Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair EC01 Review

by Mary Lou | Last Updated: September 26, 2016

There are hundreds of different massage chairs available today, but finding one that has a lot of functions and doesn’t cost a fortune is a daunting and time consuming process to say the least. That is why we have done all the heavy lifting for our readers and actually found one.

Executive Summary

The Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu EC01 is a powerful, multipurpose massage chair that has a wide variety of features. It uses 3D technology to deliver an authentic, spa-like massage experience.

This product is so pocket-friendly that it makes a great gift for friends or family. It is often self-bought as a treat for people who who want to luxuriate in an affordable yet feature-rich massage chair. However, while most buyers are more than satisfied, a handful have reported getting a lemon, with no help whatsoever forthcoming from the supplier. Caveat emptor.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01
  • Buttocks: high power vibration motor and air pressure massage
  • Thighs: double-layered air bags
  • Calves: air bags massage

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Product Details

BestMassage is slowly becoming a name in the industry thanks to their unique, efficient and affordable massage chairs. The EC01 is one of their best-known and most-purchased products.



Main Features

When it comes to the EC01, everything revolves around the cutting-edge 3D technology.



Good price for so many features

This massage chair has just about everything a good massage chair should have and then some – lots of features and massage options, different intensity levels of therapeutic massage, pre-set programs, acupuncture-like functions and different speed levels.

And let’s not forget that it has body scan technology and zero gravity positioning.

With all these settings,  the EC01 provides a high quality massage experience, closely resembling what one would get at a spa or from a highly qualified massage therapist.

Highly customizable

I love this chair, I use it at least 3 times a day and sometimes I will just sit and hit restart every 30 minutes. It makes me feel wonderful especially after a long hard day at work. I’ve had it for a month and still have not tried all the features; everything feels so good. I look forward to learning all the various settings and how my body reacts to them. The pressure massage is my favorite so far. – Dr. Arthur C. Groves III

You can have the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair EC01 for a while and still not be able to explore all the different settings and features on the chair. The EC01 is highly customizable and you can tweak, adjust, and even combine all of these settings like experimenting with cocktail recipes at the end of a hard day’s work.

Ideal for Pain Relief and Stiff Joints

The EC01 is a good buy for those suffering from joint and muscle pain, poor circulation, cellulite storage, muscle tension and decreased mobility. One patient with fibromyalgia told us how the EC01 chair helped to minimize pain, relax her muscles, and diminish stiffness. This chair provides a very convenient massage therapy at home.

Good fit in most rooms

This chair falls within the size and weight range of what’s normal in the industry. Other chairs, though, come pre-assembled and are mighty challenging to move into position.

The EC01, on the other hand, comes semi-assembled. In this state (>23″), it is far easier to get through your doorway and to its final destination.

As for aesthetics, it is elegant, modern and stylish. The low price is an added bonus.



Big and heavy

We’re just throwing this in in case you have had little exposure to regular massage chairs, but fully featured massage chairs will always be on the heavy and unwieldy side. They won’t ever be as small and compact as our personal favorite the iJoy series but that’s what can you expect when you get a truckload of good stuff going on with your chair.

If you’re going to order a massage chair, find the perfect spot where you can put a rather big appliance (and where you can zone out for maximum relaxation). And if you have the budget, invest in White Glove service to give your poor back a favor. (And no, you can’t lug this around even if you’re built like the Hulk).

No vibration for legs and arms

If you have some condition wherein you need targeted massage for your legs and arms, the EC01 might not be for you. It lacks a vibration function and has air squeeze instead.

It provides the vibration feature for practically every OTHER part of your body though, including your backside and feet.

Practically useless manual

Another con is the vague, incomplete user manual. This could make the EC01 pretty difficult to put together, especially if you’re inexperienced or not too handy. Complaints on this subject are extremely rare, so seems most Americans can get by on instinct. If you ever get desperate, there’s an assembly video of its sibling — the EC06 — which will help.

A few reports of the chair breaking down

A handful of people have had the EC01 stop working on them all of a sudden. The period ranges from 2 weeks to 15 months.

The supplier websites say they offer a 1 year limited warranty with full coverage on parts but this doesn’t seem to be the case for some buyers. That’s why we recommend buying from Amazon – you get another layer of customer protection from them. If you do buy this and something goes wrong, don’t just sit on your broken chair feeling sorry for yourself – write to Amazon and get it sorted out! There’s a reason they’re the biggest retailer in the world – superb customer service.


We all need a way to relax, release stress and rejuvenate the mind and the body. Thanks to massage chairs like this one, we don’t have to go to spas or massage parlours to do that. BestMassage have managed to put out an affordable, yet highly functional massage chair.

The EC01 has some very minor flaws, but it is, all in all, a high quality product worth buying. The low price, combined with a large number of features and functions make the EC01 a good investment.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01
  • Buttocks: high power vibration motor and air pressure massage
  • Thighs: double-layered air bags
  • Calves: air bags massage

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