iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

by maru | Last Updated: December 22, 2018

Hi, everyone! Today I am sharing my iFox iF012 review. If you’re the type who loves to sing in the shower but don’t own a decent waterproof speaker yet, then read on!

As usual, I ordered through Amazon. It came very fast and arrived in good condition.

The box it came in was small and compact. The weight was substantial. Inside the box were:

iFox iF012 unboxing


Here are the specifications according to the user manual.

Let’s get on with my iFox iF012 review.


#1: Perfect for bathroom concerts

I’m the type to read novels while I do my business in the bathroom so you can bet I’d also be the type to multi-task and practice my non-existent singing skills in the shower.

Up until recently, I’d just been using my China phone and my non-waterproof Soundfreaq speaker. It wasn’t really convenient because when I was already super wet and all soaped up from the shower, it was hard to reach outside of the shower curtain and make adjustments to my non-waterproof things. I thought I was keeping my stuff safe because I wasn’t getting anything wet till I had a random chat with a friend.

This friend used to work for the customer support center of a mobile phone company. One of their top issues was phones coming in damaged from bathroom use. Apparently, all the steam was wreaking havoc with the electronics.

Was she talking about me? I think that was the day I started shopping for waterproof shower speakers.

#2: 100% waterproof and comes with a suction cup

iFox iF012 waterproof

This little baby is amazing. Just slap it onto your bathroom wall and turn it up. You can place it wherever, even in the path of falling or splashing water, and it’s okay, because it’s waterproof!

You can have wet hands or soapy hands, and it won’t matter. You can skip through songs or adjust volume and you can do it all right inside the shower stall.

I did run into a problem though. Our bathroom didn’t have the standard bathroom tiles so the suction cup didn’t adhere to my bathroom walls. This isn’t the product’s fault though so I’m not putting it in the Cons list.

Also, there are a number of easy fixes.

One is to DIY your own speaker holder. One clever customer got a small hard plastic container and cut a U shape in the front. She attached it to her bathroom wall and then just slid the speaker into it. Looks good, right?

My solution was just to place it on my shower caddy. I was thinking of doing a more permanent solution like the one in the pic, but I’ve taken to bringing the speaker to different parts of the house (and out of the house). It’s a traveling nomad for now. The few times I tried to stick it to a mirrored surface, it’s been hell to remove with my stubby nails. The suction cup is strong.

#3: Fully submersible

Unlike some waterproof items that have a limited water depth, this iFox speaker is fully submersible.

I went to an overnight at my sister’s house recently and packed my speaker too. It’s quite small so it’s very easy to just add to an overnight bag. It turned out for the best because come bath time, my niece enjoyed my speaker very much. There was a lot of squealing when I threw it into the bath and it came up floating. We also played a lot of her favorite Frozen songs and did a lot of bathroom karaoke, too. (I’m not too happy about hearing Let It Go a gazillion times over though.)

#4: Pairs very easily

I love my old Soundfreaq speaker very much. It’s not waterproof but the sound quality is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Still, I had some problems with it. One was that it just won’t pair with anything Apple. At first, it wasn’t a problem because I was a proud Android owner. But recently, I had to get a 2nd phone and it had to be an iPhone 8.

Happily, this iFox speaker paired up very easily with my iPhone and even my old iTouch. When you scan for the device name, look for “My speaker F012”.

So now, I have a waterproof duo in the bathroom with me — this waterproof speaker and the water resistant iPhone 8. If you’re buying a Bluetooth device, make sure it’s the kind that pairs easily for maximum convenience.

#5: UI is intuitive

iFox iF012 controls

User design is very high up on my list and the iFox doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The Soundbot and this brand actually have the same exact buttons except that the iFox iF012 has ugly white markings. I’m not a fan because it makes the thing look cheap. On the other hand, I guess it does make the controls easier to see in a darkened room.

The controls are very easy to remember. On top, you have the power button. Below that, you have the speaker button for when you get a call. And on the left and right are the buttons for previous and next song, and volume up and volume down.

For previous or next, you just give the buttons a quick press. For volume controls, you do a longer press. All in all, it’s very intuitive.

I’ve seen the controls of other portable shower speakers and some only have a few buttons or are altogether missing the call button.

#6: Customer support is very good

The customer support on this brand is very responsive. If you have a problem with your unit, email info@ifoxcreations.com or fill out this form. They have a 24-hour response time on work days. I’ve seen them reply to complaints on Amazon reviews, and they’ve been very helpful on there, too.


#1: Sound is not hifi

Since we’re reviewing a speaker, sound is obviously top priority. Unfortunately, the iFox iF012 doesn’t impress in the sound department.

But let me clarify. If the sound is to be compared to the bigger JBL waterproof speakers and to my non-waterproof Soundfreaq, then this little angel is no match. The gap becomes apparent when I switch from my big screen TV to this little gadget. However, this is an unfair comparison. The iFox iF012 is a budget speaker and has a very small body. It’s like comparing David and Goliath.

What I’ve noticed is that these small portable soundproof speakers generally don’t give excellent sound. Satisfactory sound, yes, but not the high definition sound.

If you are going for superior high quality sound, then shell out more and buy the bigger speakers like the JBL Lifestyle Xtreme 2.

#2: The port is not the regular micro USB

iFox iF012 charging port

It would’ve been the height of convenience if this speaker could be charged with a regular micro USB wire. Unfortunately, it comes with this round mini-plug. It’ll be a huge headache if I lose this charging wire because I don’t have anything in the house like it.

BTW, in case you buy this speaker and cannot locate the charging port, just find the round rubber thingie at the side. It is under the power button. Pry out the rubber cover, and you’ll see the charging port. Don’t forget to keep this tightly fitted and closed when not charging to keep the whole thing airtight and waterproof.

#3: Sags a bit when against a vertical surface

iFox iF012 suction cup

Although the suction cup is strong, the speaker body must be a tad too big for it because it sags a bit when you have it against a wall. It’s really not a deal breaker but it bothers my compulsive side a bit.

Otherwise, it stays stuck on the surface it’s on. If you don’t want to have it on your wall tiles, you can also opt to have it beside you on your tub or you can place it on your caddy. Don’t forget that you can also bring this to swimming trips and parties.

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