do head massages stimulate hair growth

Do Head Massages Stimulate Hair Growth?

Ken asked himself the question over and over again. He had noticed his forehead hair receding and had gone to his physician who recommended a popular hair loss medication. But Ken is someone who is averse to taking drugs. He only does so always as a last resort when other options have been tried.

Why would I take a drug for something that could be cured naturally?

He remembered he had seen a documentary on TV on scalp massaging. One of the benefits of head massage, the narrator said, was thicker and fuller hair. Maybe I should try this for a couple weeks and see the result before deciding if I need the drugs.

Hair loss is a problem that affects many all over the world. While men who are past the age of 40 usually suffer from the condition, the psychological impact it has on younger males is enormous. For this class of people, hair loss affects their self-confidence and body image. Hair loss can actually bring about depression and low self-esteem.

Women (of all ages) might be interested in the topic, too, since, according to, 40 percent of people suffering from hair loss are females.

Normally, humans lose up to 100 hairs daily. This is no problem since they usually grow back. But permanent hair loss is caused by a number of factors. Chief among these are the hereditary factor, health disorders, medications, and treatments.

Do head massages stimulate hair growth? Yes, they do.

Like Ken, if you’re one of those people that have been asking the question “do head massage stimulate hair growth?” Then, you can put your mind at rest because it does. Research carried out have only given positive results.

Generally, massage does wonderful things to any part of the body it’s being applied. An important benefit to the part of the body being massaged is increased blood flow. And when the body part happens to be your head, it benefits in so many ways:

Blood carries a lot of essential nutrients your hair needs. Some of these are vitamins A and C, Omega 3, protein, iron, selenium, zinc and much more. Massaging allows your hair to get these in abundance which directly results in hair growth for you.

Another thing the blood does is to carry the all-important oxygen to all parts of the body. The stem cells in your hair follicles appreciate the extra oxygen brought about by the massage and reward you with steady hair growth.

Other than supplying the hair with oxygen and important nutrients, it is generally agreed that massage reduces stress. Come to think of it, stress is a major factor that worsens hair loss. So, scalp massaging plays an all-around role in stimulating hair growth.


Do head massagse stimulate hair growth? As we have seen here, it does. But I should add here that the first step to take when you notice you are losing hair is to go to your physician for evaluations. Hair loss can be a symptom of a bigger problem in the body.

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