effects of salt lamps

Here’s What Happened When Our Salt Lamp Broke

Jane here, guys! So, I’ll tell you a little story about something that happened during the week. Ultimately though, it’s evidence of the real effects of salt lamps and how pig-headed some males can get (aka Philip and my sneezy nephew) when you try to tell them “I told you so”.

<< Insert picture of smug person who is always right >>

Okay, before I totally scare you away…. here goes.

So we had the nephew over again as it is the hols. School holidays are ending now but he’s been here for 2 weeks. At the beginning of his stay, he managed to topple over the salt lamp we’d been keeping lit in his room.

Twas the cat, he said. But wait. We have no cat. So just maybe awkward elbows and legs.

Anyways, there’s our poor lamp cracked on our tile floor. (Fortunately it didn’t fall on his feet!) So he was sans lamp for around a week.

Now, normally, I’d get a replacement into his room right away. As Philip wrote before, our nephew’s allergies subside whenever we have the lamp on. However, that week was particularly busy for me and I was a bad auntie. (Plus hey, the boys always said it was coinkidink!) So I didn’t remember to move one of our lamps into his room.

That is, until I finally realized during breakfast that he was sneezing nonstop. And sounding like Big Bird’s bestfriend Snuffleupagus. (I had to google the spelling!!)

It’s quite disturbing really when he breathes through his nose and it sounds like an elephant with a blocked trunk. It must be very uncomfortable too!

So I went a bit overboard and put TWO lamps in his room for max effect. Then, dialed it down to one in the evening. I had him drink lots of water and 1000g of Vitamin C. It calmed down his allergic rhinitis somewhat but he was still sneezy. The next day, after sleeping with the lamp on, he was clear. Allergy gone. I SWEAR.

And he STILL says it’s a coincidence. I’m rolling my eyes.

*tries to take lamp out of room but gets stopped by Mr. Snuffy*

So there. That’s what happens when you break your Himalayan salt lamp. ๐Ÿ™‚