Who Is Hot Stone Massage For?

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Who Is Hot Stone Massage For?

If you tend to feel the cold, or suffer from poor circulation, hot stone massage may be for you.

As with all massage, hot stone massage is intended as a complementary therapy, working alongside mainstream medication and treatment to help alleviate the impact of conditions associated with mental of physical stress, including osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. No massage, including hot stone massage, should be used in place of recognised medical treatment.

What Does A Hot Stone Massage Feel Like?

A heated massage is relaxing and soothing. The heat is not overly hot – more usually, the stones are warmed (in a heater like this) to a similar temperature as you might experience from a hot bath.

The sensation of the therapist’s hands on your skin should be one of gentle warmth. Imagine how it feels stroking a dog or cat – it’s a similar feeling to being massaged.

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Is A Hot Stone Massage Painful?

In a heated massage, the best stones are completely smooth, with no rough surfaces or edges. They are heated electrically, and the temperature can be precisely controlled. If the stones feel uncomfortable in any way, do be sure to let your heated massage therapist know immediately, as they can then adjust the temperature of the hot stones to one that is more comfortable for you.

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If you are not used to high temperatures, the heat from the stones may initially feel somewhat strange. Also, as with all massage, the readjustment of muscles may feel uncomfortable in the first instance. However, this discomfort shouldn’t last, and is simply a facet of the muscles being realigned to their optimal positions.

What Does A Hot Stone Massage Do?

A heated massage aims to use heat to open small blood vessels (usually those just below the surface of the skin), and relax muscular tension.

This eases aches and pains, and improves the body’s circulation, leading to better all-round health.

A hot stone massage is ideal for those experiencing the stresses and strains of daily life, who would benefit from some time being helped to relax and unwind.

The benefits of hot stone massage come not from the pebbles themselves, but from the heat that is applied, through the warmed stones, to your muscles and pressure points.

The purpose of the stones being perfectly smooth and flat is to ensure that no abrasion or damage occurs during the massage.

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