Osaki OS-7200H Full Body Massage Chair Review

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A combination of comfort, sleek design and high performance, Osaki OS-7200H is a luxurious chair meant for demanding users looking for more than just a simple massage.

Executive Summary

This massage chair was designed for those who need to relax and unwind after a long day at work, but it is not your usual massage chair. It is, in fact, much more than that. The OS-7200H delivers stellar performance and, at the same time, provides ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Osaki - Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair OS-7200H Black
7 Ratings
Osaki - Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair OS-7200H Black
  • Computer Body Scan
  • Quad Roller Head Massage System

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Product Details

Osaki is a Japanese company known for producing high quality, luxurious massage chairs. They are one of the leading distributors of massage equipment in the world. Their massage chairs are known for combining comfort and luxury with medical massage.



Main Features


  1. Body Scan Technology – This technology allows for human-like massage, primarily thanks to 3D massage rollers, which are designed to provide a more thorough massage than traditional massage rollers. Thanks to Body Scan technology, reaching and massaging the acupuncture points of the body is effortless and effective, allowing for high precision and leaving the user revitalized and rejuvenated.
  2. Stage Zero Gravity Recline – The OS-7200H has a multi-stage zero gravity recline system. At a simple press of a button, the chair reclines and elevates your legs to heart level, thus enabling immense pressure and pain relief of the entire body and providing an intense massage experience.
  3. Airbag Compression System – The OS-7200H has 51 airbags in total, all of which are all around the chair and strategically placed to massage all areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders, arms, calves, feet, buttocks and the lumbar area.
  4. Massage Rollers – These rollers are the best possible example of technological advancement in the massage chair industry. They mimic human hands with the utmost precision, providing muscle relaxation and rejuvenating every inch of the body.
  5. Heat Therapy – There are two heat pads around the shoulder area. These pads apply heating and loosen the muscles so that the rollers can apply a thorough massage. Perfect for relieving the stress and tension that most of us carry in the neck and shoulders.
  6. Music System – This massage chair has a unique and convenient solution for music lovers. Osaki designed a special storage compartment for your device (iPod, MP3 player or even smartphone) enabling you to connect it to the chair’s speakers. The sound that they produce is much better than you’d expect.
  7. Chromotherapy – This chair has light blue ambient lights, perfect for additional relaxation during the massage.
  8. Arm and Hand Massage – Numerous airbags in the hand and arm area provide comfort and apply compression massage to relieve pain and improve blood circulation.
  9. Upper Shoulder Massage – It is a well-known fact that many people “carry the stress” in the neck and upper shoulders. This feature is perfect for relieving that stress and loosening up those sore muscles.
  10. Hip and Pelvis Massage – 6 built-in airbags squeeze the hips, while soft air stimulation stretches thigh muscles for exceptional relaxation.
  11. Foot and Calf Massage – Airbags placed in the leg and feet area gently inflate and apply proper compression massage. Additionally, acupuncture point balls, located below the foot target and massage a set of acupuncture points.
  12. Multi-Layer Pillow – An air pillow and 2 removable pads (they can be removed if the user wants a stronger, more intense massage) are placed around the neck and head region. This is perfect for subtle, relaxing massage.
  13. Point Massage – The OS-7200H is a model that allows the user to customize their massage more than ever before. That really shows in the Point Massage function, which enables the user to localize the massage to a particular point on the body.
  14. Zone Massage – If more than a single point needs to be massaged, the Zone Massage feature allows the user to localize the massage to a certain area of the body.
  15. Stretch Program – This feature can come in handy after an intense workout, since it allows the body to fully stretch, rejuvenating sore muscles and reducing post-workout pain.
  16. Automatic Timer – The automatic timer can be the perfect safety net in case you fall asleep during a massage. Instead of waking up feeling sore from over-stimulating your body with all of these features, you can set the timer (up to 30 minutes of usage can be programmed) and the massage will automatically – and gently – stop.
  17. Leg Scan – In order to ensure the air bags are concentrating on the correct parts of your legs, the Leg Scan feature enables you to make adjustments, depending on the length of your legs.
  18. LCD Remote – A large LCD, placed on the top of the handheld remote, allows the user to effortlessly control the actions of the chair. This includes changing the type of massage being applied, switching the intensity or the area of massage, changing speeds and more.



Osaki has once again proven that they are masters of combining luxury, relaxation and pain relief. The OS-7200H has a large number of features, including different massage types and relaxation techniques. The OS-7200H has the largest number of air bags we’ve seen so far – they’re distributed all over the chair, allowing the user to access every point on the body.

On top of that, thanks to the LCD remote, every single one of these features is readily available and highly customizable. The fact that everything can be adjusted, customized and tweaked, makes the OS-7200H the perfect massage chair for everyone, regardless of what your needs and preferences are.

The OS-7200H has just about everything a luxury massage chair should have and more. The best of all is, it doesn’t cost nearly as much as you’d expect it to.



The OS-7200G doesn’t have any significant flaws, but since this is a powerful, elaborate machine, rookie users might have a hard time getting used to it. It can all seem a bit too overwhelming if you’ve never owned a massage chair before. Thankfully, there are different intensity settings that allow even the most inexperienced of users to enjoy this chair from the very beginning.


The Osaki OS-7200H Full Body Massage Chair is a one of a kind product. This chair will allow you to have a luxurious, relaxing massage experience that you would otherwise hope to have in a high end spa. The OS-7200H is not just a massage chair – this is the cornerstone of your home spa system and will change the way you perceive relaxation and luxury. The fact that it doesn’t cost nearly as much as it objectively should cost is just another bonus.

Osaki - Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair OS-7200H Black
7 Ratings
Osaki - Executive Zero Gravity S-Track Heating Massage Chair OS-7200H Black
  • Computer Body Scan
  • Quad Roller Head Massage System

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