What Is Soft Touch Massage Therapy?

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Also known as light touch massage therapy, soft touch massage is similar in style to qigong or lymphatic drainage massage. It is designed to use fingertip touch and very gentle pinching to stimulate the body’s energy points, improve blood circulation and the natural flow of energy around the body.

There are no needles used, nor does soft touch massage rely on deep tissue manipulation. Therefore, it may be an accessible way in to massage for those who are put off by the more physically intense forms, such as acupuncture or Swedish massage.


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Light touch massage is typically performed fully clothed, making it ideal for those with body confidence issues, or objections to being unclothed in front of strangers. It’s also great for sessions on a portable massage chair, for example at an office or trade fair.

A massage therapist performing soft touch massage will use skin rolling, or myofascial release techniques during the course of a treatment, which, like a pre-programmed session on a massage cushion, typically lasts from 10-15 minutes.

Myofascial release involves gently tugging at the skin, which stimulates the body’s lymphatic drainage system, encouraging the release of toxins. It also helps to improve circulation, leading to a feeling of all-round wellbeing.

During a soft touch massage session, the therapist will use two different hand motions –  V motions for releasing muscular tension, and S motions to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation.

Benefits of Light Touch Massage

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Light touch massage is safe for pregnant women, and an ideal, easy introduction to the world of massage.

Like all forms of massage therapy, soft touch massage helps to improve circulation and reduce muscular tension, both of which combine to improve energy levels and address physical and mental stress.

Because the massage sessions are relatively short, and require little preparation before and after a session, they are an ideal pick-me-up during a lunch break, or before an important meeting.

Soft touch massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which promote natural healing, reduce anxiety, and encourage a feeling of general wellbeing.

To Summarize, Soft Touch Massage Therapy Is:

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