Massage Chair While Pregnant

Is it okay to use a massage chair while pregnant? Find out the pros and cons of being massaged while expecting and advice on when massage chairs are safe.

Halotherapy involves relaxing in a salt lounge, where you breathe salt-rich air, with the aim of feeling more energised, having better skin, and possibly alleviating some respiratory conditions.

wick sizes for candle making

The wick is sometimes the last choice to be made when making candles. This can prove to be a mistake as the wick you use can make or break your candle. Spending time choosing wax type, color, and scent, to then watch your beautiful candle burn too fast—or not at all—can be frustrating. We’re here …

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massage candle recipe

Candles aren’t just for lighting up dark places or scenting a room. There are special candles that you can make for a massage session at home. While the composition is different from regular candles, they are fairly easy to make, and you can be sure the ingredients are beneficial. What Is A Massage Candle? A …

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how to make shishi odoshi

A shishi odoshi water fountain is one of the most beautiful pieces you can incorporate in your garden. Unfortunately (and speaking from experience), it can be difficult to find especially if you live in the US. We’ll share with you all the possible ways you can get one for your garden from buying a shishi …

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what is 2d 3d 4d massage chair

If you’re shopping around for a massage chair, you might have come across the terms 2D, 3D, and 4D along with a lot of other terms that are usually used for massage chairs. It can be quite confusing so we’ll help you along with the below easy and short explanations. 2D, 3D, And 4D Rollers …

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cryotherapy sauna

Voluntarily freezing yourself for better health sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. But, that’s exactly what happens in a cryotherapy sauna. Read all about it!


These neck and shoulder massagers are the ideal after-work pick-me-up – refresh and rejuvenate those tired muscles without breaking the bank.

meditation for anxiety

Have you ever struggled with meditation? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Whenever I try to put myself in a meditative state, I end up getting lost in my worries or planning what to cook for dinner. It seems that the more stressed and anxious I am, the harder it is to empty my mind. What’s …

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The first time I saw these DIY sea candles, it was love at first sight. I love the sea, as does everybody, so I jumped at the chance to try making these at home. I’ve been making my candles from soy and beeswax, so I was a bit hesitant to try gel candles. Happily, I …

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air purifying plants

I always thought that in our homes we’d be safe from pollution. It turns out I was dead wrong and let me tell you, I feel very betrayed. I never knew that even indoors, there are invisible pollutants that are hazards to our health. In fact, statistics say that indoor air can be two to …

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best incense sticks

Are you looking for incense sticks that smell great but aren’t overpowering? Then you’re in the right place! Our list has something for everyone, including an unscented option. I admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of incense until a trip to Amsterdam. We entered an Asian store, and amidst the silk robes, melodic bells, and …

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skin detox

One of the hottest trends in the beauty market is skin fasting. But what is it? How do you do it? What are the benefits? Most importantly, is it something you should try? We were mystified by this new fad so we set about getting to know it better. Defining Skin Fasting If someone says …

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how to dry brush

Hello, lovelies! In this post, I’ll be sharing my personal experience of dry skin brushing for the last 3 years (or more). I’ll be talking about how it’s benefited me and how cheap and easy it is to do dry skin brushing. How I Started I remember very well when I started to do dry …

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best plants for stress

Imagine your favorite tech company launched a new gizmo that claimed to clean your home’s air; help you recover from sickness faster; prevent you getting sick in the first place; and above all, make you happy. Let’s say the launch price was 700 dollars. Would you place an order? Of course you would! And of …

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how to make soy candles

Learn a new hobby and keep your family safe, too! Discover how to make soy candles. It’s easy, quick, and a lot of fun.

how to make organic candles

If you’re up for a new skill to learn, why not learn how to make organic candles for your home? They’re safe for your family, really cheap, and ridiculously easy (and fun) to make.

best tempurpedic pillow

Tempurpedic pillows are like the royals of memory foam pillows. Discover the best Tempurpedic pillow and get maximum relief from pain and aches.

buy Himalayan salt block

You should do a little reading before you before you buy a Himalayan salt block. Read this article and learn how to use them and how to care for them.