What Is A Kahuna Massage?

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A Kahuna massage is very different from the run-of-the-mill massages you get in a typical spa hotel. In this article you can find out what a Kahuna massage is, its benefits, what you can expect from a session, and where to get one.

What is a Kahuna Massage?

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Kahuna or lomilomi massage has been practiced for thousands of years, and practitioners use it both for relaxation and as a healing art. The term “huna” means “secret knowledge” in Hawaiian, and a master practitioner of this type of massage is known as a Kahuna.

A Kahuna is also an important spiritual healer, and many practitioners start by saying a prayer or asking you to elaborate on why you have booked a session.

Additionally, Kahuna massage differs from a traditional massage in two important aspects:

Benefits of Kahuna Massage

This type of massage is supposed to help improve your circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, and respiratory systems while providing deep, relaxing massage. Additionally, this type of massage focuses on emotional and spiritual healing as well, and it is designed to help with:

The massage itself is more person-focused, and you should leave the session not only feeling better in your body, but your mind and spirit should feel at ease as well. You don’t have to have an in-depth understanding of the massage’s history to benefit from it either. The Kahuna works to balance your internal energies, and this is incorporated in all of the sectors of this massage. For example, ‘hu’ refers to your male energy and ‘na’ refers to your female energy.

What to Expect from a Kahuna Massage and Cost

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A Kahuna massage usually starts with the Kahuna placing their hands on you and remaining still for a few seconds. The Kahuna might also ask you to breathe deeply and relax, or they may start with a short prayer.

With this massage technique, your body is typically more uncovered than with a deep tissue massage. You may only have small towels covering your breasts and genitals, or the Kahuna may utilize a traditional sheet. The reason why you’ll be uncovered more is that Kahuna massage is done in long, sweeping motions. The Kahuna may start at your shoulders and end the motion at your ankles.

There are many styles of this massage, but most practitioners do use the longer, flowing strokes with lots of oil and they incorporate their forearms. You may also have gentle stretches and gentle joint rotation during your session.

Your Kahuna may also massage two parts of your body at one time. This technique promotes your body’s harmony and balance. Also, your massage may include the abdominal area, because the belief that your colon is part of your heart and soul is prevalent in this culture.

The cost of your Kahuna massage will fluctuate based on several factors. You’ll typically pay more if you go to a massage studio or a spa, and the duration of your massage natrually factors into the price. Many Kahuna massages typically run for an hour or an hour and a half. A good base price for this type of massage ranges from $1 to $2 per minute, or around $60 to $120 an hour.

Where to Get a Kahuna Massage

If you have massage studio or a spa that offers massage in your area, call and ask if they perform Kahuna massages. It may be helpful to explain what is a Kahuna massage so the massage therapists can give you a definitive answer. There are also specially designed Kahuna massage chairs you can purchase, but you won’t get the benefits of having an in-person session.

You may not be able to find someone who does Kahuna massage in your city or town, but you can always try the bigger cities if they’re closer to you. You’ll eventually find someone who specializes in this type of massage, and you can book an appointment.

See What It Looks Like

To see exactly how it’s done, watch this video of a lomilomi massage:

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (Kahuna) Massage & Training - Essential Bodywork

Did You Know?

The best-selling massage chair in the USA is called the Kahuna. Its logo is a frangipani flower. While there is no substitute for a real person to person massage by a Kahuna, a soothing and relaxing massage in the comfort of your home whenever you want it also has its obvious advantages. Check out our full review of the Kahuna 6800 or the newer model, the LM-7000.

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