Titan TP-Pro 8400 Review

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Executive Summary

When the Titan TP-Pro 8400 first came out in 2014, it was one of the first brand name models to showcase an extended L-track roller system. Today, the 8400 remains relevant in the massage chair market through its quality assembly, reliable features, compact size, classic design, and last but not least, affordable price.

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Company Background

The Titan TP-Pro 8400 is manufactured by Titan World LLC.

Titan World is one of the top distributors of handheld massagers, electric massage chairs, foot massagers, back relief products, and fitness machines. Titan World’s number one priority is to provide helpful equipment that can relax the body, allowing you to practice a more active lifestyle.

If you’re an Osaki fan, these Titan line of chairs are worth a look because they come from the same factory as Osaki uses.


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The Titan TP-Pro 8400 has a main body dimension of 48 L x 30 W x 34 H (inch) and an Armrest dimension of 42 L x 16 W x 31 H (inch).

User Height Range: up to 6’3″


3 years.

Main Features

The Titan TP-Pro 8400 has the following features:

See the features for yourself in this official video:

Titan TP Pro 8400 Massage Chair Video


Solid Features

For a budget chair, the 8400 is feature-rich. You get a full massage on your back and down to your glutes, and your legs and arms get the same treatment too with the foot massage extending up to calves and feet. Overall, you’re getting a full-body massage from your head to the bottoms of your feet.

The heating is another noteworthy feature.

Zero Gravity Technology

The TP-Pro 8400 in zero grav position

We’ve already discussed this as a feature but this needed to be mentioned again as a huge pro. If you suffer from lower back pain or swollen feet, you will benefit the most from the zero-gravity features of massage chairs. When your feet are level with or higher than your heart, your circulation is improved and pressure from gravity and your body weight taken off your aching back and hips.

Personally, before I purchased an inversion table and my own massage chair with zero-grav, I used to hang upside down from my bed just to mimic the decompression I now get from those gadgets. (Thank goodness for technology!)

Adjustable Foot Rollers

The Titan TP-Pro 8400 was the first massage chair to come out with foot rollers with adjustable settings. The Kahuna LM6800, for example, despite being an excellent chair, has rough foot rollers. The quick fix was to stuff them with the packing foam that came especially for this purpose.

With the Titan though, no foam stuffing is needed. While both models and brands have intense foot massages, you can decrease the intensity by simply adjusting settings on your remote control. There are 3 speed settings you can choose from, and you can even turn off the foot rollers altogether. We enjoy the foot massage on this model though as we can feel a rolling massage on both the balls and arch of the feet.

Good Fit for Broad-Shouldered Users

A lot of modern massage chairs have rather narrow spaces in between their shoulder airbags. If you’re a rather big person or one with broad shoulders, it’s usually a tight fit in this case. This massage chair though was designed with its shoulder airbags flaring out. This gives more space for people with larger bodies to sit back in better.

Compact Size and Classic Design

Most premium massage chairs are quite gigantic for good reason. The Titan 8400 is a space-saving chair though. This means you can fit it in smaller rooms and the classic two-tone design will ensure that it won’t look out of place wherever you decide to place it in.


Missing Features

Because of the relatively low price, we can’t expect all the bells and whistles you’d find in premium chairs like the Luraco or the Inada. Just in case you’re expecting them, here’s what you do NOT get from this massage chair:

If you go to a chiropractor for regular sessions and are looking for a stretch program, check out the Inada Dreamwave.


The Titan TP-Pro 8400 is a reliable and solid chair in terms of performance and features. It might not be the cheapest massage chair in the market, but for its list of features, the price is truly value for money. It also has a good track record in terms of durability and longevity.

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