Celebrity Home Spas

Celebrities With Spa Equipment at Home

Home spas aren’t just for normal people, they’re for celebrities too! While celebrities have a whole different kind of occupation from us normal folks, they deal with a lot of work-related stress too. This is probably why many stars build and install spas in their beautiful homes.

When we find that actors, politicians, singers, or just anyone who’s anyone has some spa equipment in their home we add them to this list.

Donna Karan

“No home is complete without a spa room,” said the fashion designer to Financial Times magazine. She has built spas in each of her three homes in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and a private island resort.

donna karan quotes

Below is a photo of her home spa in her Manhattan abode. The furnishings and the tranquility tub give off a feeling of simple elegance and relaxation.

donna karan manhattan home spa

“My favorite room in my house is the spa in each of my homes. In each case their overall design was an integral part of the overall space,” says Donna. You can see what she means in her home spa in her East Hampton home.

donna karan spa home east hampton

Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely is the best-selling author of Predictably Irrational and is a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University. His TED.com talks are some of the most viewed and most inspiring.

What makes us feel good about our work? | Dan Ariely
In his book Behavioral Economics Saved My Dog, he tells of how he renovated his home and included -- delight! -- a home sauna in the basement. The renovations came with all the usual annoyances of dealing with builders and contractors.

dan ariely quote

“The one thing I did not expect was the construction of the sauna. One evening the contractor asked me to join him in the basement. There he showed me with great pride how finely and precisely the cut the wood for the walls and the benches, how much care they took to make sure that the screws were bolted below the surface of the wood, and other such details.”

Ariely speculated that the builder was so proud of his work because unlike the renovations in the bathroom or attic, this sauna was a standalone job and could potentially be made perfectly.

Could it be that the potential to make something perfect increases our motivation? And could it be that when we are limited to just fixing something, our motivation is weakened?

Fascinating stuff, Dan! Something to think about next time you’re enjoying your home sauna.

Jennifer Aniston

The Friend with the world famous hair takes her motto ‘because I’m worth it’ into her beautiful Bel Air home. One of her bathrooms has been upgraded with a sauna, jacuzzi, and mood lighting.

Jennifer Aniston’s Asian-inspired Bathroom

“Jen is obsessed with her spa-like bathroom!” said a friend. Her favourite addition is an indulgent, salon-esque sink. A source says, “She has a hair-washing station and will get her hair done there. She’ll also get massages in her spa, too. She prefers when people come to her.”

jennifer aniston home

Ms. Aniston loves pampering herself at home. I guess that’s one thing we have in common! “I like massages and spa treatments,” she told a reporter. “They help if I can’t get on a plane and go on vacation.”

Michael Bay

michael bay

Famous for his loud action movies where everything explodes, Michael Bay nevertheless likes to unwind as much as the next man.

“Especially if the next man is Philip.”

Here’s his gorgeous bathroom.


While the natural stone tub might be rather expensive, getting a rain-effect shower head is actually very affordable.

Michael must really love his tubs because here’s a similar one in his beach house. Imagine looking out on this beautiful view while relaxing in your tub. Relaxed minimalism at its best.

Michael Bay bathroom

And while we’re searching out for our next celebrity spa to feature, enjoy this nice Michael Bay what-if video. No relaxing anything on this one. 😀

What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?

Tony Romo

The NFL star’s home was recently listed for sale, so we got the chance to peek inside. Once his bachelor pad, it was transformed over the years by his wife, Candice. It features a secluded, private pool, gorgeous bright and airy rooms, and luxurious bathrooms.


The 4-time Pro Bowler Mr Romo had turned one of his rooms into a hotel-style exercise/spa room -- it included a massage table, hyperbaric chamber and massage chair. The first two were taken to his new digs, but the buyer of the Cottonwood Valley home got to keep the massage chair. The chair the Dallas Cowboys quarterback relaxed in!


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