problems – diabetic neuropathy and poor blood circulation.

foot neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a kind of nerve damage that is unique among diabetics. High blood sugar levels in the blood can damage nerves especially in the legs and feet. This leads to pain, tingling sensation and numbness.

People suffering from diabetic neuropathy are at high risk for injuries. Because of tingling, numbness and loss of sensation, they don’t immediately feel minor cuts or burns in their legs and feet. This can lead to more serious complications caused by poor blood circulation.

poor blood circulation

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High blood sugar makes the blood consistency more viscous. This leads to poor blood circulation especially in the lower extremities.

Poor blood circulation delays wound healing. When blood becomes more viscous, wounds in distant parts of the body are not adequately supplied with healthy oxygenated blood. The tissues around the wound can die because of the lack of blood supply. The wound becomes black and gangrenous.

High blood sugar levels also increase the risk of wound infection. The “sweet” and thick consistency of the blood is ideal for bacterial growth. With poor circulation, the body also has weaker immunity to fight infections.

How to Make Foot Spas Safe for Diabetics

foot spa

Being diabetic shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a foot spa after a tiring day.

Here are ways how to make it extra safe:

Watch this foot care video to learn more about proper foot care:

Diabetes: Foot care
A foot spa is not only an awesome way to relax but it’s also helpful in improving circulation around your feet. Make sure to be careful and follow our tips in ensuring a safe foot spa for diabetics. As much as possible, always consult with your doctor or specialist.

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