What’s the Best Infrared Sauna?

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What Is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses special heaters to emit infrared light that we experience as radiant heat. This heat is easily absorbed by the surface of the skin, allowing deeper penetration and therefore making these saunas even more beneficial than traditional ones.

There are different types, shapes and sizes available and if you’re already interested in buying one – we’ve got you covered. The next section is where we list our recommendations. They are all models you can easily buy online.

Or perhaps you want to learn more about their benefits and how they work? You’ll find all of that and much more further down below.

The Best Infrared Sauna for Your Needs

If you already know a thing or two about infrared saunas and, even better, if you’ve already used one, then this concise info about the best products on the market might come in handy.

The Best 1-Person Infrared Sauna


The best 1-Person Infrared Sauna on the market today is, without a doubt, the JNH Lifestyles Joyous. This is a large, powerful, luxurious and convenient model that emulates a real sauna experience. In fact, it does not only emulate it – it will match and exceed your expectations, even if you’re used to frequent spa visits.

The Joyous features 6 powerful heaters, looks absolutely gorgeous and is made of high quality Canadian Hemlock timber. The quality and craftsmanship is as good as it gets, while the glass door adds a beautiful touch of modern design.

Performance is absolutely stellar and the user can easily tweak and fine-tune the sauna as much as they like. It’s big, comfortable and effective. Arguably the best thing about this model, apart from the performance, is the double wall construction – this feature eliminates heat loss.

The speakers add another dimension to the product and make it one of the top choices on the market. You can simply zone out listening to your favorite music and enjoy yourself even more than you would at a real spa with its piped-in pan pipes. Details about the warranty are available on the Amazon page.

Is there a catch? While the Lifestyle Joyous itself doesn’t really have any flaws, the downside for some could be the price. Although this sauna is definitely worth the money, there might be some sticker shock at first.

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But there is a budget alternative. If you are a new to this kind of therapy you might want to test a smaller, cheaper model before you fully immerse yourself in this world. If that’s the case, we recommend Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator.

The BSA6310 is a beautiful and practical little infrared sauna. This one looks like a little camping tent, but don’t let the unconventional design fool you – some manufacturers take the space-saving route.

Even though this isn’t really a luxury model, it has just about everything you could need: it’s easy to assemble, works amazingly well, relieves different kinds of pain, provides ultimate stress relief and it’s very budget friendly. Absolutely perfect for beginners, and comes with a one-year warranty.

And being so contained there’s little wasted energy – more efficient and environmental than a large wood-burning sauna!

Heatwave Rejuvenator Portable Personal Sauna with FAR Infrared Carbon Panels, Heated Floor Pad,...
  • SOOTHING WARMTH – FAR infrared heat surrounds your body, thanks to three low-EMF carbon heating panels. Each heater is precisely placed...
  • 1 MINUTE SET-UP – Six, easy steps convert this handy device into a personal paradise. Simply unfold the sauna, plug it in, and enjoy...
  • RELAX ANYWHERE – This portable sauna is easy to take on the go. A collapsible design conveniently folds for transport or storage. Its...

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The Best 2-Person Infrared Sauna


Our top 2-person option is another superb JNH Lifestyles product – the NE2HB1. This is another luxury model, perhaps not for every budget (which, by the way, is its only flaw) but definitely worth the money. The NE2HB1 is by far the best 2-person sauna available today. It has absolutely everything two people could need and more – perfect for couples who love relaxing together at home after a long day at work.

The NE2HB1 is big enough to fit two tall individuals and packs all the luxurious features most of us dream about: modern design, stellar performance, 7 powerful heaters, high quality double layer build, LED lighting and two premium speakers. Has a 3-year warranty.

No products found.

The NE2HB1 is big, powerful, luxurious and heavy. But, that doesn’t mean it’s complicated to use or hard to assemble – on the contrary, even if you’ve never owned a similar product before, using all the wonderful features of this JNH model should not be a problem.

If the high price of the NE2HB1 is off putting or simply exceeds your budget, then another JNH model might interest you. We are referring to the 2 Person Far Infrared model. This is pretty much the budget friendly version of the NE2HB1 – it’s a bit smaller and a bit lighter, but it performs very well and is much cheaper. Has a basic warranty.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna in Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Your purchase includes One JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna, MG217HB model
  • Sauna dimensions – 47.3” W x 39.5" D x 75" H | Power cord length – 6 feet | EMF rating – 0.32 Mg average | Wattage – 1540 W |...
  • 2 Premium speakers with Bluetooth capabilities and a remote with an on/off button and volume controls | Dual wall construction for better...

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The Best Infrared Sauna for a Family


The largest products in this category can fit 4 or more people. These are family models, perfect for those of you who want to have a relaxing spa-like experience at home with your family or a couple of friends. Even though these large models might not be for every budget, we’ve done our best to find two models worthy of our recommendation – a luxury one and a budget friendly one.

Another JNS Lifestyles product, the Joyous 4 Person is our top pick when it comes to family models. This is one of the biggest and most powerful infrared saunas out there – it has 9 heaters, double layer construction and a ton of different luxury features, including digital control and high quality speakers.

This model is pretty much a full-blown home spa and certainly a good investment for everyone who wants to take care of their and their family’s health and well-being. Details of the warranty are on the Amazon product page.

JNH Lifestyles MG417HB Joyous 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna
  • Power Source Type: Electric
  • Advanced Infrared Carbon Fiber Heaters.
  • 100% Canadian Hemlock Wood.

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As always, we have included a more affordable model. This time, it’s the Crystal Sauna BH400. This is definitely the best product within the price range and by far the best budget-friendly family sauna out there.

The BH400 has 8 heaters, covering a total of 5260 square inches of heating surface. Needless to say, this is a powerful model that works perfectly well and looks slightly different than most infrared saunas nowadays, which is certainly another plus and a clear sign of designer effort.

Naturally, it doesn’t have a lot of luxurious features, but the interior and exterior lights, the CD player and ease of use definitely justify the BH400’s inclusion in our Top Picks section.

As of the latest update of this article it is out of stock. We’ll keep an eye on it and replace it if needed. The warranty is basic, but seems fine.

Crystal Sauna BH400 4-Person Infrared Sauna
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional...
  • PureCarbon Far Infrared Heating Technology
  • 8 Carbon Fiber heaters with a total of 5,280 square inches heating surface area

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A Brief History of Saunas

Ever since ancient times, people have been trying to find ways to reinvigorate the mind and the body. The yearning to do so is hard-wired into our brains – it’s a part of our collective DNA. Saunas have been a part of our society and culture for thousands of years.

The indigenous people of the Americas and Nordic European countries used to relax and unwind in primitive ‘hot rooms’, and it is no wonder that the word sauna itself has its roots in the Finnish language. There, the word was commonly used to describe a wooden hut one could fill with steam.

Today there’s a modern twist on this ancient classic, designed around safe new technology.

How Does an Infrared Sauna Work?


The basic principle is fairly simple. Just like any other type of sauna, it is usually a small room in which heat is produced. This type of therapy yields numerous benefits that work wonders for both mind and body. What separates infrared saunas from conventional saunas is the unique type of heat that they produce.

Infrared saunas use hi-tech heaters instead of traditional heat sources. This type of heat penetrates the human skin more deeply, therefore allowing the user to experience more intense effects in a much shorter period of time. Apart from being more effective, they are also a lot safer than traditional saunas, because they don’t get unbearably hot. More about the benefits of these saunas below.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

benefits of infrared sauna

The key benefits of infrared sauna therapy are:

Detoxification – According to scientific research, these saunas help the body get rid of approximately 7 times more toxins than traditional saunas do. Sweating is an incredibly important bodily function because it is the best natural way to eliminate toxins from the body.

Pain relief – Sore and achy muscles or joints can be treated with this therapy. This form of therapy relieves inflammation and therefore eliminates pain. This is why elite athletes often use infrared saunas as a post-workout relaxation and rejuvenation technique.

Relaxation – Stress is one of the biggest health issues we are facing today. Stress increases heart rate and blood pressure, among other things, not to mention the emotional toll it can have on an individual. Infrared sauna therapy is perfect for overstressed, overworked individuals – and don’t we all fall into that category? The heat reduces levels of cortisol (the primary stress hormone) and relaxes sore muscles, therefore eliminating and reducing stress.

Improved circulation – Logically, the heat these saunas produce increases body temperature. An increase in body temperature naturally increases circulation and stimulates blood flow, which is one of the most important functions of the body, since it supplies oxygen to the brain and helps cell growth.

Skin purification – Infrared sauna therapy purifies the skin by eliminating toxins and improving blood flow. These toxins form and grow in the pores of the skin – infrared sauna therapy opens up and cleanses those pores, letting our skins produce healthy oils. These effects are often obvious after only a couple sessions – users look younger, better, and healthier.

The immune system – Regular sauna sessions help our bodies produce white more blood cells, which are key to the proper functioning of the immune system. The bodies of those who indulge in this therapy are healthier and more resistant to disease.

Stamina – This is the main reason these are popular among athletes. If you are an individual who exercises regularly, an infrared sauna could greatly help with increasing your stamina. The basic concept is this: after numerous sessions, the human body gets used to high temperatures, which improves stamina and overall performance in sports, whether it’s weightlifting, running, or anything similar.

Weight loss – According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a single 30-minute infrared sauna session burns around 600 calories. This is due to an increase in body temperature that occurs during the session. Our bodies work harder to lower that temperature, thus burning many more calories than usual. (Note that the exact number is in dispute as the trial cited was conducted on a very specific group of people – regardless, the number is likely to be quite high!)

Calories burnt per 30 minutes:

Who Should Consider Buying an Infrared Sauna?

After this overwhelming amount of information, a legitimate question arises: Who should consider buying one?

Since we’ve already reflected upon the endless benefits of these saunas, it would be redundant to address them all again. There is, however, something we should all keep in mind: health comes first.


The modern way of living can take a significant toll on one’s physical and emotional health. We all lead stressful lives and we need a safe place to relax, unwind and reinvigorate ourselves. Instead of going to an overpriced spa, why not build a mini-spa at home and relax there instead? Thanks to infrared saunas, home spas have never been more available, more powerful and more affordable.


We are inherently inclined to look for ways to revive our minds and bodies. Naturally, as our society has grown and progressed, saunas have also evolved. The infrared sauna may not be the final stage of sauna evolution, but it is the latest one. Simply put, what we have here is an ultra-modern twist on a timeless classic, and an easy-to-justify investment in your health and well-being.