Benefits of Petrissage Massage: What Deep Massage Can Do for You

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Whether you are actively engaged in sports or not, the benefits of petrissage massage to the human body are far-reaching.

What is Petrissage Massage?

Many people often mistake petrissage for a form of massage. What it is though is simply a range of movements such as kneading, skin rolling, wringing, pick-up-and-squeeze, knuckling and scissoring used in deep massages.

petrissage massage types

The different massage types in Petrissage

Petrissage massage involves using the palms of the hand, fingers, and thumbs to compress tissues and muscles against each other or against the bones in the body. It is usually done with one or both hands, and usually without lubricants. For a massage using lubricants, other specific techniques are used.

Massage Therapy : Petrissage Massage

5 Benefits of Petrissage Massage

Blood Circulation

It improves blood circulation the same way working out and exercising boost blood distribution in the body. This is highly beneficial to the heart, the arteries, and the muscles.

Skin Stimulation

The benefits of petrissage massage on the skin cannot be over-emphasized. The kneading movements will stimulate your skin and make it glow. Rubbing can actually rejuvenate slack skin and make it radiate.

The deep massage movements minimize skin tension and at the same time boost circulation. They allow nutrition to be absorbed better, thereby encouraging cell regeneration in the skin.

Petrissage movements can also soften and re-moisturize dry skin. These movements increase the amount of natural oils produced by the skin making your skin supple. They also strengthen the skin’s resistance to infection. Petrissage techniques also enlarge surface capillaries thereby improving skin color and tone.

Elimination of Waste Products

Another area petrissage massage helps the skin is the elimination of waste products from tissues, which brings vitality to your complexion. This occurs through increased sweat production and helps to eliminate urea and other waste products through the skin surface.

Overall, regular petrissage massage will help you look younger.

Improving Muscle Tone

Regular petrissage massage helps with maintaining the right amount of tension in your muscles when they are at rest. This is called muscle tone. Other than the normal tone there are high tone and low which are found in people with muscle disorders. Muscle tone is a form of resistance exhibited by the muscle when it is at a resting state.

During petrissage massage, reflexes found in muscle fibers are mechanically stimulated. If you don’t get enough exercise daily or you live a physically inactive lifestyle then you may want to include petrissage massage in your health routines.

Breakdown of Adipose Tissue

The adipose tissue is a connective tissue found under the skin that is adapted to store excess fat in the body. It is widely believed by many massage therapists that petrissage techniques will help in the dispersal of fats stored in the adipose tissues. The movements increase blood flow to the area. The resulting improved blood circulation will then helps in the removal of fats.

You should note that not many studies have been undertaken on this. The best way to lose fat, as proven through the years, is through proper eating habits and regular physical activities.

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