DIY Sleep Spray For Your Beds And Pillows

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up many times in the middle of the night? If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, this DIY sleep spray may just be the thing for you.

Insomnia can be an extremely frustrating problem, and more than 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia. If it gets severe enough, it can creep into other areas of your life and make your work performance suffer and make you crabby with friends and family.

While there are many over the counter and prescription sleep aids you can try, essential oil sleep sprays are really beginning to gain attention. Several scents promote healthy sleep, and you can make your own for a relatively inexpensive price.

My personal favorite is a mix of lavender and orange. I spray this on my pillows and beddings and my room smells heavenly at night when I go to sleep.

DIY Sleep Spray Recipe

Making your own sleep spray is super easy. The ingredients are easy to get too.

Tools and Ingredients


You’ll need a small glass spray bottle to store your finished sleep spray in because the essential oil content of your spray can break down a plastic bottle. Open your glass spray bottle and add eight to ten drops of your chosen essential oil.

You can experiment and decide if you want a stronger or lighter scent and adjust your essential oil amount as needed. Eight to ten drops will give you a mild scent depending on your bottle size.

Next, add a half of a teaspoon of your witch hazel to your essential oil. The witch hazel will help your essential oil mix with the water more efficiently. It will also reduce the chances of your sleep spray staining your bedding. Mix the witch hazel and the essential oils together and fill the bottle to the top with distilled or tap water.

Your sleep spray is now ready to use. Put the top on and shake it well before each use. You can spray this sleep aid onto your bedding or into the air around your bedroom each night before you go to bed.

Watch the Video

If you’re a visual learner, see this video on how to make your own linen spray. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your new favorite essential oil mix.

DIY Linen Spray Tutorial

Eight Essential Oils That Promote Sleep

And here’s a bonus! We’re listing the top essential oils that are commonly associated with sleep, calm, and relaxation. You can use any of these oils for your DIY sleep spray mix. Part of the fun is finding the perfect mix of scents that is most pleasing to your taste (and of course, which soothes you to sleep at night).



Lavender essential oil is one of the most popular sleep aids available with countless people using it. The light floral scent of lavender promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and helps to lull you into a calming, restful sleep.

Roman Chamomile

roman chamomile

This essential oil is another excellent way to help ‘shut off’ your overactive mind when it’s time for sleep. You’ll find that Roman Chamomile has a light floral scent that is wonderful for promoting peace and relaxation while soothing your frazzled nerves.



Marjoram is a popular cooking ingredient. However, did you know that it’s good for promoting sleep? This oil smells a little bit like basil and it’s a wonderful essential oil for relaxing your muscles and calming your mind.



Many people like the slightly minty smell of Eucalyptus, and it has been used for years as a natural way to relax. It can help to slow your thoughts and relax your muscles so you can doze off easier each night. Additionally, this essential oil provides an excellent base for other essential oils to be added to it.



Cedarwood essential oil has a rich, earthy, woody scent that can help to calm your nerves and slow down your overactive mind so you can fall asleep easier. It is an excellent sleep aid on its own, or you can blend it with light, floral scents.



This essential oil works perfectly to balance your emotions, calm your mind, supporting deep, healthy sleep, and supporting your body’s natural healing response. You’ll find that this oil has a warm, wood or earthy scent with a hint of spice.



You’ll get a very rich and earthy smell from this essential oil as it comes from the roots of plants. It helps to calm and stabilize your mood while being psychologically grounding. This is a stronger scent, so you may only want a few drops to start.

Orange Blossom

orange blossom

The final essential oil on our list is orange blossom. The slightly citrusy and clean scent will help to slow down your racing thoughts, and it works as an excellent muscle relaxant as well.

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