Everything You Wanted To Know About Facial Saunas

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A facial sauna is a great tool for anyone looking to improve their skin. Among the people who cannot do without facial saunas are people living the 4K life (so-called because they appear on high definition TV): celebrities, movie stars, and models.

But it’s not only the jet set who use facial steamers to get the looks they want – it could be you, too! Unlike some derma treatments that cost an arm and a leg, these nifty gadgets are readily available and affordable. The results are noticeable and effective as discussed in the rest of this FAQ.

When to Use a Facial Sauna

Personal facial sauna machines are purchased from beauty shops, retail outlets, and online. They are normally sold at competitive prices because there are quite a lot of good brands and models to choose from.

Once you buy a facial sauna, you can use it at any time of the day or night. However, you are advised to be in a warm place after the sauna so that your skin doesn’t experience the shock of sudden temperature changes after the steam treatment.

How a Facial Sauna Works

facial sauna

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Most of the facial saunas that are bought from shops have a base that is filled with water during a facial, a flexible plastic cone, and a timing device. They also have detachable exfoliating or cleansing brushes.

To use the sauna, follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse the skin to remove dirt and makeup. Use a gentle product such as micellar water or face oil.
  2. Fill the steamer with the correct amount of distilled water as instructed by the manufacturer.
  3. Plug the steamer into the desired AC outlet and turn it on. Heat the water up until it releases steam.
  4. Press your face against the cone to allow the steam to make contact with your entire face. Also, note that you should position your head about 10 or 20 inches away from the steam. Coming closer than the recommended distance can burn the skin.
  5. Remain in that position for ten to fifteen minutes.
  6. Dry your face.
  7. Use a face sheet mask if you have one (optional).
  8. Use a really good moisturizer to hydrate your face, and if possible avoid using makeup for 24 hours to allow the pores to breathe.

However, it is good to note that different devices come with different instructions. Make sure to read yours and follow what’s on it.  Also, do not use facial saunas more than what’s recommended by the manufacturer and/or your dermatologist as you may be doing more harm than good. (Too much of a good thing is bad!)

Advantages of Facial Saunas

  1. The hot water steam emitted opens the skin pores.
  2. Additionally, the sauna releases nano-water molecules that hydrate your skin
  3. The warm mist moisturizes your skin.
  4. This mist also kills skin bacteria and suppresses acne.
  5. The sauna weakens the pigmented spots in the skin.
  6. It helps restore the skin’s PH balance to the required level.
  7. Facial saunas also help in clearing blackheads.
  8. Facial saunas improve the effectiveness of your facial and acne cleansers. When the steam opens your skin pores, the active ingredients in the cleansers penetrate the skin more deeply, washing away impurities.
  9. The antibacterial properties in the cleansers and other skin products also attack bacteria that are trapped at the root of the pores.
  10. Facial saunas help in the skin to shed the dead cells at a faster rate, encouraging cell turnover. The above is important as it promotes the growth of new skin cells that contain collagen.
  11. They also help you get an even skin complexion by getting rid of dead skin cells that darken the skin.
  12. Saunas also relax the facial muscles.
  13. For aging skin, they smooth out wrinkles and stimulate the skin’s blood flow.

Why You Should Use Facial Saunas at Home Instead of Going to Spas

  1. Facial saunas are more affordable than the usual spa prices.
  2. The process of doing a facial sauna is fast and convenient – no need to get in the car and drive somewhere.
  3. It is easy to use facial saunas, as you only need to follow the simple instructions offered by the manufacturer.

Other Facial Sauna Tips

facial sauna tips

After the facial sauna, wash and disinfect your hands before applying facial creams or moisturizers to your face. The above is important as it stops the spread of bacteria that cause acne breakouts. You may also exfoliate your skin directly after the sauna. However, do it with caution as your pores are still open after.

On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, avoid doing many facial saunas in a week. Similarly, avoid using harsh exfoliating products as they could lead to skin complications. If you experience redness and increased acne breakouts after a facial sauna, seek professional skin care treatment.

Recommended Facial Oils

essential oils after facial

Note that a facial sauna does not only use hot water – you can also add essential oils to the water to improve its performance. However, you need to choose the right oil that matches your skin type as recommended below:

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil - 15 ml
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  • Helps skin recover quickly
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  • Protects against environmental and seasonal threats

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I’ve linked to doTerra because they’re one of my top favorites (and the safest to recommend to friends).

The Uses of Facial Saunas on Different Skin Types

Facial saunas are recommended for all skin types except for people who suffer from rosacea. It serves different purposes for different skin types as outlined below:

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After Steam Procedure

facial mask

A face mask is recommended immediately after a facial sauna as it eases out any remaining traces of grime in the skin. Masks are most useful when applied to a clean, relaxed, and hydrated skin, and that condition is only achieved after a sauna. Green or white clay face masks are recommended to help close the pores after the steaming process. Another option (which I use) are face sheet masks like the below.

korean face masks innisfree

The masks calm and sooth the skin with their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic features. Leave the mask for 15 minutes then rinse it off with thermal water. Finally, moisturize the skin and leave it to relax.


If you use a facial sauna the right way, you can expect to see an improvement on your face in the first week. Your skin will feel lighter, look brighter, and feel softer. After a few weeks, you may start to notice your skin tone evening out and this is when you may even start to get compliments from friends or strangers.

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