How to Move & Relocate a Hot Tub

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At, we know that every hot tub is an exciting source of bathroom rest and relaxation, but when you need to move it, it’s anything but that.

Hot tubs are a serious investment that is worth preserving, so moving one is a real challenge. Their huge size, extreme weight, and odd shape don’t make it any easier.

Whether you’re about to move your hot tub or spa to a new house or simply want to relocate it to another spot in your backyard, you need proper planning and the right equipment, so it goes as smoothly as possible.

Usually, the best solution is to book expert removals​​ for the job. But if professional help isn’t in your budget, it’s completely feasible to move the hot tub with the help of some firm friends.

So, ready to move your hot tub?

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to successfully relocate your hot tub or spa to enjoy it in your new backyard sooner than you expect.

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What Materials You Need to Move a Hot Tub by Yourself

Before anything, gather and prepare all necessary tools and supplies.

The list of basic equipment to move a hot tub includes:

You should find supplies at your local hardware and home improvement retail store, but you better not leave this for the last minute. Some of these stores offer dolly rentals with a capacity of 800 pounds.

Warning: Ask retail associates if they can do a single-case scenario and let you use one of their backstage advanced dollies. It should be suitable to handle a hot tub. You don’t want to get dollies that break halfway through physical relocation.

Measure Tub​​ Dimensions XYZ

Measure your tub dimensions

The next step is to take some measurements so you avoid any setbacks during the moving process.

This is crucial to measure:

  1. The dimensions of the hot tub.
  2. The walk and driveways the hot tub is about to go through at both the current and new location to guarantee it fits.
  3. Any door or gate openings.

Taking these measurements is also useful to hire a moving van big enough to accommodate your hot tub.

Get the Moving Van Ready​​

Moving van for tubs

Once you measure the hot tub, rent a moving truck that is wide and long enough to fit your spa.

It’s mandatory that the vehicle has a loading ramp, otherwise, getting the tub in is nearly impossible. Fortunately, there is a range of rental companies that provide proper moving vans to choose from for your specific hot tub.

It’s best to place the tub on its base in the moving truck. You can also move it on its side as long as it’s not the side with the panel.

Organize Assistance

Helpers to move that tub

There’s no doubt that moving a hot tub requires some extra muscle.

It takes a minimum of three additional pairs of hands, though six is recommended, considering that you need to push, lift, and get the hot tub onto the moving van.

So, ask and arrange for some friends and family to come and help you. If not, think about hiring a professional removalist.

Caution: Whatever you decide, don’t attempt to relocate the hot tub only by yourself. You risk getting seriously hurt because it’s simply too massive for a single person to move alone.

Assess Surroundings


Prior to moving the hot tub, it’s essential to evaluate its surroundings and check if there’s anything to interfere with the process.

Carefully assess these questions and other details depending on your specific hot tub and its current location. This helps come up with an efficient moving plan and preparation ahead of time and avoid unnecessary headaches when the day arrives.

Choose & Prepare a Clear Path

Clutter free entry

With an asset as bulky and heavy as a spa, you need to choose the most suitable and direct route to move it.

It’s equally essential to clear out any obstacles of the way. The same goes for the pathways at your new property.

Disconnect the Hot Tub

It’s time to get started with the hot tub itself.

Once you get all wires, cords, and pipes detached, pack them securely in waterproof bags. You don’t want them damaged or lost during transportation, because repairs or replacements will cost you.

Also, place them in the storage compartment of the side panel, if there is any, so they don’t dangle around and someone steps or trips on them.

Drain the Hot Tub

Drain the tub

The best way to drain the hot tub is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Usually, you just need to take out the drain plug and let the water leak out, but remember to pack and put the plug in a safe place, so you don’t lose it, notes Damp Hero UK. In some cases, it’s more complicated as plugs require special keys to unscrew. Chances are, that you will need to attach a garden hose to drain the water.

Mind that the process takes some time, so drain the spa at least a day before the scheduled relocation.

Once you drain the hot tub, apply an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it out.

Prepare the Hot Tub for the Moving


How do you get your hot tub ready to go to the moving van?

  1. With the help of your friends, carefully lift one corner of the tub and place a piece of plywood underneath.
  2. Repeat the same for each corner. This way you elevate the hot tub and create space to slide the moving dollies under it.
  3. Roll the furniture dollies underneath the unit and secure them together with the moving straps. There should be a dolly under the front and back ends of the hot tub to distribute the weight.
  4. Together with your helpers, gently slide the hot tub along the previously chosen route. Take your time each step on the way, so it goes smoothly.

Protect the Hot Tub from Damage

To avoid any scratches, dings, or other damage during transit, wrap the hot tub with the moving blankets. Depending on the specific size of your hot tub, you might need 4 to 6 moving blankets.

Once in the moving truck, tie the hot tub to the sides of the vehicle to secure it, and it doesn’t shift around during transportation.

Get the Hot Tub on the Truck

Once you successfully get the spa on the dollies, wheel it towards the loading ramp of the moving vehicle. Get all your helpers around to push the hot tub up the loading ramp. When you get it inside, make sure the spa is secure.

Leave the moving dollies under the unit whilst on the truck to easily unload and roll it to its new location.

Set Your Hot Tub at the New Location

When you arrive at your new cozy-be home, use the dollies to roll the hot tub down the loading ramp and get it at the spot you want to install it.

At every point, have people on each of its sides to prevent it from rolling over to one side.

Use the wood pieces once again to hold the tub and slide out the moving dollies from underneath.

Reinstall the Hot Tub

In order to cut risk on faulty connections and imminent moisture problems, it’s always best to at least consult an expert. Once the hot tub is properly placed and secured in its new lair, you can focus on how far DIY plumbing can get.


  1. Clean thoroughly all filters.
  2. Blow out the internal pipes.
  3. Reinstate the drain plug.
  4. Attach all removed cords, wires, and pipes.
  5. Fill with clean water and add purification detergent.
  6. Connect the spa to a power source.

Consider Experienced Movers

Even when well-prepared, relocating a hot tub is quite the challenge. Not only is the spa extremely heavy and awkward-shaped, but you need special tools and materials to execute the relocation. Plus, some steps of the process can be dangerous if performed incorrectly.

So, in some cases, it’s not a bad idea to hire professional help, as experts have the right equipment and experience to do the job for you, pros add.

Guide Wrap Up

Bottom line is, you better not move your hot tub by yourself, but if you need to, proper planning and careful execution are key, so you don’t get hurt or damage the spa.

Follow the steps in our detailed guide to ensure a successful moving process, so you dive in the spa in your new home in no time! And in the meantime, you coil always get a tiny foot spa, right?

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