Fujita Kn9005 Review

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Interested in buying the Fujita Kn9005 but want to read some unbiased reviews before making a final decision? You’ve come to the right place – we’ve put it through its paces and are ready to deliver our verdict.

Executive Summary

The Fujita Kn9005 is a premium product at the higher end of the market. It comes with 3D Massage Technology and a host of unique features that offer you a more personal and spa-like massage experience. While expensive, it represents magnificent value for money – it’s as good as chairs twice the price.

It’s a large chair, so you should have help available when it’s delivered. Being so big, it’s more suitable for tall people than most massage chairs, though NBA stars will likely miss out on the foot massage feature.

Finally, the chair is superb in terms of promoting relaxation and offering pain relief.

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Product Details

Fujita is one of the top brands in the industry. With over 45 years of experience and an expert R+D team, the company was able to design a natural formula for its chairs to ensure a healthy posture, stress relief and improved blood circulation for its customers.

Fujita offers a wide range of massage chairs – from simple vibration chairs to ones with air massage technology.



The product comes with a full 3-year warranty for its parts and labor. A 5-year warranty applies to its structure and framework. (These details are accurate within the US and Canada.)

Main Features


• New 3D roller mechanism for a deeper and more comprehensive massage
• 6 unique auto-program course: Neck Relax, Loop Knead, Kiwami Knead, Shoulder Tapping, Kiwami Hip Massage, Kiwami Tapping
• Zero gravity massage to ease tension in the spinal area and for a deeper massage
• Human-like shiatsu massage for a more effective massage experience
• 3D Air Retraction Technology to relieve fatigue and muscle stiffness
• TFT-LCD remote control for easier control and navigation
• 6 massage intensities, from normal to super intense (a feature worth thousands, in our opinion)
• Multiple airbags and roller heads for a virtually pain-free massage
• Superior neck and back massage, and customisable too
• New Thai Massage feature provides full body stretching, focusing on your spine, leg and neck muscles



Full 3D Body Scan and Point Navigation System

The Kn9005 is equipped with a full 3D body scan to determine your body type and spine length. It’s able to pinpoint the areas it needs to massage and which areas to avoid. With the 3D Point Navigation System, it’s also capable of giving you an accurate and efficient massage by mapping out the unique contours and curves of your back.

This technology helps make it one of the most human-like massages available in a chair.

Foot Length Detection and Massage

If you feel frustrated about other massage chairs missing your legs and feet, this one doesn’t. (Provided you’re not over 6 feet tall, anyway. See below.)

This chair includes foot length detection and leg and foot stretch massage feature to give relief to your calves, feet and legs. And because it mimics human massage, you will find it easier to relax.

It’s fantastic, but as we said, very tall people might be slightly short-changed by this particular feature.

3D Massage Rollers

One great thing about this massage chair is that its rollers don’t just go up and down your back. They can also swerve back and forth or left and right for a more accurate massage. They also provide a tapping and kneading massage to reach your deeper muscles. Bliss!

Wireless Remote Control

The Kn9005’s remote control matches the chair’s advanced technology. It’s wireless and comes with pre-programmed buttons for ease of control. It also includes a navigational up and down button to let you target specific areas on your back. Handy.

Full Body Massage

Mimicking traditional Thai massage, this chair can target your head, shoulders, hands and wrists. It is also able to stretch the muscles around your pelvic area as well as your neck and shoulder blades. The chair is equipped with several airbags and massage rollers for a realistic massage experience. It can stretch, press, retract and even do knotting and locking motions to address your specific body pains.

Two-way Zero Gravity Positioning

The Kn9005 provides more than spinal relief with its 2-way zero gravity positioning. It elevates the legs above the heart so that the spine gets to rest horizontally. This position helps reduce spinal stress while allowing the massage rollers to give a deeper massage to your back.


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Large and Heavy Chair

Weighing 287 lbs, this massage chair can be difficult to move around the house, especially if there’s no one home to help you out. If you’ve just recently bought it, it’s a good idea if you can directly assemble the chair on your preferred spot at home. This way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of fitting it through doors and dragging it around.

Incomplete Leg Extension Stretch for Tall Men

Although the product is large enough to fit tall men, it may not deliver the same comfort when it comes to their lower extremities. Tall men may not be able to completely experience the chair’s leg extension stretch.

Confusing Models

Fujita creates models with very minute differences in features which make selection confusing for its buyers. Despite the subtle differences, price discrepancy can vary from hundreds to thousands.


The Fujita Kn9005 offers a lot of benefits to its buyers, particularly those struggling with muscle strains and discomforts in the hip area. The chair has widely varied massage capabilities to cover almost every part of your body. Its human-like massage feature is something you’ll daydream about while you’re in the office or stuck in traffic.

As you’d expect from something so well built, it doesn’t come cheap. There are also minor concerns for tall people (over 6 feet). Overall though, it’s a top quality product that’s a great long-term investment in your health and happiness.

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