How to Install a BainUltra Bath Pillow

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BainUltra is a company founded in 1977 with a mission to ‘transform the bathing experience from one of necessity to one of bliss’. That’s a mission statement that meshes beautifully with what we do here at Complete Home Spa.


The tub in this picture is called ‘Chromatherapy’ and is designed on the principle that color can have a hugely positive effect on our bodies. Color is not merely decorative, but can be restorative.

In addition to making high-end therapeutic bathtubs, they also have a really good bath pillow that sadly is not widely available.

In this quick guide, we show you how to install yours.

Installing Your BainUltra Bath Pillow


Step 1 – Remove the plastic film. It should peel off easily and smoothly. Don’t throw it away though – you might need it later.


Step 2 – Clean the area you plan to install the bath pillow.


Step 3 – Stick the bath pillow in place. Press and rub it to ensure it’s firmly affixed. Don’t worry about it sticking in place forever – it’s easy to remove. You can use the pillow upside down – the goal is for it to keep your spine in a comfortable, natural position.


Step 4 – Enjoy your bath!

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How to Install a BainUltra Bath Pillow

To remove the BainUltra bath pillow, simply pull from an upper corner. Not too hard – just apply a bit of pressure and it will start to peel off. It might feel weirdly squishy the first time you do it, but once you’ve seen it come off unharmed you won’t think twice the next time.

Note – removing the pillow will not damage the bathtub’s acrylic surface.

To clean the pillow, don’t use soap, detergents, or hard brushes – just water. Also, never pour essential oils directly onto the bath pillow.

Store the pillow in a cool, dry place. You can increase the life of the pillow by reattaching the plastic film after your bath.

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