Massage Chairs

panasonic ma73

We thought the Panasonic MA70 was already an excellent chair. Turns out these Japanese engineers proved us wrong and made the Panasonic MA73 even better.

panasonic ma70

Do you enjoy deep tissue massage? Have you ever heard of a massage chair with heated rollers? How about a smart remote? If any of these sound interesting, read on about the Panasonic MA70’s horde of features.

osaki os 4000t

Find out what makes the upgraded Osaki OS 4000T better than its 4000 predecessor and why you should consider this brand and model if you’re looking for a mid-priced massage chair with excellent features and a track record for longevity.

best massage chair brands

If you’re shopping for a massage chair, it is imperative that you know the best massage chair brands. These are the 5 you can take all the way to the bank.

real relax full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair

It’s finally here! Our review of the most popular massage chair for 2019 – the Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair. Find out why it’s gaining favor with buyers right now.

Read our verdict on Osaki’s Apex Ultra and see if it’s a good buy after a half-price drop off.

osaki jp premium 4s

Despite being a couple of years old, the Osaki JP Premium 4S still commands a relatively high price tag because of its 100% Japan-made awesomeness.

real relax massage chair

The Real Relax massage chair seems to good to be true. All these premium chair features at such a crazy affordable price.

From the maker of American military and industrial technologies, find out if the Luraco Legend lives up to its name.

human touch ht bali

Surprise your guests with the HT Bali. It looks like a pretty little recliner but it’s actually a very robust massage chair with premium features.

kahuna hubot

We thought nothing could top the popular Kahuna LM6800 when it comes to value for money but another Kahuna chair, the Hubot, does just that. Here’s our full review.

ogawa active supertrac

The Ogawa Active SuperTrac has a unique and enhanced L-track that you can’t find in other massage chairs.

titan alpine

The Ttian Pro Alpine is a very solid chair with equally solid features that you’d normally get from premium chairs. Check out our review and find out how it compares to the cheaper Titan Pro 8400.

TheĀ Titan TP-Pro 8400 is a reliable and solid chair in terms of performance and features. For its affordable price and rich features, it’s truly value for money.

best massage chair for neck pain

Are you suffering from neck arthritis? Fibromyalgia? Extreme stress from work? If you are, invest in a massage chair specially designed to beat neck pain.

massage chair for short person

Here are 4 massage chairs specifically suited to the needs of shorter people. We’ve listed the best massage chairs for those of us on the petite side.


The 9500x is an amazing chair… when it works. Read our full review to find out why this is one of the more disappointing models from our favorite brand.

The Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 with zero gravity and heating therapy is chock-full of features at a very good price point. Check out our full review!

panasonic ep1285kl review

We finally got around to trying out other massage chairs and today, we’re doing a PanasonicĀ EP1285KL review. Find out its pros and cons, its strongest suit, and product specs like max user weight and height.

After talking your ear off about the best massage chair models and brands, let’s get back to the basics. How do massage chairs work?

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