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11 Steps to Making Your Own Home Spa

Maybe it’s the engineer in me talking, but I find it makes sense to build your home spa in easily digestible steps.

Here’s a plan that should work for most people:

1. Buy the softest bathrobe you can find.

This turns an otherwise commonplace bathroom into a magical wonderland where everything is soft and scented.

The best bit is that bathrobes don’t have to be expensive. We snuck into one of the most expensive shops in the world and felt some of their bathrobes and towels. Some of those ultra-premium robes were selling for over 500 dollars – and they felt like our 15-year old towels.

Grab some flip-flops or slippers, throw in some fluffy towels. [Update – a reader suggested buying a towel heater for an extra dash of inexpensive decadence. Good thinking!]

2. Get some nice candles and oil diffusers.

Turn your bathroom into a place of zen in one simple step. The great thing about oil diffusers is that they’re passive – they just get right to work. Candles need to be lit, but that’s okay because lighting them is a signal to you and your family that you’re entering relaxation mode…

A cold glass of something bubbly is another essential element, so clear a space in your fridge for your ‘spa juice’. A bath pillow will make time in your tub better.

3. Create a chillout playlist.

If it’s easy bringing that special spa smell into your home, making your home sound like an expensive hotel is even easier. You might have ‘Pan Pipes of the Andes’ on CD somewhere – go and dig it out! If you have Spotify or a similar service, they normally have a spa playlist.

If you don’t have time or energy to try out dozens of albums or playlists, we’ve made one for you. Follow this link to our Youtube channel, created and curated by us for your comfort and convenience…

Turn it on, turn it up, it’s your turn to unwind.

4. Get a better shower head

You often hear people say ‘buy good shoes and a good bed because if you’re not in one you’re in the other’. I agree, but I have another piece of advice – get the best shower head you can. It can make such a difference – some shower heads have several modes ranging from ‘massage’ to ‘mist’ – while some have a ‘rain shower’ design which lets the water cascade down onto you as though you’re in a waterfall. You can even get one with bluetooth speakers built in!

They aren’t even expensive – the high-pressure model that I bought retails at under 70 dollars and I got it for half that on Amazon. Grab a fogless shower mirror while you’re there.

5. Buy a foot spa massager

So far your home spa hasn’t cost much! Neither will a foot spa massager. These little beauties are a godsend.

You’re on your feet all day and giving them a little treat will do wonders for your mood.

6. Buy a massage cushion

Massage chairs can get quite expensive, though there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re really worth the investment. A premium massage chair costs about the same as 30 hours of professional massage. When you think about it like that… But if you have to save up a while there’s an intermediate option – a massage cushion.

We bought one right after our stay in the spa-partment, and it’s pretty great. We can move it from room to room, it was a hundred bucks, and it gives a great 15 minute stress relief.

7. Make or buy your own spa treatments

Jane tells me I write ‘like a man’ – whatever that means – and I have to say that when I think about spas I think of turning my phone off, forgetting about work, and just taking care of my body a little bit. But I’m told that lots of people go to spas to have ointments and tinctures rubbed onto them. I can see why that might be fun, but I don’t see why it should cost 300 dollars an hour. Fortunately for my dream of being able to afford an awesome home sauna, neither does Jane.

She’ll be writing all kinds of guides about inexpensive nail products, eyebrow plucking – wait, eyebrow what?!, making your own facials, and much more.

8. Get that dream massage chair!

Still with me? It’s time to step up into the big leagues and get your very own massage chair. This can be a big investment but delivery and set-up is a doddle. Amazon will take care of the former while some suppliers have installation pricing.


Really, the only difficult part about owning a top-rated massage chair is getting out of it.

9. Live like a billionaire with your private, personal sauna

I always thought this was a pipe dream – after all, only billionaires have a sauna in their home, right? Amazingly, it’s not so. I’ve learned you only need a bit of space (there are some very small home saunas) and a plug!

complete home spa sauna in bathroom

The smallest home saunas are barely 2 meters, and use infra-red elements to heat the space up. There’s space for 2 to sit and sweat – so even people in cramped homes have a chance to join the home spa club! Of course, if you’ve got more space the possibilities are almost endless. There’s a sauna to meet your budget, and many can be used as steam rooms too.

10. Hot tubs, jacuzzis, swim spas.

These projects come with different levels of complexity. Most of the headaches are easily solved by paying someone to do it for you. If you’re better at DIY than me, you still might need to consider things like building permits, strengthening a floor to take more weight, and so on. There’s no doubt going to be some hassle involved, but millions of Americans have managed to get it done.

learn to give massages

If my uncle Gary can install a hot tub, you can.

11. Learn to give massages

If you’ve followed steps 1-9, you’ve really got the complete home spa, and you’ll never feel stressed ever again. That might be a *slight* exaggeration, but you’ll have access to instant comfort and relaxation at a level the Caesars of Rome and Pharoahs of Egypt could never have even conceived.

But as good as massage chairs are – and they are very good indeed – nothing really beats a real-life massage. So the only way to improve your home spa even further is to learn to give massages yourself.

Of course, you’ll have to get your partner to learn at the same time. Fair’s fair.

So we’ll have some tips on how to learn the art of massage and recommendations for the best massage tables.

To Sum Up

Have you ever been so relaxed on a vacation that you slept like a baby and had enough energy to do whatever you wanted? We believe it’s possible to replicate that in your very own home, and have a taste of it each and every day. Our mission is to help you turn your home into a wellness center that will make you the envy of your friends.

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