Apex Ultra Massage Chair Review

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Executive Summary

The Apex Ultra massage chair is the flagship model of Osaki’s Apex massage chair line. It has a number of features, including zero gravity positioning with 3 different settings, extended roller track, mechanical foot rollers, 30 airbags, and mechanical calf rollers.

The Apex Ultra boasts a deep neck and shoulder massage and other in-depth treatments while remaining efficient. It’s designed to save space, so whether you’re in a house or a tiny apartment, this chair will fit.

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Company Background

The Apex AP-Pro Ultra is distributed by Titan World LLC, a reliable worldwide supplier of different health and wellness equipment. Titan strives to provide the best products in their chairs and has been trusted for years.


Apex APPROULTRAD Model AP-Pro Ultra D Massage Chair, Grey, Excellent Hip Roller, Unique Foot Roller,...


User Specs


The Apex AP-Pro Ultra comes with a 3 year warranty.

Main Features

L-Track Massage Function

massage chairs l track

The Apex AP-Pro Ultra comes with an L-track massage that provides support to both the back and the neck, targeting the lumbar area. This helps increase the massage effects and enable every disc of the spine to separate and decompress, which allows nutrients to penetrate the disc tissue.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity feature was inspired by technology from NASA. The zero gravity position has been regarded as the best position for enjoying a massage, as it aligns to the back to the thigh for optimum comfort. This is a great feature as it takes the weight off your otherwise compressed spine.

Next Generation Air Massage Technology

Osaki has worked to re-engineer air massage technology. The company has innovatively lessened the quantity of airbags while increasing the surface area and volume of massage. In short, you get more massage for less number of airbags.

The number of working valves have been lessened compared to previous models. This helps lessen the stress on the chair while helping it become more mechanically sound.

Arm and Hand Air Massagers

arm and hand air massagers

There are multiple airbags placed on the side of the hand and forearm. They inflate to provide a compression massage.

Foot & Calf Roller Massagers

The Apex AP-Pro Ultra also offers foot and calf roller massagers that have 2 rows of spinning reflexology massagers. They knead and stimulate key acupuncture points.

Lower Back Heat Therapy

There are 2 heating pads placed on the lower back portion of the Apex AP-Pro Ultra. These pads help in creating a more enhanced massage experience.

Remote Control

The Apex Ultra showcases a hassle-free viewing screen that displays the chair functions. You also have a flip down cover wherein you can access the massage chair’s manual functions.

Other Features


3-Stage Zero Gravity

Personally, when we were shopping around for our own massage chair, zero gravity was one of the features that we couldn’t do without.

zero gravity apex ultra

Zero gravity takes the pressure off our tired spines and backs. It places the knees above the heart so it is great for circulation, too. If you haven’t tried it yet, trust us that it is a big relief to be cradled in such a manner by a robotic chair. And the great thing with the Apex Ultra is that it doesn’t just HAVE the zero gravity feature. It has three stages that you can choose from so that you find the incline most comfortable for you.

The Apex Ultra Goes Hard

When it comes to massages, I would say that there are two kinds of chairs: those that give gentle massages and those that give hard massages. For people who like deep tissue massage, the 2nd is more preferable. In fact, I’ve seen customers return chairs because they didn’t get the massage intensity they were expecting.

If you have cervical spondylosis and other similar muscle problems, a gentler massage chair is ideal for you. For those who like their massages hard though, then this Osaki model is just the right thing for you. While the intensity can be adjusted, generally speaking, the Apex Ultra gives hard massages.

And not only that: the heat feature and the leg and calf massages are also strong. This is a real boon given how other massage chairs fall short in that area.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

If you find that your shoulders don’t fit the chair perfectly because your shoulders are too wide or too narrow, there is good news for you. The airbag housing in the shoulder and torso area of the Apex can be adjusted. This means that the chair will fit you better like a glove and you’ll get more body area massaged by the airbags.

Space Saving Feature

If you live in a small apartment or a condo unit, you can still have this chair installed. While other chairs need a lot of room to be used, the space-saving feature on the Apex allows it to be placed almost right up against the wall. This is because the chair slides forward and then tilts back in order to get ready for a massage session.

Auto Leg Scan

I would really recommend this massage chair for those suffering from leg pain. The Apex has a strong focus on the lower body. Its special auto leg scan adjusts the leg rest for a better fit. This subtle accommodation, together with the calf massage and airbag technology, provides for a very good leg massage.


Limited massage customization

While this chair comes with the usual massage programs like kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and so on, the choices aren’t as varied as other robotic chairs. You mainly get six manual program options, 3 roller speeds, and then 3 intensity settings. As far as I could tell, there are also no airbags around the neck and head shoulders.

Surprisingly, it has a twist-and-stretch air massage mode. (You’d think it wouldn’t have one.) This is the chiropractor-like massage mode where you get a gentle twisting and stretching of your hips and lower back. This is amazing for those suffering from chronic lower back pain.

Not-so-easy to use remote control

There’s a number of issues with the remote control.

apex ultra remote

First off, the power button is on top of the remote control. Not “top” where you would normally expect the OFF/ON button to be but right at the narrow top strip of the remote. It is quite unusual and hard to find the first time you try to turn on the chair.

Next, the main auto programs are not labeled. You call them up by pushing the “auto” button x number of times but since they are not identified, you would need to memorize from the manual.

Also, the remote is on the small side and thus the display is, too. For older folks, this is not ideal.

Lastly, there is no pocket where you can store the remote.


As a China-made chair, the strength of the features—massage intensity and heat—is a welcome surprise. It also has the core features of a good massage chair like zero gravity, leg and body scan, foot rollers, and so on. It has specific features that make it a good chair for those suffering from chronic leg or lower back pain.

The price has almost halved since it came out in 2015 owing to the new brands and models that have since come out, thus making it more affordable.

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If you want a purely Japanese Osaki brand model though, we recommend you take a look at its sibling, the Osaki JP Premium. And if you are in the market for a budget chair that is totally popular right now, then check out the Real Relax chairs, too.

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