Panasonic EP30007 Real Pro ULTRA Massage Chair Review

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This massage chair seems to be unavailable – see our list of the best massage chairs to see what’s more widely available.

Panasonic’s EP30007 Real Pro massage chair is the only massage chair on the market today that is officially supported and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. This fact alone speaks volumes about this chair’s performance and specifications. Below is our in-depth review of the EP30007.

Executive Summary

The EP30007 is not the most expensive massage chair out there, on the contrary – it’s pretty affordable. What’s special about this model is the unique combination of different massage techniques and a decent number of useful features.

Product Details

Panasonic is a brand everyone trusts. Although they are primarily known for making electronic devices, they are actually one of the leading companies in the massage chair industry. Their unique blend of traditional Eastern medicine and Western technology sets them apart from the crowd.




  1. Shoulder Massage – We carry a lot of tension in neck and shoulder muscles and this type of massage is great for relieving that tension. Shoulder massage leaves you feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated.
  2. Seat and Hip Massage – Air compression massage of the seat (buttocks and outer thighs) and hip (waist) area gently squeezes and soothes muscles, relieves tension and pain.
  3. Calf Massage – This feature is great for increasing circulation and relieving muscle tension in this area of the body.
  4. Arms and Hands Massage – Air compression massage of your arms and hands improves blood flow there, while at the same time reducing fatigue and relieving tension and pain.
  5. Foot Massage – Nothing feels better after a long day at work than a proper foot massage. The chair uses air cells to squeeze and hold your feet, therefore providing relaxing massage.
  6. Stretch – The stretch function is great for improving flexibility and blood circulation in your arms and legs. This massage will leave you feeling rested and, at the same time, re-energized.
  7. Acupuncture Points Massage – This is definitely one of the strongest and most important features of the EP 30007 massage chair. It is a well-known fact that the human body has about 350 acupoints (with approximately a 100 of them located in the back and the neck). This chair offers a wide variety of techniques, all of which target these acupuncture points, providing ultimate pain relief and reinvigorating the entire body. This massage does not only influence the body – it influences the mind and aides in stress and anxiety relief.
  8. Body Scan Technology – The EP 30007 utilizes cutting edge body-scan technology, which creates a “virtual map” of your back. This allows the chair to deliver highly personalized massage, targeting certain points and different muscle groups of the body.
  9. Junetsu Massage – Junetsu (roughly translated from Japanese: fine kneading) delivers an experience similar to that you would get in a high end massage parlor from a professional massage therapist. This type of massage is based on circular thumb movements of trained Junetsu massage therapists. Junetsu massage loosens up tight muscles and relieves tension



This massage chair doesn’t have an insanely high number of flashy features, but the features that it has are more than enough for a high quality massage experience. The strongest points of the EP30007 massage chair are the 3 features we’ve summarized last in the previous part of our review; the Acupuncture Points Massage feature, The Body Scan Technology feature and the Junetsu Massage feature.

With that being said, all the other features work perfectly well, but one can say that these three elevate the entire massage experience to a new level. The EP30007 is endorsed and recommended by the American Chiropractors Association for a reason – it works and it delivers the type of massage you would get from a professionally trained Junetsu massage therapists or an acupuncturist. The chair is very easy to use and even if you’ve never owned one before, you shouldn’t have any problems using this one. The user manual is well written and the remote control is simple and easy to use.

In short, if you need a massage chair to help you relax and unwind after a long day at work, while preserving and improving your overall health, look no further than the EP30007. On top of that, this massage chair isn’t expensive at all. It is certainly not a budget brand either, but given what it offers, the price is more than reasonable. It’s the same price as about 30 hours of professional massage.


Even though this massage chair can prove to be absolutely perfect for some of us, it is not for everyone. Not because it lacks in features or because it doesn’t work well, but because it isn’t for every single body type. The officially recommended height range is 4’6″ – 6’1″, which doesn’t mean those of you taller than 6’1’’ won’t be able to use the chair, but you probably won’t be able to make full use of all of its features. Obviously, if you aren’t taller than 6’1’’, this shouldn’t worry you at all.


Panasonic’s EP30007 Real Pro massage chair is one of Panasonic’s best-selling models, for essentially three reasons: it works well, it’s easy to use and it doesn’t cost much. The chair doesn’t have any obvious flaws, except the recommended height range, which makes the EP30007 a bad purchase for anyone taller than 6’1’’. Other than that, the EP30007 is a great deal.

Author: Philip Andrew

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