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How to Change a Light Bulb or Remove the Glass Dome from Your Harbor Breeze Fan

We love our Harbor Breeze ceiling fans but like many people, we didn’t immediately work out how to take the glass dome off or how to change the light bulb…


For Models without Screws

The Duct Tape Solution

Some domes on light fixtures and ceiling fans have a screw cap that is easy to get ON but a real pain to get OFF. You simply can’t get enough purchase and grip to turn it – there’s nothing to hold! On our first try we resorted to unscrewing the whole thing.

If you have this problem…

1. Get some duct tape/gorilla tape. Cut off about 6 inches.

2. Mentally divide it into quarters and fold the middle half together, leaving you with the 1st and 4th quarters with the sticky side out. This new duct tape tool you’ve created should be easy to hold and should still have gripping power. It should look like this:


3. Stick it on your fan, and make another one for the other side:

grip and turn to remove ceiling fan glass

4. Now get up your stepladder (safety first, people) and twist! That will almost certainly do the trick.

5. Screw in your new light bulbs.

6. Take off the duct tape – if there’s some residue left on the glass use some rubbing alcohol to get them looking pristine again.

NOTE – your ceiling fan model might turn WITH THE GLASS. In that case, you’re going to need a second pair of hands and a second stepladder and someone to hold the rest of the fan in place while you get to work on the glass.


For Models with Screws

You’ll find the screws that hold the globe in place as shown in this picture:

How to change a light bulb in a Lowe's Harbor Breeze ceiling fan

From a safe position on a stepladder but not directly under the fan, unscrew the screws and keep them somewhere safe. Note – letting them roll under the fridge will drive you insane.

While unscrewing, keep one hand under the glass to make sure it doesn’t fall.



When it’s unscrewed, the glass will come down gently into your hand – set it down, change the bulb, and voila!


Stepladder Safety


  • Face the ladder while climbing
  • While getting up or down, carry your screwdriver in your pocket not in your hand
  • The 3 points rule – keep either 2 feet + 1 hand on the ladder or 1 foot and 2 hands on the ladder at all times.
  • Lock your spreaders in place
  • Don’t use the top two steps (though why do they build them like that?)