Private OUTDOOR Hot Tubs? Ideas & TIPs

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At, we know that taking a hot tub in an outdoor space is private time to whisk away the tensions of the day.

A backyard oasis and the flow of warm, massaging water swirls away life’s troubles and takes you to a peaceful place, but only if you’re not worried about prying eyes.

outdoor gazebo

To truly find your inner calm, you need privacy in the tub. This isn’t a problem if your tub is indoors, but if your hot tub is outdoors, it raises the question of how to create a little seclusion while keeping your surroundings lovely.

This is a challenge that’s limited only by your imagination – and your budget, of course.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

But First! How Much Privacy Do You NEED?

Think about where your hot tub will be located. Fences, your house, outbuildings, and existing landscape elements might provide part of the seclusion you need. There’s no need to add privacy elements all the way around if one or two strategically placed features will do the trick.

Partial Enclosures

hot tub with curtains

A gazebo or pergola will shelter your spa without blocking the breeze. They create shade on hot days and offer a little protection from the elements. You can install electricity for lighting, fans for warm evenings, and heaters for chilly days. Buying or building gazebos or pergolas are usually on the high end of the privacy price scale, so consider what you’re willing to pay for solitude.

Should you go this route, you can build your own, buy kits from building supply centers, or call in professional help.

Wooden Hot Tub Gazebos & BAR

Hot tub with wooden gazebo enclosure


If you surround the hot tub entirely. Gazebo roof and walls, you have superb protection from prying eyes. The added bar acts as a screen and boundary between your hot tub area and the rest of the backyard. Padded and slatted sides make it more private.

Make sure you have enough room for barstools, so guests can chat.

Lattice Fencing: Wood OR Maybe Something Else?

lattice fencing hot tub

This type of fencing is an excellent option for adding a touch of privacy to a hot tub area, while still allowing light and air to flow through. The lattice design also provides natural light with entry, yet keeping eyes out and aesthetic to your backyard.

Let Nature & Greenery Keep You PRIVATE!


A thoughtful arrangement of plants will add a natural, tropical feel to your secluded retreat. Trees and shrubs can be permanent sentinels, and privacy hedges are perfect. In addition to blocking wandering eyes, a yew plum pine will provide a sound barrier for your gatherings to guard your privacy and maintain good relations with your neighbors.

Potted plants in containers of varying sizes can also help. Choose native plants for maximum health and minimum maintenance.

Natural surroundings are also less costly than permanent structures, but may require more upkeep. No one wants twigs and dead leaves in or around their tub.

Bush Hedge Around Your Hot Tub

bush hedge around hot tub

A faux hedge is an excellent way to create privacy around a hot tub, as it is quick to install and does not require much maintenance. It also provides a natural look to your backyard, for a hot tub to blend in seamlessly.

Use Nearby Landscape Specifics

The natural elevations of your lot might afford you some privacy. If you’re below eyeball level of your neighbors’ view, you might not need to erect walls.

spiral hot tubs little light private

Creative and attractive terracing could provide privacy while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

Vertical Slat Fences

Classic wooden-slat-fence with somebody watching

This type of fence is exceptional for privacy as it is a solid barrier that blocks the view from the outside. The vertical slats also add a classic touch to the backyard.

Natural Stone Walls

natural stone hot tub wall

A natural stone privacy wall is an exceptional option for adding privacy to a hot tub area. It not only provides a solid barrier, but also adds a rustic look to the backyard.


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