ootori n500 massage chair review

Executive Summary The Ootori Nova N500 is a budget version of the Ootori Asuka A600. Despite the significant price difference, the former manages to hold its own as the N500 is a great option for people who are looking for a budget massage chair that performs well. Read our full review to find out why …

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Relaxing in a steaming bathtub at the end of a hard day is one of the best ways to unwind and de-stress. Add one of the many different bath salts – known for their therapeutic properties – and you could take your tub-time one step further. However, trying to find the best bath salts for …

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Executive Summary The Ootori Asuka A-600 is an affordable massage chair that surprises with features you won’t expect from its price point like 3 zero gravity positions, body scan, and adjustable shoulder and calf rollers. The commendable design and glowing customer feedback makes this chair highly recommended. Read our full review below. Company Background Ootori …

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esright recliner review

Executive Summary The Esright recliner is an elegant-looking budget recliner chair with two major features: vibrating massage and lower back heating. It’s also got some great storage spaces for drinking cups, books, and magazines. There are issues with its footrest though, so read this full review for more details. Company Background No info available. Esright …

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recliner with power lift

Executive Summary The Esright power lift recliner is an elegant-looking chair with some very good features for senior users. It’s got a power lift function, lumbar heating, vibration massage, and a solid frame. It is affordable, too. It has one design weakness, though. Read our full review to find out what it is. Company Background …

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how to make soy candles

Learn a new hobby and keep your family safe, too! Discover how to make soy candles. It’s easy, quick, and a lot of fun.

kahuna sm 7300 review

The Kahuna SM-7300 is a feature-rich chair that has a mid-tier price tag. Read our honest review that goes against most glowing reviews on this model.

kahuna lm6800s review

The Kahuna LM 6800 has always been one of our most popular chairs here on the site. Thus, we were excited to hear that it has a new iteration — the 6800S. Executive Summary The Kahuna LM 6800S has all the excellent features of the original 6800 but with additional bells and whistles thrown in. …

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best memory foam pillow for side sleepers

If you sleep on your side and have trouble finding a comfy pillow, try a memory foam pillow. Here are 7 of the best buys on the market today.

best freestanding bathtubs

Looking for a stylish and modern bathtub? Make your bathroom your statement room with one of these fab freestanding bathtubs.

bath pillow for baby

A bath pillow for baby is a great option if you need a little helper during bath time. Be sure to pick the best for your little one!

best steam shower

Now imagine this — the best steam shower complete with whirlpool bath and massage jets installed in your bathroom. Instant bathroom of my dreams!

panasonic ma73

We thought the Panasonic MA70 was already an excellent chair. Turns out these Japanese engineers proved us wrong and made the Panasonic MA73 even better.

panasonic ma70

Do you enjoy deep tissue massage? Have you ever heard of a massage chair with heated rollers? How about a smart remote? If any of these sound interesting, read on about the Panasonic MA70’s horde of features.

osaki os 4000t

Find out what makes the upgraded Osaki OS 4000T better than its 4000 predecessor and why you should consider this brand and model if you’re looking for a mid-priced massage chair with excellent features and a track record for longevity.


These neck and shoulder massagers are the ideal after-work pick-me-up – refresh and rejuvenate those tired muscles without breaking the bank.

best himalayan sea salt

We’re big users of pink Himalayan salt in our household. The taste is just waaaay better than ordinary table salt and it’s so pretty. Check out our top picks for the best Himalayan sea salt products online.

best gua sha tool for face

Reduce wrinkles, sagging, and puffiness. You can get glowing, younger looking skin on your face and neck using this ancient Chinese method and tool.

best aromatherapy diffuser

Put essential oils to work in your home with one of these top-rated aromatherapy diffusers. We’ve rated 10 of the best options for all room sizes.

real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair

It’s finally here! Our review of the most popular massage chair for 2019 – the Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair. Find out why it’s gaining favor with buyers right now.

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