how long does himalayan salt last

How Long Does Himalayan Salt Last?

And today’s question from a reader is … How long does Himalayan salt last?

Are we talking about salt lamps? Or maybe about salt blocks? Because we’re not sure and our dear letter sender didn’t specify, let’s just answer both questions.

How long will a salt lamp last?

salt lamp glow

Barring any accidents, a Himalayan salt lamp will last forever. Its crystalline form is more than 250 million years old so you can expect it to last for decades in your ownership.

When your salt lamp sweats, understand that it is NOT shrinking or melting. It is a chunk of salt and therefore absorbs moisture and water from the air especially when it is left in humid surroundings. It releases this moisture in the form of the patches of wetness that you see.

This is easily remedied by keeping the salt lamp on.

So don’t worry about your crystal lamp dissolving or melting. The only thing that can destroy or melt down a salt lamp is if you dunk it in water or if you drop it from a height so that it breaks.

Its electrical parts though are a different matter, especially light bulbs. These need to be replaced periodically. The good news is that they can be easily bought online and come cheap.

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Checklist of Himalayan Salt Lamp Care

  • When ordering from a manufacturer for the first time, test your salt lamp first to ensure that you didn’t get a lemon that has electrical defects.
  • As soon as you deem your salt lamp safe, leave it on 24/7 to avoid moisture buildup.
  • If you notice that your crystal has started to weep or moisten, simply keep it on to dry it out.
  • If the puddling is REALLY bad, your electrical wiring may be compromised by the moisture. Do NOT attempt to turn it on without consulting a professional electrician or repairman. (But really, you can avoid it getting this bad simply by turning it on.)
  • Your salt lamp is basically a large crystal. Do not drop it.
  • Your salt lamp is a big chunk of salt. Keep it away from water. Do not dunk it in water. Do not leave it out in the rain.
  • If your salt lamp gets dusty, you can moisten an absorbent cloth and wipe it clean. Air dry immediately.
  • If you are not using it for awhile, store in a ziploc bag or plastic bag and place in a cool and dry place to keep it from collecting moisture.
  • Cats love Himalayan salt lamps. (Not part of the checklist – just wanted to check if you were still with me!)

How Long Will a Salt Block Last?

Photo Source: Himalayan Salt Boutique

A salt block that is used regularly for cooking definitely has a limited lifespan. However, it still depends on the frequency and manner of use. The more that you use your crystal for cooking, the greater and faster the wear and tear.

As for the manner of use, a Himalayan salt block that is exclusively used for serving will obviously last longer than one that is used regularly for cooking. The same for a salt block that is used for chilling versus for grilling.

Some salt blocks develop cracks over time but are still usable for cooking and grilling. In fact, some owners persist in using them to show that they are still usable even with some minor defects.

Whatever use it receives, a salt block will lighten over time and get thinner. This will take a very long time though and you would have gotten your money’s worth by then.

(For new salt tiles that aren’t cook-worthy, these may crack during tempering either due to innate defects or a user error in the heating/curing process. If you bought from a reputable manufacturer though, these can be replaced.)

Checklist of Himalayan Salt Block Care

  • Temper your salt block before use. I wrote down the instructions HERE.
  • Heat your salt tile slowly but surely if you don’t want it to break. See the exact steps in the link I shared earlier.
  • Don’t pour oil on it. It will turn rancid or else, the oil will penetrate into the cracks and later cause it to break.
  • NEVER run it in the dishwasher unless you want it to “magically” disappear into salty suds. There’s a proper way of cleaning it.
  • Only clean it when it is room temperature.
  • Wait 24 hours before cooking on your salt block again to ensure that it is thoroughly dry and that no moisture is trapped within.
  • Buy your tiles from reputable distributors. See our top picks.