Best Hot Towel Warmer Cabinets

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There’s nothing more welcome than a deliciously warm and toasty towel after a bath in winter or a session at the spa. Whether you’re buying a towel warmer cabinet for your family’s use or for your spa’s customers, we’ve listed our top picks for this product.

Reviews of the Best Towel Warmer Cabinets

To provide you with a choice of the best models, we’ve looked at all options available. We drilled down into the fine lines, features, shape, footprint, and, of course, customer satisfaction.

Best for Home Use: Zadro Ultra Large Bath Towel Warmer

Zadro TWB Towel Warmer, Large | 20L | 12' Dia. x 21' Tall, Gray

This model is ideal for personal use, such as in a bathroom. Its large capacity — 10 inches in diameter and 18.5 inches deep — can take two 40 x 70 inches towels. You may even add some other smaller items.

We love its softly rounded and elegant shape. The colors are classic and will match most tastes. Zadro made the feet and handles from bamboo, which adds a luxurious touch.

The warmer comes with four settings and will automatically shut off after 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Not only do you not have to worry about forgetting to turn the device off, but it should also help you save energy.

After the set timing, your towels, pajamas or bathrobe will warm up evenly. Some even use it in winter to heat a throw or a blanket before bedtime.

If you set the timer for 15 or 30 minutes, the center of the warmer should reach 136-139 and 156-degree Fahrenheit, respectively. At its maximum temperature, the device will use 480 watts.

This device also comes with a long power cord — 6.5 feet long — to give you the flexibility to place it where desired. You’ll find a dedicated storage area under the base to fit the cord when not in use or during transportation.



Zadro TWB Towel Warmer, Large | 20L | 12" Dia. x 21" Tall, Gray
  • LARGE TOWEL WARMER: Standing 21-inches tall by 12-inches wide and with a 20 liter tub capacity, this bucket towel warmer accommodates up to...
  • 4 TIMER SETTINGS: Always have warm towels ready by using the built-in timer to heat your towels for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes before...
  • CORD STORAGE: Built-in cord storage in the base helps keep the extra-long power cord tidy when not in use

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Best for Wet Towels: Elite Hot Towel Cabinet

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Best for Odors: Joy Luxury Spa Towel & Blanket Warmer with Forever Fragrant

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This is another device exclusively designed to warm dry towels for a pleasant and fresh after-shower sensation. It showcases a sizable cylinder-shaped container that’s able to fit up to two towels. The colorful lavender design should also add some fun and brightness to your laundry or bathroom.

Even the most technologically-challenged person can use this warmer. Fold your towel and place it inside the container. Then press the single button to activate the warmer, the indicator light will turn red to show the heat is on.

This visual display is convenient and conspicuous which is just as well because it has no automatic shut-off. While this would typically be a red flag to others, it’s a sought-after feature for those who don’t like the early shut-offs.

Users report that within 10 to 20 minutes, the warmer will provide the required heat.

One of the top features of this model is its ability to dispense a fresh scent throughout. You’ll find, under the lid, a holder to place a Forever Fragrant disc. As the device warms the towels, the aroma transfers to the fabric.

As for convenience, the 6-foot power cord should let you place the device wherever it best meets your needs.



No products found.

Best Timer: LiveFine Towel Warmer

Live Fine Towel Warmer | Bucket Style Luxury Heater with LED Display, Adjustable Timer, Auto...

A timer is often convenient with a warmer cabinet, but not all products include one. This warmer from LiveFine comes with four timer settings — 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes and it also digitally displays the remaining time directly on the cylinder.

This clear display lets you know at a distance when your towels have reached the desired warmth. It shows numbers in a large font, which should be easily readable by most. Ideal when taking a bath or for seniors with poor eyesight!

The device is suitable for two over-sized dry cotton towels or other items such as robes, face towels or even hair wraps. The external measurements of the cylinder are 12.9 x 12.9 x 21.25 inches. Internally, it provides a total capacity of 0.67 cubic feet.

Lastly, we love this warmer’s shape and style. The lip with the bamboo handle gives it an elegant touch that accentuates the color. Plus, it features a large and stable base to prevent the device from tipping.



Live Fine Towel Warmer | Bucket Style Luxury Heater with LED Display, Adjustable Timer, Auto...
  • - MAKE EVERY SHOWER A SPA DAY | Personal Warmer Heats, Small Sheets, Robes, Blankets & Other Fabric Items for Ultimate Comfort & Relaxation...
  • - EASY 15-MINUTE ADJUSTABLE TIMER | Always Have a Warm on Hand! The Unit’s Sleek LCD Display Lets You Set a Program w/ a Single Button...
  • - SPACIOUS HEATING COMPARTMENT | Accommodates Up to [2] Oversized 40” x 70” & a Variety of Other for Couple’s Convenience | Load Dry,...

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Best for Spa: Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet - Facial Spa and Salon Equipment - White

Although you can use this cabinet at home, The large version would also be perfect for middle-size spas or wellness centers.

This medium model has a heating chamber of 5 ¼ x 10 ½ x 7 ¾ inches — which should hold 24 small towels. If this is a little tight for your needs, the larger version will take 72 face cloths.

This product also comes in two classic colors — back or white — to match most decors and styles. It includes a chrome rack to retrieve towels easily, and a tray to remove excess water and condensation.

You won’t have to wait long before your clients can enjoy the warm moist towels. The product comes pre-assembled and doesn’t require any heavy-duty installation skills. It is simple to operate, but it comes with instructions if needed.

This item is also efficient. A 200 watt power allows the device to reach 176-degree Fahrenheit. The door has a double seal to prevent the heat from escaping.

Although powerful, the manufacturer designed this with safety in mind. The composite material door remains cool to the touch to avoid burns. You’ll also find a magnetic latch to ensure that the metal door stays in place during use. The product is also CE certified.



Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet - Facial Spa and Salon Equipment - White
  • Large capacity: Holds up to 24 facial sized towels at once when rolled. The units heating chamber measures 5-1/4" tall, 10-1/2" wide, and...
  • Constant warm towels: Cabinet maintains an average inside temperature of 176-degrees Fahrenheit in 10 to 15 minutes. Excellent for keeping...
  • Premium quality interior: The towel warmer cabinet has stainless steel interior and rack that will not rust. A removable drip dray is...

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Best for Value: K-Salon Hot Towel Warmer

Hot Towel Warmer, Large Size 20 Litre Towel Cabinet …

This is the large version of this cabinet and might be one of the most affordable ones available. It’s an economical option that’s ideal for home use and worth considering for a beauty salon or barber,

It comes with an ample 4.4-gallon capacity, which is more than most regular cabinets. You’ll be able to place up to 56 face towels into it, divided into two levels and four rows. Most warmers include a water collection tray — this one is larger than most and only needs to be emptied once a day.

The device has a built-in micro-computer to control the temperature. It can reach a maximum of 170-degree Fahrenheit, using 200 watts power.

While the majority of the unit showcases a clean white color, it has a bright turquoise frame. This should add some sass to any living or working space.

The supporting racks are stainless steel, preventing any rust and corrosion forming due to water-contact. It’s CE-approved, and the manufacturer even offers a 2-year warranty.



Hot Towel Warmer, Large Size 20 Litre Towel Cabinet …
  • HIGH CAPACITY: Towel cabi holds 56 facial-sized (small, wash cloth) towels, 20 Litre
  • HIGH TEMPEATURE: Keeps a constant temperature to 170⁰F.
  • HASSLE FREE: Water collection tray only needs emptying once a day.

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Choosing the Best Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

Warmer cabinets’ shapes and uses can drastically vary. As a result, it can be a challenge to determine which model will be the best option. Here are the main elements to review when selecting the best products:

Wet vs. Dry Towels

They design towels warmers to heat either dry or wet (moist) towels. Determine your needs and decide which one best fits. These devices don’t offer dual-use.

Spa centers, barbershops and beauty salons are the primary users of wet towels. They sometimes use them in hotels and restaurants.

At home, they’re great to apply to painful areas, such as the back or knees. They can also help muscle relaxation, especially after an intense workout. (1) (2)

The other option is a dry towel warmer. This type is used to warm either clothes — pajama, bathrobe — or your regular shower/bath towels. Placing a wet towel in a unit designed to only heat dry towels can lead to the unit’s failure.

Towel Sizes

Consider the size of your towels and the number you need to heat. Both types of warmers come in small, medium, or large models.

Wet cabinets can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 70 small facial cloths. Dry ones are usually bigger, but will, often, only take one or two large towels. Be sure of your measurements, so your spa or home laundry will fit.

Cabinet Shape

Before committing to a unit, put some thought into where it’ll go. While wet-fabric cabinets don’t generally take more room than a microwave, the ones designed for full-size towels come with a much larger footprint. These might not be suitable for small bathrooms.

Heating Power

Heating power varies slightly from one model to another. Most devices will reach 150 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the temperature, the more efficient it will be in warming the contents.


When used for professional purposes, the best hot towel warmer cabinet should make your job easier and provide a touch of luxury for your customers.

At home, one will also offer relaxation and wellbeing. Devices should be simple to operate, or they’ll turn into a frustrating experience and sit idle.

Some warmers include a digital timer display and touch control. If you aren’t planning on keeping yours working all day, this feature should make life easier.

If you prefer manual use, you’ll find models operated with a single button. Because these rarely have an automatic shut-off feature, you must remember to turn it off at the end of each day.

Finally, a product delivered pre-assembled will be the easiest one to set-up. If it requires installation, the unit should come with proper and detailed instructions.

Fresh Smell

Using a dry, well-warmed towel after a relaxing shower or bath can be a unique sensation. Using one with a fresh, aromatic scent can take the experience to the next level.

There is a small selection of devices — typically the dry type — that includes an air freshener inside the cylinder’s lid. As the fabric warms up, it releases the odor and diffuses into the towels.


Safety is paramount to avoid fires or electrical accidents. Bodies such as Intertek accredit the best towel warmer cabinets, giving them an ETL-approved seal. (3)

UL and CE certifications are also a sign of high-quality products that meet stringent safety standards. (4) (5)


The choice of hot towel warmer cabinets is plentiful — they come in different shapes and footprints. They can fit full-size or tiny face towels, freshening cloths to bathrobes. You also have the choice between devices accommodating dry or wet towels.

Before committing, it’s essential to determine the amount of space you need inside the cabinet and the space it will take up. Consider also the simplicity of use and the design.

The best hot towel warmer cabinet will be the one that meets all the needs of you or your clients.

Our favorite product is the Zadro Ultra Large Bath Towel Warmer. This is a fantastic device for home use. The stylish look can add a luxury feel to your bathroom. This model is perfect for warming an after shower towel or robe in the cold winter months.

It offers convenience with four timer settings. The device is also safe and easy to use. It comes with an automatic shut-off feature and certification by recognized quality and safety bodies.


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