What Is The Correct Vichy Shower Etiquette?

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Are you thinking of going for a Vichy shower experience? Have you booked a special spa package but don’t know the proper Vichy Shower etiquette?

Worry not! We’re here to walk you through the entire process. (Note – it’s sometimes known as a table shower massage.)

Preparing For Your Vichy Shower Massage


Get info when booking

If you’re new to the whole Vichy shower thing – and most people are – you can always get answers to all your immediate questions when you call in to make an appointment. If you made your booking online, call the spa’s number and get your information that way. In our experience, most spas know their guests have uncertainties and spa owners are more than happy to talk about their services.

Jot down all the things you want to ask before you call. Here are some things you may want to ask about:

Prepare loose clothing you can change into

When you pack a bag of things to bring, include a change of clothes. A Vichy shower relaxes and improves your circulation so it seems counter-intuitive to later change into the clothes you were already wearing (somehow seems icky when you’re super squeaky clean!) especially if they were tight-fitting clothes in the first place.

Pack something loose and relaxing to wear. You’ll understand what we mean once you’re done with your Vichy shower massage.

Come on time

This tip is applicable for any spa appointment. Spas — whether big or small — have limited equipment and personnel. Everything runs based on the day’s schedule. When one customer is late, it affects all the next bookings because you’ll be tying up the room, the equipment, and the technician/masseuse.

Also, you’re going to the spa to relax. Being late just builds your own stress levels and might make your spa experience less than stellar.

Arrive on time to start everything off in calmness and tranquility.

Disconnect during your time at the spa

Turn off your mobile phone and stop checking your tablet or laptop. In fact, it’s best if you leave the last two at home. This moment is all about you getting relaxed and pampered. Squeezing in a few minutes to check on worry-inducing messages and mails won’t cut it.

Leave your jewelry and valuables at home

Spas provide a locker space where you can leave your clothes and footwear. Along with your laptop or tablet, leave your jewelry and other valuables at home. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing anything expensive or important to you.

Just bring your phone with you if that’s a necessity.

Pack disposable underwear just in case

If you were not able to talk to anybody from the spa prior to your appointment, play safe by bringing disposable underwear. It’s just a small package and will barely take up room in your bag.

You can buy disposable underwear from drugstores or convenience stores.

Get in the zone

So you’ve left the laptop, your gadgets, and your jewelry at home. Now it’s time to get in the zone.

Forget all the drama in the office or at home. Forget anything that’s vexing or bugging you. This is your time for yourself. Enjoy.

If you can do a few minutes of meditation before going to your appointment, do so. (We love the Headspace app – you can try their first meditation sessions for free.)

During Your Vichy Shower Massage


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Confide in your therapist

We don’t mean to make you tell all your deepest darkest secrets. However, be open with your therapist or masseuse if you are feeling uncomfortable.

Is it your first time? You don’t know what to expect? You don’t know your way around the spa? You’re uncomfortable being naked? You have unsightly scars? You have flabby handles? Have you had a mastectomy?

Most people, if not all, have body issues. I once gave gift coupons to a high-end massage to a close friend. However, she had a mastectomy in the past and didn’t get reconstructive surgery. For obvious reasons, she didn’t want to get naked in front of strangers.

However, when she was finally persuaded to go, she later told me how she had a wonderful time of it. She had told her masseuse about her anxiety and the masseuse, a trained professional, acted accordingly and was able to make her feel at ease throughout the entire experience.

Spa personnel are trained professionals. They are trained to deal with exactly these scenarios. Believe us when we say that they’ve seen everything — the naked human body in all its shapes and forms. They’ve probably seen even more naked bodies than nurses and doctors combined. Very little surprises them and even if anything did, you’d be hard put to notice.

What’s uppermost in your therapist’s mind will be how to provide you with the best Vichy shower experience. And that’s that.

Speak up if you need anything

Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist if you need anything like if you need to pee, if the water pressure is too much for you, or if you’re feeling dizzy. These last two are red flags.

Your therapist would want you to tell her if there’s anything that’s making you uncomfortable. Don’t suffer in silence.

What you’ll be wearing

Depending on the establishment and country you’re in, you’ll either be asked to wear disposable underwear provided by the spa, or your genitals will be covered by a cloth, or you’ll be going completely nude.

If covered, for females, you will be draped with two cloths — one for your lowers and one for your breasts.

You’ll usually start lying face down so you’ll have plenty of time to get acclimatized to the experience. You’ll be asked to turn over later on though and by then, you should be feeling more comfortable with your therapist and won’t mind if your body gets exposed especially if the treatment calls for it.

Truth be told, some table showers are done nude depending on the establishment so if this happens, don’t freak out. Again, we assure you that by this time, your therapist would have gotten your trust and you’ll be a happily relaxed blob of jelly free from your earlier inhibitions.

Just remember, getting exposed is a normal part of the experience.  Imagine not removing your hat when you go to the barbers!

What will be massaged

Your genitals will not be touched or massaged. Your buttocks though will most likely get a massage as these are large muscles that need it.

If you think it’s an awkward experience, rest your fears. The experience is blissful. It’s one of the highest forms of pampering! And as if that’s not enough, the health benefits of a Vichy Shower massage are insane.

Drying off

After getting the whole water treatment face down and later on your back, you will be massaged with oil or soaped down at different intervals. After the final rinse, you will be assisted in sitting up.

Take your time in rising from the table. It might not feel like it but some get lightheaded when they try to get up immediately.

Your therapist will most likely assist you but may leave you as you dry up and get ready to leave the room to dress up.

After Your Vichy Shower Massage

You can ask for the same therapist the next time

If you’re particularly sensitive but felt comfortable with your therapist, you can actually request the same person again when you come back.

Did you know? Around 75% of customers request female therapists. Both men and women prefer a female therapist to attend to them.

Start a healthier lifestyle

A Vichy shower massage is a good start at living a bit healthier. It’s a good chance to start being more mindful about what you eat and how you treat (and not) abuse your body.

Author: Philip Andrew

A writer and teacher who enjoys lazing around and building winter nests out of duvets. “Most are too itchy. You’ve got to be picky.” His goal is to create a complete home spa for 24/7 access to rest and relaxation. Next on the agenda: a barrel sauna for the garden. Connect with Philip on Twitter @completehomespa.