Relaxing Bath Ideas: 9 Tips for a Perfect Bath

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Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed after a long day at work or frazzled because of some personal issues, a warm bath offers a welcome respite. After all, what’s not to love about a little enclave of space-time that you get to call entirely your own?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you have the most luxurious soak ever.

Tips for a Perfect Bath

1. Stay warm

There’s something undeniably refreshing about soaking in warm water. The ideal water temperature for a bath is 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of testing the water with your fingers, use your wrist instead—it’s more sensitive and more accurately measures how your body will feel once it’s totally immersed.

2. Close your eyes

As we march further into the digital age, more and more of us are plagued with sore, tired, painful eyes. Give them a break and enter deep relaxation mode by closing them and taking long, deep breaths.

If you’re having trouble getting them to stay closed, try placing an icy compress, some cucumber slices, or a chilled eyepad over them to soothe those aching peepers.

3. Place candles around the room for a delightful ambience

bath candles

Slipping into the tub before bedtime helps your muscles relax and loosen before heading off to sleep. Bright, fluorescent lights tell your body that it’s time to get up and get moving, which is not what you want!

To help yourself relax, light a few candles and place them on the edge of the tub and around the room. Try to make sure that the candles you’re lighting are free of paraffin wax (those candles release carcinogenic soot, which is not good for your health).

4. Decorate with plants and flowers

There’s just something so awe-inspiring about being surrounded by greenery. A collection of houseplants brought into your bathroom offers all the beauty of a jungle with none of the wild animals!

We’re often surrounded by honking cars, bright screens, and angry people—there’s no better break from all that than relaxing amidst succulents, hanging greenery, or small potted plants. They infuse life and energy into a drab space and will certainly rejuvenate your spirit.

5. Read a book, or do some journaling

reading in the bath

Daily bath time can be a great opportunity to add notes about your day or finally get to the ending of your unfinished books! To keep your paper friends safe, invest in a bath tray—it’ll carry your books, but will also come in handy for holding your soap, dainty hand towels, or even a steaming cup of something sweet.

6. Use scented bath oils

Lavender is one of the most popular scents used for aromatherapy, and its therapeutic benefits are widely-known. But you don’t have to limit yourself–other floral fragrances like jasmine, rose, and iris can also ease you into a state of bliss.

Add your oils when the tub is halfway full so that they can disperse evenly throughout the bathwater.

7. Prepare nice bathrobes

After all the trouble you’ve gone to in order to prepare the most wonderful, delicate, gorgeous bath, why skimp on the towels? To keep yourself feeling comfortably divine, get a plush terry cloth robe or some soft n’ fluffy towels to wrap yourself in once you step out of the bath.

8. Play your favorite music

Croon along to your favorite tunes or pretend you’re at an Italian concerto by playing some music through a waterproof bluetooth shower speaker (or, if you’re feeling extra-fine, a portable vinyl player). Classical music has been shown to boost creativity and decrease blood pressure. By closing your eyes and practicing visualization techniques, you’ll soon be transported to your own private getaway.

9. Practice positive self-talk

It’s easy to get so caught up in the outside world and forget about what’s truly important! As you take those deep breaths, take some time to affirm positive statements about yourself:

“I am kind.”
“I am beautiful.”
“I am worthy.”

Dedicating time to yourself isn’t selfish–it’s important for a healthy, balanced life. Get out there and pamper yourself! You’ve earned it, so don’t let anyone say otherwise.

Jane NeuAuthor: Jane Neu

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