Essential Oils

bath bombs near me

Bath bombs can turn your regular old tub into a first-class spa—adding scents that soothe and colors that calm. We’ve analysed the myriad options on offer and distilled them into one short, simple list. And read to the end for quick tips on how to find the perfect bomb. Our Top 10 Bath Bombs Best …

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massage candle recipe

Candles aren’t just for lighting up dark places or scenting a room. There are special candles that you can make for a massage session at home. While the composition is different from regular candles, they are fairly easy to make, and you can be sure the ingredients are beneficial. What Is A Massage Candle? A …

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how to make soy candles

Learn a new hobby and keep your family safe, too! Discover how to make soy candles. It’s easy, quick, and a lot of fun.

how to make organic candles

If you’re up for a new skill to learn, why not learn how to make organic candles for your home? They’re safe for your family, really cheap, and ridiculously easy (and fun) to make.

best aromatherapy diffuser

Put essential oils to work in your home with one of these top-rated aromatherapy diffusers. We’ve rated 10 of the best options for all room sizes.

essential oil diffuser drops

This article answers some common questions about how many drops of essential oil to use in your diffuser.

urpower diffuser review

After more than a year of using this product, we’re finally sharing our UrPower diffuser review. Find out why we think it’s a gem of a find.

essential oils to help toddlers sleep

Ask any sleep-deprived parent how their young kids are sleeping at night and they’re liable to flip a table. If only they knew that you can use essential oils to help toddlers sleep!

diy shower soothers

Are you suffering from coughs, colds, or the flu? No need to suffer sneezing through boxes of tissue. Relieve your congestion and heavy feeling with these DIY shower soothers.

different uses of essential oils

Get rid of your commercial home care products and DIY your own with just a few simple ingredients. Safer for you and easier on the pocket!

how to make bath bombs for kids

Let’s learn how to make bath bombs for kids and adults both. We can make them for ourselves or to give out as gifts for special occasions.

diy sleep spray

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up many times in the middle of the night? This DIY sleep spray may just be the thing for you.

best essential oil for insomnia

Need the best essential oil for insomnia for yourself or your children? Get restful and rejuvenating sleep with our top 7 picks.

best oil for gua sha

After discussing the benefits of gua sha, how to DIY it, and what the best tools are, it’s time to talk about the best oil for gua sha.

top essential oils

Relax, melt your stress away, and improve your mood with our personal picks for top essential oils. Use alone or with an aromatherapy diffuser.

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